Are Cheap Sex Toys Any Good?

Everyone enjoys using sex toys and we all have that sex toy that stands out from all the rest, proudly carrying the title of being “our favorite”.

However, while we all want to experiment with different sex toys to find the one, the truth is that good sex toys are usually pricey, and some are even way above our budget, which is a true bummer.

Therefore, more often than not, we are forced to settle for a cheaper sex toy to satisfy that late-night itch that keeps us awake in bed.

But are cheap sex toys any good?

Yes, cheap sex toys can be good sex toys, depending on their material.

In this article, I will explain more about the concept of “cheap sex toys” and give you a few of my personal favorite “cheap” sex toys.

I will also share a few super-affordable online sex stores where you can spend your money (without breaking the bank).

are cheap sex toys any good

Will A Cheap Sex Toy Satisfy You?

Not everyone has the privilege of dropping $200 on a luxury, fancy-ass sex toy, and we get it. Obviously, these are incredible, and some of them have features to die for. But that doesn’t mean that cheap sex toys are by default all bad.

Not at all. Cheap sex toys can be good, excellent, in fact. You just need to know where to look.

However, there is a catch when it comes to the material cheap sex toys are made of. Usually, the cheapest sex toys will be made from jelly rubber, PVC, or TPE, which has raised a heated debate on how safe these materials are.

It’s not totally agreed upon whether they’re safe or not, and many still believe that many of these toys contain toxic chemicals, which aren’t body-safe, obviously.

Anyhow, what we know about these materials is that they are porous, meaning they can’t be thoroughly cleaned; therefore, there is a higher chance for bacteria to thrive on their surface, and you don’t want that sh*it inside you.

Instead, you should always go for materials such as silicon, ceramic, metal, stainless steel, or glass. These are considered to be body-safe and generally easy to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

So, to answer your question: yes, cheap sex toys can be good sex toys, depending on the material they are made of.

Why Are Some Sex Toys So Expensive?

cheap sex toys for women

Luxury sex toys are…well, luxury sex toys.

Luxury sex toys vary in price depending on the material they are made of, the features they have, the high-end design, whether they are waterproof or not, whether they are USB rechargeable or require batteries to work.

All of this determines the price of a sex toy. So let’s break things down piece by piece.

Sex toy materials.

Silicone is the most popular body-safe design and the gold standard that makes or breaks a sex toy. The feel is amazing, silky-smooth; therefore, this material provides the best feeling many sex toy lovers enjoy and actively seek.

Stainless steel sex toys are typically heavier since they are made out of solid material and this means added pressure and therefore a pleasurable sensation when in use. Additionally, they can be easily disinfected, and the material is completely non-porous.

Glass sex toys are desired in part because they exude elegance, sophistication, and luxury. They truly look like a piece of art and they can also be used for what is known as temperature play, which is a very unique and pleasurable sensation.

Additionally, glass sex toys are typically hand-crafted and this definitely contributes to their high price.

Sex toy design.

Expensive sex toys look as good as they feel, and they are typically designed in such a way to attract sex toy lovers purely because they look unique and beautiful.

They are often adorned with details of Swarovski crystals, gold, or shiny hard plastic that makes you want to buy them just so you can look at them if nothing else.

Sex toy features.

Luxury sex toys are known to have elaborate features and various options to play with.

Expensive vibrators typically have an extensive choice of vibration speeds and patterns for a unique, personalized, and satisfying sensation. It goes without saying that the engineering behind this contributes to their high price.

Teledildonics “Smart Sex Toys”

Teledildonics is the latest tech addition to the sex toy market that everyone loves. Teledildonics are sex toys that contain computer chips that enable them to be controlled through the internet for remote masturbation.

They are devices that create a telepresent experience through vibrations, compressions, stroking, different patterns, etc. This is done by using haptic technology, which sends and receives tactile data between toys.

Each manufacturer that produces teledildonics has its own software that allows users to control their toy through a Bluetooth connection or a specific phone app.

Needless to say, this technology is super-advanced and quite costly; therefore, while teledildonics are absolutely amazing, it goes without saying that they can get quite pricey.

The Best Places To Buy Cheap Sex Toys Online

cheap sex toys for women

There are plenty of websites that sell sex toys within all price ranges. Some of these accommodate each budget. Therefore take a look at the five websites the Sex Toy Starter pack team gets their sex toys from:


Lovehoney is a popular website that sells both high-end and affordable sex toys from different manufacturers. They also have their own line of products and they often collaborate on new products with different brands.

They also have websites that cater to European, Australian, and Canadian customers.


SheVibe is a company based in New York and, like Lovehoney, they deal with selling both high-end and affordable sex toys from different manufacturers.

They often offer promotions as well as discounts, therefore, here you can sometimes find high-end and expensive sex toys for much cheaper when they are on discount.

Although based in the US, SheVibe ship their product to most international countries. Check their shipping information here.

Peaches And Screams.

Peaches and Screams is a UK-based website that caters to UK customers. Here, you can find anything from sex toys to lingerie and other sexy accessories.

They also sell both high-end and affordable sex toys from different manufacturers, however, you can also benefit from the frequent promotions, offers, and discounts they have.


PeepShowToys is a US-based website that offers an extensive choice of sex toys, sex gadgets, and various accessories.

While their main focus is US and Canadian customers, they also offer global shipping, for which you can get all the information by clicking here.

PeepShowToys has a useful category of sex toys under $50, which can come in handy if you’re on the hunt for a cheap and affordable sex toy.

Additionally, they also often have their products on discounts, sales, and offers, therefore, head over there and check them out.

While Amazon is often getting a bad name as a source of sex toys, there are some tips and tricks you may find useful when you are purchasing a sex toy from this website.

While not every seller is legit here and you often run into scammy and shady deals, Amazon is generally a good option to find a cheap but good sex toy to satisfy an itch.

NB: You can check out the 25 best sex toys on Amazon here (reviewed by the SexToyStarterPack team).

My 5 Favourite “Cheap Sex Toys” To Satisfy An Itch

are cheap sex toys any good

And here is our shortlist of 5 cheap sex toys that can effectively satisfy your late-night itch.

Tracey Cox – Supersex Silicone Wand Vibrator – $39,99

This small, elegant, and powerful silicone wand by Tracey Cox is sleek, smooth, versatile, portable and powerful. Boasting 7 rumbling patterns and 3 intense speeds, its firm silicone head is guaranteed to hit that sweet spot and send you on your way to ecstasy.

It is discreet, quiet, and powerful. It requires batteries to work and the only drawback we could find with it was that it’s only splashproof rather than fully waterproof. You may not take it in the shower with you, but it will be sure to make your sheets soaked in no time.

Womanizer – Starlet Clitoral Stimulator – $40

The petite Starlet might be small, but she is definitely mighty. Combining sweet suction with mild, pulsating vibrations, this clitoral vibe heralds a new age of female orgasms.

The ergonomically designed Starlet uses Womanizer’s patented PleasureAir Technology that focuses on stimulating the clitoris without making contact.

The soft pressure waves will gently suck on your clit while you experiment with the 4 accelerating intensity levels to find the one. 

Additionally, Starlet is currently on a huge discount on Lovehoney and knowing that Womanizer toys are usually pricey-pricey, you might want to head over there and grab one for yourself.

Blush Novelties – Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet Vibrator – $32

The Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Vibe is another small yet powerful compact vibrator. It has a tapered tip that allows for pinpointed pressure wherever you want it.

The size makes it ideal for travel, couples play, or comfortable solo use, wherever you are. It boasts deep, rumbly vibrations with 5 different speeds and 5 vibration patterns.

It is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, and it also comes in two lovely colors: dusty rose and sugar plum.

Satisfyer – Pro Traveller Pressure Wave Stimulator – $39,95

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller Stimulator kind reminds me of the above-mentioned Starlet; however, this precious baby boasts 11 vibration settings ranging from gentle to extra strong and rumbly.

Its powerful motor is whisper-quiet, allowing you to enjoy yourself discreetly in any situation. The waterproof design makes this toy compatible for a long, orgasmic session in the bath.

Satisfyer – Master Long Thick G-Spot Vibrator – $49,99

The Vibes Master is a powerful insertable vibe that offers above-average girth and length for anyone who enjoys their toys on the larger and more fulfilling side.

It has a sleek, minimalist shaft, topped by a pronounced ridge for an added sensation and the powerful motor boasts 6 vibration speeds and 6 different patterns.

Its loop handle makes this vibrator easy to grip and hold and the waterproof design will make it a great bathing companion.