Womanizer Sex Toys Review (What You Need To Know)

In a previous article, I did a roundup list of some of the best hands-free vibrators.

Since then, I have been researching the internet for new toys to play with and came across a really cool website called Womanizer.com.

As it turns out, they have been around for quite some time and they have been coming out with some very interesting stuff lately.

Here, you will find my Womanizer sex toys review, so if you’re thinking of purchasing one of their sex toys, be sure to carry on reading.

Here’s what I will be covering in the review:

  • everything you need to know about Womanizer sex toys.
  • some of the best features of the Womanizer sex toys.
  • how much do the Womanizer sex toys cost?
  • frequently asked questions about the shipping of Womanizer sex toys.
  • as well as several alternatives to Womanizer sex toys.

I know I say “The Womanizer” a lot and this is probably not the best name for a sex toy, but before you get put off because of how they decided to name their toys, let me tell you that their products are actually pretty darn amazing.

Let’s kick off this review/guide on the Womanizer website, their service, and the range of pricey but irresistibly enticing products they have to offer for us.

Here’s a quick TLDR version of this review:

Womanizer.com Review (All You Need To Know) $99+
  • Womanizer Pleasure Score
  • Battery Life
  • Price Range
  • Average Customer Review

Womanizer Review Summary

  • Waterproof sex toys
  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • Multiple orgasms
  • High-Intensity Vibrations (yet silent)
  • Fast (Discreet Shipping)

What You Need To Know About Womanizer Sex Toys

Womanizer sex toy reviews

If you haven’t already heard, the original Womanizer was the sex-toy that kicked off the whole clitoral suction and pulsation movement.

And while giant dick stand-ins and vibrators that thrust on their own are fine and even divine, you would think products that suck on your clit would be a big deal, considering both men and women can equally agree that getting head is the s*it.

Most women have an easier time orgasming with clitoral stimulation than from penetration alone, and this is exactly what the inventor Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte from the small town of Metten in Lower Bavaria thought of.

And not only did they think of it, but they did something about it too.

The inventor observed that the market for sex toys hadn’t had its big revolutionary novelty in quite a while and that was how the idea of a toy focused to give you the best oral pleasure ever was born.

They had their Pleasure Air Technology invention which makes it possible to stimulate your clitoris without any direct contact patented.

They even thought of the fact sometimes, someone (that someone being yourself beside someone that clearly doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing) can overstimulate your most sensitive area and their technology is focused on avoiding this little inconvenience.

Overall, the Womanizer website looks clean and simple and it is designed in a unique style that I’m not going to lie is super attractive and packed with detailed information.

They also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which has extremely informative leads related to buyer safety as well as a short blog called the O-Diaries where they discuss all things sex-related as well as interesting short stories that are worth checking them out.

6 Great Features of Womanizer Sex Toys

is womanizer the best sex toy in the world

As someone who is constantly investigating through the Internet for a new and interesting toy, allow me to share with you some of the unique features and benefits the Womanizer sex toys have to offer.

Womanizer Sex Toys are Waterproof.

Almost all of their toys are waterproof. You know what that means right?

You can take your womanizer with you in the bathtub on a relaxing Sunday evening and enjoy yourself underwater with a glass of wine and countless orgasms.

Womanizer Sex Toys are Silent.

Noise? What noise?

The Womanizer sex toys are not your standard loud vibrator. It doesn’t even sound like one and there isn’t the slightest chance someone else would ever hear it.

Additionally, The Smart Silence feature works with a sensor in the “head” part of the Womanizer. This makes sure that the power only comes on once the Womanizer touches your skin.

Womanizer Sex Toys offer Various Intensity Levels.

I know almost all vibrators these days do, but some of the womanizer sex toys offer up to twelve different intensity levels.


Edging yourself up and down with all these different intensity levels has never sounded more alluring and that’s exactly what I’m thinking too.

Some women describe that at a lower intensity, this little fella feels like it’s placing gentle kisses against the clitoris without all the wet lapping that some partners tend to do when giving cunnilingus.

But as power increases it starts to feel like a firm pulling and sucking, creating an even deeper suction feeling that stimulates in all the right places.

There’s something for everyone here and it’s all packed in a little charming toy.

what you need to know about the womanizer sex toy

Pleasure Air Technology? What the heck does that even mean?

It is exactly the feature that makes everyone’s beloved Womanizer so special.

The clitoral vibrator is equipped with the Pleasure Air Technology and this invention is patented by the creators. The Womanizer encloses your clitoris without touching it, while the device blows soft, rapid waves of air at it.

Let the gentle sucking and soft vibrations lead you to new kind of orgasms you have never experienced before.

Which brings us to the next one.

Multiple Orgasms Are a Thing With This Bad Boy.

Many women experience difficulties in reaching an orgasm either through sex with a partner or through masturbation.

For some women, reaching multiple orgasms can only sound like a dream they will never get to experience in real life.

For others, clitoral stimulation can sometimes be a challenge as the most sensitive part of your body can easily become sensitized due to “harsh” stimulation.

However, the internal research for the Womanizer puts the multiple orgasm rate at 75% for the women in their study. The product was actually made to increase a woman’s chance of experiencing multiple orgasms.

Users also claimed that it not only allowed them to climax multiple times without any issues but that it didn’t leave them sensitized right after using it like some vibes that are designed to be intense and as powerful as they can.

It definitely goes without saying that the Womanizer had delivered a new experience and people were just all over it for obvious reasons.

The “Autopilot” Setting.

The Premium Womanizer comes with a button called “Autopilot” that will provide the (as Womanizer puts it) “Once the autopilot is activated, stimulation and intensity vary randomly with the selected mode”.  

This not only makes it neat as hell in my eyes but it is also excellent if you are someone that likes patterns.

Instead of pushing the buttons yourself, let the Autopilot surprise you. It’s like having a new toy every night.

How Much Do Womanizer Sex Toys Cost?

womanizer sex toy collection

Like all luxury, high-end pleasures on this world, the Womanizer comes with a price that not everyone can stomach.

However, you definitely pay for what you get in this case and the Womanizer toys have been around the block for quite some time now, without really disappointing anyone.

They are currently the only ones on the market with the patented technology that aims to give you the best time of your life under the sheets.

So let’s take a look at some of their bestsellers and what you can expect from each and every one.

#1 The Womanizer Classic; $129

The Womanizer Classic has a removable head (which is the part that you put against your clitoris) and the body is flat closer to the base.

It is made from ABS plastic for the body and body-safe silicone for the head. It is soft, non-porous and non-toxic.

The three control buttons are on the outside ridge of the body, on the opposite side of the silicone head. You will see a power, +, and – button.

It comes in an elegant dark purple color and it offers 8 intensity levels.

The Classic is fully waterproof which makes cleaning pretty simple. To wash, you just have to remove the silicone head and rinse it in warm, soapy water.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that is pretty solid and can give you up to 4 hours of pleasure with only 2 hours of charging needed.

#2 The Womanizer Premium; $189.

The Womanizer Premium is a stunning, upgraded version of the all-time favorite pressure wave toy, the Womanizer Classic.

The body and head are made out of soft, silky silicone and ABS plastic. The material is body-safe which means it is non-porous and non-toxic.

The Premium comes in three different colors: black/gold, red/gold, and white/chrome.

It is completely waterproof and incredibly easy to clean in warm, soapy water.

The upgraded, Premium version offers 12 intensity levels in total and you can play around with these by using the + and – buttons.

The Womanizer Premium shows you the battery status when it’s turned on. Three LED lights lit up at the base of the toys and this means that it is fully charged.

Charging takes about 2 hours and a full charge gets you up to 4 hours of playtime.

To charge, simply connect the USB charging cable to the two metal pins at the base of your toy, then connect to your computer or a USB wall adapter. When it’s charging, the LED lights will blink.

#3 The Womanizer Liberty; $99

The Womanizer Liberty is one of the newest and by far the most attractive model to date. It is only 4 inches long which makes it shorter than the Classic or Premium.

Small and elegant, this powerful toy is made out of smooth ABS plastic, small silicone head, and a silver ring that surrounds the removable simulation head.

There are only two buttons: + and – and this cutie offers 6 different intensity levels. On the small backside of the toy, there are two metal pins for charging.

Liberty comes in four different colors: pink rose, red wine, powder blue, and lilac.

It also comes with a handy travel cover that magnetically snaps to the body and a small satin storage bag.

Liberty is fully waterproof so cleaning it is pretty simple. All you need to do is remove the silicone head and rinse it in warm, soapy water.

#4 The Womanizer Duo; $219

Let’s just say that someone went on describing the new Womanizer Duo as the Tesla Roadster in the world of sex toys. Fast, beautiful and with a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

The body and head are made out of soft, silky silicone and ABS plastic. The material is body-safe which means it is non-porous and non-toxic.

The controls on the Duo are easy to figure out. The is an ON button at the very back of the Pleasure Aid head and then three buttons at the top, one for each of the functions.

You will have clitoral stimulator, the internal G-spot arm, and a third button that changes the patterns of vibration.

This not-so-petite baby offers 12 different intensity levels. The best thing about this is that you can even set the toy to remember your last combination of settings so you can pick up right where you left off, whenever you feel like.

It also has the renowned Smart Silence technology which means that is purposely designed so that it only starts buzzing when you are actually using it.

The charger is basically two magnetic pins and you will see a LED light blinking within the stimulator head once it starts charging.

What’s in The Box? (Shipping Info)

Upon receiving your desired toy, here are the things you will find in the box:

  • Womanizer sex toy
  • Charging cable
  • Extra silicone head that is slightly smaller than the one attached on the toy
  • Multilingual instruction manual

Basically everything you need to get you going.

The Womanizer will have some charge when it arrives at your home, but it will not be fully charged.

On a full charge, the Womanizer sex toys can last up to 4 hours but don’t worry, it will probably take you about three to four minutes to orgasm and no more than that.

The toys are USB rechargeable and you can charge it anywhere you want by using the USB port.

A full charge will take 2 hours to complete.

Womanizer Shipping FAQs.

Let’s answer all the questions you most probably have about how to get your hands on these babies.

Is Shipping Discreet?

Womanizer ships your orders in standard brown boxes with a neutral sender address which does not contain the name of the brand.

Instead on the box, you will read only “WOW Tech Europe” and “Ecom Logistik”.

There will be absolutely no evidence of the content of your shipment cause nobody wants anyone prying in their personal stuff, right?

Where Does Womanizer Ship To?

Womanizer delivers its goods within Europe, but you can also find all their toys on Adam & Eve.

3 Womanizer Sex Toy Alternatives

While we can all agree that only one can be the Womanizer, here are a few other interesting alternatives for you to check out:

#1 LELO Sona; $87

The LELO Sona is a sonic clitoral massager. Instead of your typical sex toy that uses a vibrating motor in order to stimulate, Sona uses sonic pulses and waves to stimulate the clitoris.

LELO says that Sona uses its sonic pulses to resonate deep into the internal clitoral structures and not only stimulate the clitoral glands (the external bit that peaks out)

Sona arrives travel locked and you can unlock it by connecting the charger. Alternatively, you can press and hold the + and – buttons for a few seconds.

Sona is made out of silicone, however, the backplate is gold-coloured ABS plastic and both of these are body-safe materials.

She’s waterproof, which makes it incredibly easy to clean and you can do so by dipping it into warm and soapy water.

#2 Satisfyer Pro Deluxe; $50

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe uses air pulse technology and gives a gentle sucking/pulsing sensation to deliver touch-free orgasms.

This cute little toy measures at 2.1 inches wide and 4.25 inches long.

The tip is made from soft silicone, while the base is made from firm ABS plastic. The stimulator is rechargeable and can run up to 120 minutes.

The USB charger which is included in the packaging attaches magnetically to the base of the toy.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe gently hugs your clitoris for maximum stimulation and offers 11 different intensity levels, ranging from soft to super-intense.

The design is completely waterproof and can be used while you’re in the bath and is also very simple to be cleaned in water.

#3 Satisfyer Pro 2; $50

The Satisfyer Pro 2 comes with a new and improve rechargeable battery to deliver rounds of intense clitoral thrills.

It comes with a slightly longer handle than the Pro Deluxe version and it measures at 1.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long.

It is made from firm ABS plastic and a body-safe soft silicone for the tip.

This baby can run up to 30 minutes and you will also receive a magnetic charger inside the box. It also has 11 intensity levels – ranging from soft and gentle to fast and intense stimulation.

It is completely waterproof so you can have all the fun you want in the shower and it is extremely easy to be cleaned as all you need is a little warm, soapy water.