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As you're reading this, understand the world is a big place and there are millions of dollars floating around the internet making its way to the pockets of women who unerstood the incredibly-easy money making opportunity this is, and have made a successful "side hustle" out of it.

Some paid off their debt, others bought their first house or a dream car, others invested their money into various other businesses and are now living off the passive income being earned.

The good news is, you can do the same thing (& I want to show you how it's done)! 

  • You don’t need to buy any fancy equipment ✖️
  • You don’t need to invest any money upfront ✖️
  • You don't need to work all day (an hour or two a day is enough) ✖️
  • You don't even need to show your face (if you don't want to) ✖️

All you need is an open/dirty mind and a go-getter attitude and I can all but guarantee you will start making money from day one.

If that sounds crazy, it's because it is - but it's also true!

Hi. My name is Simone, I'm a sex blogger & adult content creator and I’ve been in the "sex business" for nearly a decade now.

Over the years I’ve tried just about every possible method there is to earn an income from home doing what I love and sharing what I know, and here’s what I found out…

The "adult content" business is one of the safest, easiest and quickest ways to make money on the internet! Here's proof...

WARNING: OnlyFans *IS* Getting Overcrowded (But OnlyFans Is Just One Way You Can Make Money)...

You've probably heard a few stories already (or read some tweets) showing you how many of these "OnlyFans girls" are earning five-figure payouts every month selling their nudes and private clips and living an amazing life.

While that does sound like a dream (and it's a dream come true for some) the truth is...

OnlyFans is becoming overly-crowded (especially with the wave of celebrities joining the platform).

But OnlyFans is just one small slice of a very massive pie.

There are many other websites (packed with deep-pocket buyers) you can join to sell your own various types of adult content.

The best time to be an OnlyFans star was a few years ago (before the 2020 boom). This would've quickly put you in the top 2% of creators and thus, there'd be stories being written about you.

However, while you can still manage a decent income from OnlyFans *if you have a massive social following*, the next best opportunity is elsewhere.

REVEALED: The 100+ Ways YOU Can Make Money Sexually Online! 

100 ways to make money sexually online

In my new course, 

The 100+ Ways To Make Money Sexually Online! 

You will find 100+ tried-and-proven methods, websites and services you can offer as an adult content creator to start earning money daily selling your own form of adult content.

Here's Everything You Will Learn Inside My "100 Ways" Course....

✔️ Where and how to make money selling nudes (if you're already sending dudes free nudes, it's time we fix that).

✔️ Where and how to make money in the role-play/fetish industry (this is a massive industry with very little competition).

✔️ Where and how you can become a Sugar Baby (and where to find a millionaire Sugar Daddy that would enjoy spoiling you with a monthly allowance and a few luxury items).

✔️ Where and how to promote (for free) your adult content services online (there are many websites frequented by buyers and simps looking to befriend a new girl).

✔️ Where and how to set up straight-to-consumer services (such as OnlyFans, ModelHub, ManyVids and many others).

✔️ Where you can sell (for top dollar) your used (yes; used) underwear. (A pair of panties sold for $5,000 in 2019!).

✔️ Where and how to sell pictures of your feet (the easiest money possible and you don't even have to reveal your face/identity).

✔️ How to create homemade porn at home and where you can get the biggest $$ for it (this alone is a 6-figure side-hustle).

✔️ How to create a profile on popular cam sites such as Chaturbate, CamSoda, MyFreeCams and others (as well as tips on how to quickly standout & become a top-rated performer).

✔️ How to create and sell your very own "adult content" calendar (once you have fans, they'll be begging you to take their money).

✔️ How to do cock-ratings (you can charge $35+ simply for receiving dick pics and stating your opinion on it). Yes, this is a weird one but I'll show you where and how to get started with this.

✔️ How to become a sex toy reviewer/blogger (I make $5,000+ a month just from my blog).

✔️ How to make money sexting with strangers using different platforms all the while keeping your anonymity (only if you're comfortable getting paid to dirty talk).

✔️  and much, much more (100 ways in total).

✔️ I will also show you how to turn your side-hustle into a business by investing your earned income into passive income investments!

INCLUDED: My Two Guaranteed Ways To Make Money On Day One!

Included are also 3 guaranteed ways you can make money from day one of joining this course, by working with me and my team on my website. 

I know the word "guarantee" gets thrown around a lot these days but it's true.

As soon as you buy this course - and go through all lessons - you will be provided with an opportunity to make your money back (& more) doing some tasks with me.

Of course, I can't mention what the jobs are as that would be unfair to my students, but what I can tell you is that these opportunities come from leveraging the popularity of my blog, as well as my connections with the (online) adult industry companies.

They're also safe-for-work tasks you can do anytime (no weird stuff here). All payments will be made via PayPal.

Here's What My Top-Earning Students Are Saying...

"A Fantastic Resource"

Simone's course is packed with great information. A fantastic resource for amateur sex workers just getting started online.

DANA from the United Kingdom is a Chaturbate cam model with a daily show.

"Avoid All The Scams & Shady Websites"

This business can be intimidating to get into. Simone's course shows you how to avoid all the scams and is designed to get you earning money as soon as possible.

JUDITH from Chicago is a part-rime phone sex operator.

"Everything I Expected, And More"

This course was everything I expected and more. If you need some encouragement to get started, this book has everything you need to know to make at least $1000 a month.

DANA  from British Columbia is in the top 4% on OnlyFans.

"You'll Regret Not Joining"

This is like the Wikipedia of online sex work I never knew existed. Don't miss out. You'd be sorry you did the next time you can't afford something you want.

Lauryn from Scotland earns $600+ a month selling feet pictures to private clients.

"I Can't Recommend This Course Enough"

I enjoyed all the work website examples, income streams, and recommendations on how to invest the money you earn. 

KIMETRA from Slovenia is a graphic designer and fetish model.

"I Made My Money Back In 2 Days"

In 2 days I managed to make back the money I spent on this course by selling a few pairs of underwear. It's crazy and scary how easy it is to get started.

AUDRY from France earns $300 a week selling underwear on SofiaGray.

"I've Paid Rent Selling Pictures of My Feet"

I've been let go due to covid and I invested in this course. Needless to say, it's been a life-saver for me. I'm in my 3rd month and my online income is steadily growing.

PATRIZIA from Italy is a financial dominatrix with worldwide clients. 

"This Is The Blueprint For How to be Successful In The Online Sex Industry"

This amazing book/course is the blueprint for how to be successful in the online sex industry. From the basics to high-level strategies.

SABINE from Argentina earns 4X her monthly income as a Sugar Baby.

Ready Start Earning? Here's How To Gain Access To All 100+ Ways!

If you're ready to make money, and you're ready to start making it today, here's what you need to do:

Step 01: Complete the checkout process by clicking here (the course sells for a one-time fee of $99).

Step 02: Download the 100+ ways book containing all 100+ lessons (and the password for our student-only membership website).

Step 03: Access the 100 Ways membership website (for additional content).

Step 04: Find one (or more) methods you'd like to try (nothing is holding you back from making money with multiple methods at once).

Step 05: Start earning money (it's as easy as that).

FREE BONUS: The 30 Rules To Follow When Selling Adult Content Online

Included with the "100 Ways To Make Money Sexually" course is my new book:

"30 (Unbreakable) Rules To Follow When Selling Adult Content Online"

I created this book to give aspiring hopefuls a mini playbook they can follow to get started within the industry as quickly as possible.

It will show you:

  • how to stand out as a new creator.
  • how to command high prices.
  • how take good care of yourself.
  • how to deal with (bad) clients.
  • how to network with other adult content creators.
  • and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can You Really Make Money With These Methods?

Yes, these are all tried and proven methods that thousands (if not millions) of girls from all over the world are using every day to make money online. Some, I have tired and profited from myself, others I researched deeply. There are methods which I would not recommend (and did not include in the course). Rest assured that every method you will read about can (and will) make you money!

Q: Can Anyone Make Money Sexually Online?

Yes, absolutely anyone can make money sexually online. There are 1000s of different niches for adult content online. Some like them young and perky, others like them old and chubby. Some like feet, others like them tattooed.

Whatever you are and whoever you are, someone somewhere is willing to pay to see more of YOU.

The good thing is that with millions of people online, a "small audience" is still big enough to be able to make $1000+ a month (at least).

Q: Is This Course About Camming!?

Although camming is one of the best ways to make money online, it's not the only way there is to make money. In this course, you will find over 90+ methods that have nothing to do with going live on camera. With that said, yes there are some methods, guides, and lessons for those who do want to get into the cam business.

Q: Can You Really Make Money Without Showing Your Face?

YES! I know this may sound hard to believe, but you can. In fact, you can even make money without any nudity whatsoever. Some methods I've outlined in my course also include entrepreneurial ventures and other creative endeavors you can leverage to make money from "adult content" without ever needing to reveal an inch of who you are. As I said on this page many times already, this is a deep dive into every possible, tried and proven method to make money sexually online.

Q: Is Online Sex Work Safe?

If you're careful, and you follow my 2 main rules (never reveal your identity & never reveal your location), then YES this is a very safe job. Besides that, all companies and platforms I recommend you work with all have model protection measures to protect your privacy and your work across the web. Remember, every method outlined can all be done from home so there are no "meeting clients" or "going on dates". This is all done safely at home, alone (or with a partner) while the money drips into your account.

Q: Is There A Refund With This Course?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this course and the fact I will give you 3 guaranteed methods which you can do the same day you purchase this course, I can not give refunds. Please note this course is only for those who are serious about making money online and who are ready to work. If you can do that, there will be no need for a refund. Before long, you will be making $$$s all day, every day!

Q: Can Men Make Money With These Methods?

Yes, men can definitely make money sexually online as well. However; this course is mostly for females. If you're a make reading this, you're more than welcome to buy this course, just know some methods may not apply to you and/or you'd need to be comfortable with having gay man watching, buying and interacting with your adult content.


Join only if you have an open mind and you're ready to start earning money with sexual, adult content!