How To Make Money on

how to make money on megacams

In this article, I will talk about a new and interesting webcam platform for cam girls called MegaCams.Me. I will explain how to make money on MegaCams, what kind of shows you can host, how to increase your traffic, mistakes to avoid doing, etc. But before all that, let’s see what this platform is about: … Read more

How To Make Money on Fan-Topia

making money on fantopia

In this article, I will talk about my most recent find in the world of adult platforms. Fan-Topia is something I came across a few months ago, but I didn’t think it was worth covering it just yet because they were super new on the market. However, since my focus as of recently has been … Read more

How To Make Money on AdmireMe.VIP

make money on admireme

As I already mentioned in my last article, I have been spending my days searching through the wonders of the web to discover new and unique platforms on which creators can sell their digital content. My concrete focus has been on smaller platforms that aren’t oversaturated with real-life models and influencers with millions of followers … Read more

How To Make Money on UNLOCKD.Me

how to make money on un locked me

Lately, I’ve been focusing on finding smaller platforms for adult content to review in detail and give my readers new ways to earn money during these trying times. I understand that platforms such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, and others that tend to favor models, pornstars, and influencers can not only be difficult for smaller creators to … Read more

How To Make Money on Frisk Chat

how to make money on friskchat

In this article, I will talk about Frisk.Chat, a relatively new platform that you can use to create and upload adult content, interact with people, and earn money. I will also talk about the website’s layout, different ways to earn, things to avoid doing, and bits and pieces you need to know before signing up … Read more

How To Make Money Selling Nudes on KiK

how to make money selling nudes on kik

Nude photos are more popular than ever, thanks to social media. And if you’re wondering how to sell nudes online, it’s even easier than you think. People from all walks of life make money selling their nudes online, and sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids are flourishing with thousands of new customers heading there to see … Read more

7 Best Payment Methods For Online Sex Workers

the best payment methods for online sex workers

Sex workers are not a protected group under US law, which is, unfortunately, a good-enough reason for companies and institutions to discriminate against the people working in sex-related jobs. This goes as far as many billing services refusing to collaborate with any adult-related websites or asking for outrageously high fees because they consider the sex … Read more

How To Make Money As A Webcam Model

how to make money as a webcam model

As a webcam model, your goal is to attract more viewers to your page and bring a returning audience together to turn your profession into a profitable career. However, achieving this can sometimes be a real challenge as opposed to what most people assume when they join this industry. Being a cam-girl is more than … Read more

How To Make Money Selling Feet Pictures

how to make money selling feet pics

Would you believe me if I tell you thousands of women around the world are earning a living selling pictures of their feet? You might be thinking: That’s gross. That sounds interesting. Is this shit for real? How do I get in on it? Yes, this shit is real and selling pictures of your feet … Read more

How To Rate A Dick (& Make Money)

how to rate a dick and make money

Cock ratings are a service that requires the service provider (you) to give feedback or sometimes criticism on dick pics or videos presented to you by a customer. Offering cock ratings can be a good way for you to make some side income from receiving dick pics from people interested in your opinion on their … Read more

How To Make Money Selling Fetish Videos

how to make money selling fetish videos

Making money with fetish videos can be a profitable business that can bring you a decent side or even main income, depending on how much you are willing to commit yourself to it. People searching for fetish videos are typically people that want to see more “colorful behavior” than mainstream porn. And I bet you … Read more

How To Make Money Sexting & Flirting Online

how to make money sexting

Looking to make some extra quick money online? Sexting is definitely something you should consider and yes, I am serious. Thanks to the internet, the sexting game has now become a worldwide marketplace where anyone with a phone or a computer can make money simply by sexting for a few hours a day (and people … Read more

How To Make Money On CamSoda

ways to make money on camsoda

CamSoda is a live streaming webcam platform that provides for adult webcam models and content creators. The site offers some very interesting features and since it has quite a bit of buzz going on, it is safe to say that there is a good earning potential on this platform. While the site’s main focus is … Read more

How To Make Money on SlipperyBean

slipperbean faqs

Times are tough and since a majority of us ended up in quarantine and most of us stayed basically jobless, perhaps it is time that we start looking for other sources of income. If I’ve learned anything since starting this blog it’s the fact that sex sells and it sells a lot. Therefore, I quickly … Read more

How To Make Money on BongaCams

how to make money on bongacams

After doing a ton of research for my 100 ways to make money sexually course, I came to the conclusion that camgirls absolutely dominate the internet nowadays, and this career can easily put your boring 9-5 office job to shame. It’s fun, fast, easy, lucrative, entertaining, and it doesn’t suck the life out of you … Read more

How To Make Money on

how to make money on livejasmin

It’s no secret that camgirls dominate the internet and this career can easily put your boring 9-5 office job to shame. It’s fun, fast, easy, and lucrative, so why wouldn’t you do it? There are plenty of camming websites you can sign up for and start earning money from the moment you have your account … Read more

How To Make Money With Homemade Porn

how to make money with homemade porn

Making money with selling your own porn has never been easier as it is these days. In the early days, adult performers used to suffer through a bunch of elaborate contracts, agencies, platforms, etc, in order to make an insignificant amount of money without a guarantee of success. Additionally, they were never in charge of … Read more

How To Make Money on ManyVids

what is manyvids

Selling explicit content online is probably one of the easiest ways to secure yourself a side or even a main income these days. With so many new platforms welcoming adult content, you can just take the nudes you use to spoil fuckboys for free, upload them on some of these, sit back, and watch those … Read more

How To Make Money On OnlyFans

Making money by selling explicit content online has never been easier than it is today. With so many platforms supporting and welcoming adult content, you can just take the nudes you are otherwise sending for free, upload them on some of these, sit back, and watch those precious dollars pile up in your bank account. … Read more

What Is The Pink Sex Toy All Cam Girls Use?

the pink sex toy all cam girls use

Camming is a very popular job these days and it is more lucrative than you have probably imagined. People go on camming websites for many different reasons. Some are looking for someone to talk to, interact with, and share interests, while others just want to enjoy a private moment with a complete internet stranger. However, … Read more

5 Best Sex Toys For Cam Girls

best sex toys for cam girls

Seeing how we’re seeing an explosion in readers on our camming guides, it’s safe to assume many girls (and guys) are finally realizing how big the potential for profit is simply by broadcasting oneself to an audience for a few minutes a day. One proven addition to your cam show which will ultimately lead to … Read more

How Much Money Can You Make On Chaturbate?

how to earn chaturbate tokens

In recent years, Chaturbate has become one of the biggest cam sites in the world allowing anyone of legal age (18+) to make money broadcasting themselves to the millions of loyal registered users they currently have on their website. This past month I’ve been publishing many how-to guides showing you how to make money with … Read more