What To Look For In Clitoral Vibrators (Guide For Beginners)

Clitoral Suction Vibrators are in business.

They are the new age female masturbators that work directly on your clitoris & this specific kind of toy is a blessing for those women who prefer clitoral orgasm.

As many customers (and readers) from all around the world have revealed, these clitoral suction vibrators have the ability to make them orgasm in 3 minutes or less.

Can you believe that?

You should – check out this great video below:

The real question now is;

How to find the best clitoral suction vibrator in the market?

Since there are many models that can puzzle you, and as a beginner, you won’t have any idea which one is safe, professional, and easy-to-use as well.

Fortunately, our experts have gone on an adventure to find out what features you need to see in the clitoral vibrators.

What To Look For In A Clitoral Vibrator?

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When it comes to buying a new (or your first clitoral vibrator), these are the things you need to look for to guarantee pleasure, discretion and “easy cleaning”.

Look For The Speed

The clitoral vibrator should be powerful enough to bring good speed. If it’s not powerful, it means it would be utterly tough for you to have a heart-satisfying climax.

A good speed of vibration can give you a quick 5-minute clitoral stimulation session before going to bed. Plus, we all know vibrators are known for their speed. Without proper speed, they are worthless and inefficient.

Variation In Intensity

These days, clitoral stimulators are coming with variations in their intensity to suit the needs of every woman.

As far as we have assessed, there are at least three-speed variations in them.

You can choose them manually or through remote or app also. The manufacturers have especially added the app option so that the various speeds and intensity can be controlled for outdoor fun.

Mostly it’s couples who use this app feature to tease their loved ones sexually in the market or in public places.

Vibration Patterns:

It is a quite innovative feature which is also present in almost all modern vibrators. Most people confuse the vibration pattern with the speed intensity.

Speed intensity is the speed of the vibration. But vibration patterns are like nine thrusts slowly before the final, powerful thrust.

Clitoral vibrators allow you to create your own vibrations too; vibrations that can make you orgasm and bring you close to the climax.

Is It Quiet?

Is it quiet enough for private use? Vibrators should always be quiet. They shouldn’t be loud enough to disturb a person in the next room. If they are loud, there is no point in buying them.

You won’t be comfortable on your own. Plus, you won’t be able to use it in public places for naughty teases and thrilling fun.

People will catch you at once with the vibration sound that you are using vibrator under your clothes.

Easy To Clean

80 percent of the clitoral suction vibrators in the market are silicone-based.

It is a safe material and it is easy to clean too. First, make sure you are using water-based lube. It is easy to clean with a simple wash.

Second, follow the instruction manual. All models have different requirements for cleaning. Some models can be cleaned with a simple wash as they are waterproof, while others count on those methods that are safe for their equipment.

For example, they make you use a wet cloth for cleaning rather than submerging the whole toy inside water.

You can also contact the customer support of the toy and have a thorough answer regarding cleaning.

How To Buy Your First Clitoral Vibrator?

clitoral vibrator guide

When it comes to clitoral suction vibrators, it is better to opt for something a little more expensive.

This is because the real fun is in the features.

The more feature you have, the more you enjoy.

For tips on how to buy your first clitoral vibrator, be sure to see this guide from Kinkly.com here and also this list of the current best clitoral vibrators on the market.

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