How To Make Money on Fan-Topia

In this article, I will talk about my most recent find in the world of adult platforms.

Fan-Topia is something I came across a few months ago, but I didn’t think it was worth covering it just yet because they were super new on the market.

However, since my focus as of recently has been to find these smaller platforms that have the potential to grow, I thought going back to them and see how they’ve been doing was a good idea.

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you would know that I am currently focusing on finding alternatives for OnlyFans and ManyVids, since these two platforms have grown to the point where smaller creators have little to no chance of achieving any significant success on them.

And to not waste your time any further, in this article, I will show you how to make money on Fan-Topia, what you need to know about the platform, how everything works, and more.

making money on fantopia

What Is Fan-Topia?

Fan-Topia is a new platform created in 2020 to provide content creators, influencers, and adult performers with space where they can upload their content and sell them through a subscription model service without charging them a high percentage usage rate.

The site is easy to use and navigate through. It has a simple layout, short explanations about everything you need to know, and the stuff you want to choose from are right there in front of you.

Fan-Topia has a small number of creators you can search by username in the search bar or choose from the few featured creators you can see once you create a user profile.

There aren’t any categories to choose from or anything; all you have to do to look for creators is either press a single letter on the keyboard and see the profiles that come up or type the name of the specific creator you want to see.

This tells me that, as a creator, you will have to do the job of advertising yourself on other social media platforms and basically bring in your own fanbase that will pay to see your content.

At the bottom of the side, you will find their terms and conditions, FAQs category, contact, as well as their blog where they post helpful articles on how to use the platform, what to do once you sign up, how to make money on the platform, etc.

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How To Create a Seller’s Account on Fan-Topia?

Starting a creator account on Fan-Topia is an incredibly brief and uncomplicated process. Here is the step-by-step guidance that consists of only a few steps.

Create an account

First, you need to sign up with your email, name, and password.

Then, Fan-Topia will send you an email to verify your email address. This entire process lasts no longer than a minute.

Verify your account

Once you’re in, you click the three stripes button on the top right corner and start updating your profile, setting a subscription price, etc.

How Can You Earn Money on Fan-Topia?

Here are a few ways you can earn money on Fan-Topia:


As a creator on Fan-Topia, your primary source of earnings will be your subscriptions. You can upload your media and set a monthly price for anyone who wants to access your premium content.

Choose your price based on whether you want to attract more followers for a lower price or if you want to charge a higher fee for your content.

Most creators on the platform charge between $7 and $20 for their subscription price, but it can be set at any amount from $2 to $50.

Custom content

Accepting customized content is definitely something you should look into, especially if you are a beginner in the online sex industry.

Start by updating your bio and adding the things you are into and the type of content a subscriber can expect to see from you.

A subscriber on Fan-Topia will only be able to message you with their custom request once they subscribe to see your content.


The tipping feature is automatically added to any post or message. Tips can also be presented to you by your subscribers at any point, and they can simply hit the tipping button on your profile if they’re enjoying your content.

how to make money on fantopia

How To Advertise Your Fan-Topia Profile?

You may get discouraged at the beginning thinking that just because Fan-Topia is a relatively new site, there won’t be many people who would pay for your content on there.

However, while this is partly true about the platform not having so much traffic – it’s also entirely up to you to bring in customers.

Think about it.

If you have a big social media following – you have customers that would happily pay to see more of you, and they will follow you on whatever platform you go.

Registration takes no longer than two minutes anyway, so it wouldn’t be too much work for your followers to follow you here, too.

Which means it doesn’t matter that the platform is small; you can still advertise yourself smartly somewhere else and gain customers.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best ways to advertise your profile and gain new followers and subscribers.

Make sure to follow the guidelines of these social media platforms and not expose too much of what you are on about, as you may risk getting banned.

A few good ways to attract new followers is by being active, posting teasers and suggestive posts rather than nudity, interacting with people, engaging in conversations, talking to other creators, getting new ideas on how to improve and make your content more engaging, etc.

Fan-Topia Payouts

Here is how Fan-Topia payouts work:

Does Fan-Topia cost money to join?

No, joining for Fan-Topia is free; however, the platform keeps a percentage of your earnings.

As a creator, you will receive a whopping 95% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, custom content purchases), while Fan-Topia keeps only 5% for hosting your profile.

Fan-Topia is currently the platform that offers the highest earnings, so you should definitely look into joining it; the sooner, the better.

Fan-Topia payout methods

Fan-Topia doesn’t disclose which payment methods they offer anywhere on their website; therefore, you will have to send them an email and ask them to help you figure out which will be the best payment option for you.

However, since they are based in the US, I will assume that they offer wire transfers to both US and international creators.

5 Advantages of Using Fan-Topia to Sell Your Adult Content

sell adult content on fan topia

Here are several highlighted advantages of using PocketStars to sell your adult content:

Highest payouts in the industry

Fan-Topia is the platform that offers the highest payouts in the online sex work industry. They offer 95% payouts to their creators, and as of right now – there is no other platform to match that.

New platform = higher growth opportunity

This platform looks relatively new, which means you will have a higher opportunity to grow than you would on other platforms such as OnlyFans and ManyVids. These are oversaturated and feature professional pornstars, models, influencers, etc.

If you are an inexperienced beginner, you should be a little more realistic and opt for a smaller platform where you can leave your footprint.

Fan-Topia will most definitely grow with time, of that I have no doubt, especially if they retain their 95% payout policy because who wants to pay 20% and more for their own effort?

Therefore, it would be a great time for you to start.

You are your own boss

You are in charge of everything. You have the ability to set your own subscription rates and price your items as you please without any interference from Fan-Topia.

So, from the type of content you produce to setting your subscription rates, everything is entirely up to you, and you will surely enjoy getting 95% of the earnings as opposed to what you would have to pay to some other platforms.

Fan-Topia provides marketing collateral

Fan-Topia provides marketing collateral to its creators. If you want images or branding, or if you are using Fan-Topia as your exclusive platform, they are happy to work with you and create banging digital content that will help drive more traffic to your profile.

You get paid whenever you want

You won’t have to wait a month or two weeks to get your payment and then perhaps not even get it because you haven’t reached the required withdrawal threshold to do this.

Fan-Topia allows you to withdraw your earnings whenever you want!