6 Sex Toys For Long Distance Couples (Sex Toys For LDR)

When you are being in a long-distance relationship, being apart from your loved one can be quite challenging for quite a few reasons and it may often feel like you are missing out on the important and good things physical proximity brings.

Hugs, cuddling, holding hands, and of course, sex are just a few things that bring you closer to your partner and creates that special bond between you.

If you are in a long-distance relationship you surely know how frustrating it can get when your time together is limited, and this also limits your time to develop a physically intimate relationship.

Sex not only brings couples together but it also creates positive psychological outcomes for the entire relationship such as trust, empathy, and a huge reduction in stress.

But what do you do when long distance is preventing you from truly being there for them and being able to share a physical space with your partner?

Luckily for all of us, there are companies out there who are focused on making long-distance sex possible.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 6 sex toys long-distance couples have been using to stay intimate. While they won’t replace the real thing, it’s the closest you can get to intimacy across borders so with that said, here are…

The 6 Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Relationships (Reviewed)

Nora Rabbit Vibrator$99.00
Max Advanced Pocket Pussy$69.99
Lush 2 Bluetooth Vibrator$99.00
Hush Teledildonic Buttplug$99.99
Ambi Bullet Vibrator$59.00
Edge Prostate Massager$99.00
NB: You can find all 6 toys reviewed below. I will also share a few additional tips on how to keep up intimacy in a LTR.

1. Nora

lovense nora review

Meet Nora, the aesthetically pleasing, bad bunny that will spoil you and your partner when you are apart from each other.

It is designed to gently stimulate all the right spots during thrusting and you can connect her to a Bluetooth-enabled device where you will choose your own tempo via a control panel.

Her flexible arm is designed to accommodate different body types and be sure that she will be there to give you the ultimate pleasure whenever you need her.

 2. Max 2

Lovense Max review

Max is Nora’s partner and together they represent the ultimate power-couple.

Max is a masturbation/stroker device that is designed for men. Max contains a Bluetooth chip that allows for the ability to sync with your computer, laptop, or cell phone and allow your partner to have full control of your toy from miles away.

What’s cool about Max and Nora as a couple is that you can record your sessions from playing with a partner so you can always playback and enjoy a solo game while thinking of your loved one.

3. Lush 2

how to use the lovense lush

This bad boy is entirely made from a matte-textured silicone and is designed for solo play, long-distance play, and even a discreet public play.

It is composed of a hard, bulbous, vibrating part that is internal and an antenna that somewhat looks like a small cute tail, which sits outside of your lady parts and aims to touch and stimulate the clitoris with a gentler vibration.

Lush 2 is an updated version of Lush and comes with a few reinstallments, including a bigger motor in order to ramp up power without reducing battery life.

4. Hush

lovense hush review

Meet the bad boy Hush that carries the title of the world’s first teledildonic buttplug.

Teledildonics is a technology used primarily for remote sex or mutual masturbation at a distance where sensations are communicated through a data link.

It is made out of body-safe, matte silicone and it is completely waterproof.

You can spice up your solo-plays or long-distance relationship by controlling Hush through an app where you can adjust the tempo that’s just right for you.

5. Ambi

lovense ambi key features

Are we the only ones that are enjoying these exceptionally cute names though? 

This perfect, aesthetically pleasing bullet vibrator will occupy a very special place in your heart and will hit all the right spots with its perfectly designed curved that complement yours and help you keep the vibrator in the right spot.

The levels of vibration can be customized so you and your partner can choose a power level or opt for one (or more) of the 10 patterns on the Lovense app and have some much needed sexy time while away from each other.

6. Edge

lovense edge review

Edge is the world’s first adjustable prostate massager that aims to hit your spot.

By adjustable, you can assume that the shaft can tilt and lock into different angles because the rest of the toy won’t move and compromise your pleasure as you wiggle.

It is controlled through the WiFi and can be connected to any device, it can be used to tease and please your partner from anywhere in the world.

What Else Can You Do To Spice Up Long-Distance Relationship Sexually?

While the above-mentioned wifi-controlled sex toys would be a great start, there are a few more ways you can spice up a LDR sexually (and having a sex toy will also enhance the connection of these methods.

Here are 4 more methods you can try your partner would appreciate!

💻 Write Them A Short Sex Story

If you want to open up with your partner about your sexual fantasies, writing a short story for them would be a perfect outlet to do so.

By writing a short, erotic story and leaving it on a breath-holding cliff hanger so that your partner can continue it, you will get their undivided attention and this will most probably make them want to open up about the fantasies that have been going through their head lately too.

This not only will be highly effective in extracting both partner’s individual desires, but it will also be a solid foundation of trust-building and a fun memory to hold on to for years to come.

Another tip that can make your story even more exciting is creating an alter ego and engage in an enticing roleplay that will get your imagination going and will also be guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face.

🍆 Exchange Some Good Ol’ NSFW Material

I mean come on, whoever says that nudes are overrated can’t possibly be taken seriously, right?

While good old nudes can most definitely provoke that naughty smile on your hubby’s face while they are working or studying and you are just at home, showing them what’s waiting for them the next time you’re together.

Moreover, if you want to take things even further you can get even more creative and send them a cute and naughty clip of your solo passion while thinking of them.

There’s absolutely no limit to the creative things you can come up with that will keep your lover’s mind completely focused on you.

If filming yourself might be too intimidating, consider sending a very short clip of your self-pleasure session filmed in the dark with provocative sounds that will send their brain into complete overdrive.

The lack of a clear picture and muffled sounds can do wonders in building mystery and anticipation. A sexy voice note in your turned on voice can absolutely do the trick sometimes.

💋 Use Dirty Talk To Titillate Some Nerves.

For many people, especially women, dirty talk can sometimes be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience, when in reality – it shouldn’t.

The truth is that dirty talks can be a fun and arousing way to express your sexual urges imaginatively and make your partner feel wanted, desired, and sexy.

Communication is the key to maintaining a relationship and dirty talks don’t have to be a taboo at all. If you are comfortable enough to initiate sex while slipping your hand under the sheets, there is absolutely no reason to be feeling uncomfortable to do so on the phone.

We are positive that your hubby would love hearing about how much certain body parts of yours miss them while they are away from you.

🤳 Enjoy a Mutual Masturbation Sessions Through Video Calls

Mutual masturbation can sound a little uncomfortable for you if you are shy at the beginning and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

One huge misconception there is about masturbating with your partner on a video call is that many people get shy due to having the feeling that they “may not look good while doing it”.

While this may sound silly to some, it’s a legit issue for others.

People often think that just because they are on camera they have to “perform” for their partner in a way rather than having random sessions of pleasing yourself while your loved one is watching. And probably feeling a little frisky under their clothes, too.

Being shy is not an easy thing to deal with, but it’s all about feeling comfortable while having a hot video session with your loved one.

Allowing each other to laugh and feel weird about it at first can possibly help dissolve the tension and get you to relax until you start feeling comfortable and stop bothering about being watched by your loved one.

This is one of the most effective ways for you and your long-distance partner to experience each other sexually. Since you are both so far from each other, this is a fire way to pull you closer in an intimate manner.

Imagine how you would want to achieve maximum pleasure with your partner and tell them that. Chances are they will be into it and most probably willing to give it a shot.

The only side effect of this is that you might end up having too much fun.

Final Thoughts

What Else Can You Do To Spice Up Long-Distance Relationship Sexually
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Long-distance relationships can sometimes feel more challenging because you don’t have the convenience of being just a quick ride away from your partner.

However, they don’t have to be detrimental to your bond in any case.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and found some of our suggested tips on how to spice up your love life on a distance as well as the highly recommended pleasurable sex toys for long-distance couples interesting and useful.

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