10 Best Anal Stretching Toys For Anal Pleasures

Anal stretching is a key component of achieving some sort of higher-level anal play that isn’t as scary as it sounds.

There are many reasons why people choose to engage in this activity. Some simply enjoy the stretching sensation, whilst others have huge anal ambitions.

Whatever the goal is that landed you here, anal-stretching can not only feel great, but it can also open you up (pun intended) you to enjoy an abundance of new sexual experiences.

With that said, today, we’re taking a look at;

The 10 best anal stretching toys you can try as a beginner:

  1. Pipe Dream Black Dual-Purpose Wide-Tunnel Hollow Butt Plug
  2. NS Novelties 4-Inch Renegade Peek-A-Boo Silicone Tunnel Butt Plug
  3. Perfect Fit 4.5-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug
  4. Butt Slut The Complete Set for Anal Stretching
  5. Tulip Vibrating Butt Plug
  6. Perfect Fit 3.75-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug
  7. You2Toys 4-Inch Silicone Anal Tunnel Butt Plug
  8. Master Series 4.3-Inch Ridged Medium Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel
  9. California Exotic Colt Medium Stretchy Waterproof Butt Plug
  10. XR Brands Gape Glory Clear Hollow Butt Plug

best anal stretching toys for beginners

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What Are Anal Stretchers?

It’s safe to say anal stimulation has some potential benefits of providing an intense sexual pleasure for both partners, especially for the receiver.

However, the lack of natural lubrication and tight inflexible sphincter muscles tend to complicate things a little bit.

Luckily, if you are determined on getting your anal one way or another, there is a little exercise designed to make things easier for you and ease the penetration process.

This is called anal stretching.

Designed to ensure that your anal opening graduates a few sizes within a given period of time, anal stretching is a seriously great way to achieve your dreams that involve pleasurable anal play.

But in order to accomplish this, you will need an anal stretcher.

What Are Anal Stretchers Used For?

An anal stretcher is a sex toy that is used to gradually stretch the anus and allow you to be able to insert larger toys or a penis that you couldn’t comfortably take in the past.

Technically, this means that anal stretchers are the perfect “support” for beginners who have never tried anal experiences before, but would like to give this popular play session a chance.

As your body stretches out to accommodate something ever-so-slightly larger than your comfortable spot, it can feel physically intense. For some people, this intensity mentally translates into pleasure.

Are Anal Stretchers The Same As Butt-Plugs?

Anal stretching is a session that requires a number of butt plugs or specially designed anal stretchers in graduating sizes to ensure that you get to progress smoothly from one size to the next.

Butt plugs can be used as anal stretchers, however, the desired size for a successful anal stretching session is a butt plug that is no less than 3.75 inches in circumference.

With that said and out of the way, let’s now take a look at my;

Top 10 Recommended Anal Stretching Toys For Beginners

#1 Pipe Dream Black Dual-Purpose Wide-Tunnel Hollow Butt Plug; $27

Pipe Dream Black Dual-Purpose Wide-Tunnel Hollow Butt Plug

Easily providing an exciting full feeling during sex, foreplay, and solo play, the dual open-ended form allows probes, fingers, and vibes to easily find their way into the anal canal with ease and precision.

This little buddy is 2.4 inches long with a diameter of 1.5 inches and 4.75 inches wide. It is the perfect toy for a beginner as it is extra-wide at the flared base that will protect against too-deep penetration.

It is easily maintained as it only requires a regular wash in hot soapy water and a regular toy cleaner.

#2 NS Novelties 4-Inch Renegade Peek-A-Boo Silicone Tunnel Butt Plug; $25

NS Novelties 4-Inch Renegade Peek-A-Boo Silicone Tunnel Butt Plug

This fun little toy has an insertable length of 8 cm and can be used solo or combined with other toys.

It is crafted with body-safe silicone material and it comes in the shape of a bulb that is slightly tapered at the end which allows easy insertion.

It comes in black and it is a low-maintenance product which only requires regular cleaning with hot soapy water and a toy cleaner of your choice.

#3 Perfect Fit 4.5-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug; $62

Perfect Fit 4.5-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug

The Clear Double-Tunnel by Perfect Fit is a cute anal stretcher that has a flared base to prevent unwanted travel and prevent too-deep and unnecessarily uncomfortable penetration.

There is also a double bulb at the shaft of this plug which is aimed at giving you maximum filing.

It is also waterproof which means you can explore wet conditions without worrying that it might compromise the durability of your plug.

#4 Butt Slut The Complete Set for Anal Stretching; $76

Butt Slut The Complete Set for Anal Stretching

This set is the real deal as it prepares you for a whole new waterfall of anal sensations with its anatomically perfect form and unusual material.

The set contains 3 buttplugs of different sizes made out of borosilicate glass material that is a chemical and temperature resistant glass and a very hygienic option for such toy.

It is also non-porous and anti-allergenic. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the strong odor of plastic some toys can possibly have.

#5 Tulip Vibrating Butt Plug; $55

Tulip Vibrating Butt Plug

MEO®’s vibrating anal plug is designed in such a way that you can squeeze the ends together when inserting and the butt plug only extends to its maximum size when it is fully inserted.

As soon as the butt plug is inside you and has spread itself wide, with a single push of a button you can switch on the particularly powerful vibration and choose from three intensities and seven pulsation settings.

Made of silky soft silicone with a seamless, low-friction surface, it can be inserted very easily and very deeply. A flexible base ensures that the butt plug cannot be inserted too far.

This rechargeable anal accessory is made of high-grade silicone, making it non-porous and body-safe.

#6 Perfect Fit 3.75-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug; $61

Perfect Fit 3.75-Inch Clear Double-Tunnel Medium Butt Plug

This Clear Double-Tunnel is a super stretchy butt plug that is made by using a combination of TPR and silicone material which makes it flexible enough to fit anyone yet firm enough to provide you with a glorious stimulation.

The flared tip will prevent too-deep penetration, and it can be used to control its travel. It is suitable for both beginners and experts.

It is super easy to be cleaned requiring only warm, soapy water.

#7 You2Toys 4-Inch Silicone Anal Tunnel Butt Plug; $56

You2Toys 4-Inch Silicone Anal Tunnel Butt Plug

the 4-Inch Silicone Anal Tunnel Butt Plug with stopper brings a very interesting level of anal fun.

It is made of firm, but soft to touch silicone and is built like a tunnel, which allows you to fill its base with liquid. The removable stopper on the bottom prevents the liquid from leaking out of the plug.

It is completely made out of body-safe silicone.

#8 Master Series 4.3-Inch Ridged Medium Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel; $41

Master Series 4.3-Inch Ridged Medium Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel

The 4.3-Inch Perfect Fit Ridged Medium Hollow Anal Plug Tunnel has a flared base that gives you control of the plug, and it also prevents too deep penetration.

The plug is ideal for use during foreplay, sex or for solo play.

You can use other plugs and dildo with this hollow tunnel and you can be sure that no other sleeve can deliver such magnificent pleasures.

#9 California Exotic Colt Medium Stretchy Waterproof Butt Plug; $49

California Exotic Colt Medium Stretchy Waterproof Butt Plug

This Colt Medium Stretchy Black Waterproof Butt Plug with Suction Cup will give you another whole new level of stretch and pleasure.

Made of soft and silky silicone, this butt plug is both supple and firm at the same time.

It is tapered and flexible with an opening design which allows it to expand when squeezed. It is smooth and seamless and is compatible with most water-based lube.

Its wide neck enables the anal muscles to contract just the right amount, whilst its splayed base will prevent it from being inserted too deeply.

#10 XR Brands Gape Glory Clear Hollow Butt Plug; $37

XR Brands Gape Glory Clear Hollow Butt Plug

The Gape glory allows you to discover a whole other level of fun play with your partner as it will allow them to take a peek inside with this large and unique anal toy.

It is clear and hollow for maximum visibility.

The opening is also great for liquid play, whether you are delivering an enema or getting creative in other ways.

A contoured base makes this plug comfortable for extended wear. This material is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

How To Use Your Anal Stretcher

A successful and pleasurable anal stretching session consists of several things/steps you should pay attention to. These are:

Step 01: Ensure that your bowels are empty.

Before starting, you should make sure to go to the toilet as this eliminates the risks of playing with a dirty toy such as the spreading of bacteria.

Before all, it also eliminates the chance of interruption during the stretching session.

Step 02: Clean up.

After taking care of the bathroom duties, clean out your cavity by using the douche/enema at least 2-3 hours before the stretching session.

Step 03: The right butt plug.

As you start out, make sure that you use a smooth butt plug that has a flared base. This prevents it from accidentally slipping into your anus and causing discomfort and pain.

Step 04: Time limit.

Limit your stretching sessions to around 10-20 minutes as you start out, gradually increasing the time as you gain more experience and tolerance.

Step 05: Lubrication.

Make sure to use a generous amount of lubrication during each session and an adequate lube for your toy. For example, silicone-based toys are more compatible with water-based lubricants, however, if your toy is made out of stainless steel you can opt for a silicone-based one.

Step 06: Sanitation

Before starting out (and after you’ve finished) always make sure you clean and sanitize your toy properly with hot, soapy water and an antibacterial cleaner.

butt stretching toys

3 Safety Tips For Anal Stretching Beginners

And there are also a few things you should avoid doing. Here are some:

Refrain from using forceful movements.

Don’t force your stretching device in if you are experiencing any severe discomfort or pain as you can easily hurt yourself.

There’s no need to get overly excited and start thrusting from the beginning.

Overdoing it is a no-no.

Don’t overdo your sessions. Give your body time to recover between stretching sessions and start out by giving yourself a break of 2-3 days in between.

Size matters – go for a smaller one.

Don’t choose a plug with a circumference greater than 4.5 inches when starting out. You can easily get hurt and start hating on something that can otherwise be a pleasurable experience for you.

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