10 Best Ejaculation Delaying Sprays To Make It Last

Premature ejaculation is considered a sexual disorder in which the penis owner ejaculates quickly after commencing sexual activity.

Now, premature ejaculation isn’t a dangerous or a life-threatening condition, however, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with.

Luckily, several types of treatment are available to help delay ejaculation.

One of the treatments that is best for short-term use and is easily available over the counter are sprays that you can apply directly to the penis before sex.

Therefore, if you are on the hunt for something that will prolong ejaculation and extend bedroom playtime…

Here’s a list of 10 best ejaculation delaying sprays to check out:

  • Stud 100 – Male Genital Desensitizer Spray
  • Doc Johnson – Proloonging Delay Spray
  • DYNAMO® DELAY – Delaying Spray
  • Sliquid – Ride Rock Delay Spray
  • K-Y – Duration Desensitizing Delay Spray
  • Promescent – Delay Spray
  • Numan – Delay Spray
  • Tauro – Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men
  • Hims – Delay Spray for Men
  • VigRX® – Delay Spray

Ejaculation Delaying Sprays

Stud 100 – Male Genital Desensitizer Spray – $14

The active ingredient in the Stud 100 Desensitizer Spray is lidocaine.

The manufacturers recommend applying between three and eight sprays — ideally, 5-10 minutes before sex — to the shaft and head of the penis.

Consumer reviews of this product are largely positive, with people stating that it helped them last longer during sexual intercourse.

Doc Johnson – Proloonging Delay Spray – $15

Doc Johnson’s Proloonging Delay Spray is a high-quality lidocaine-based delay spray that’s specially formulated to decrease sensation and increase your performance time in the bedroom.

The manufacturers advise that applying between 3 – 10 sprays to the head and shaft of the penis and allowing 10 minutes for the solution to take effect will definitely help you enjoy an extended intimate pleasure alone or with a partner.

DYNAMO® DELAY – Delaying Spray – $15

DYNAMO® DELAY Spray is a product designed with a clinically tested, fast-acting formula to provide safe and effective results and help couples enjoy longer-lasting sex.

This non-irritating spray temporarily prolongs the time until ejaculation using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which provides a temporary numbing sensation that starts working only a few minutes after application.

Advised use is between 3-10 sprays.

Sliquid – Ride Rock Delay Spray – $17

Sliquid Ride Rock is a high-strength delay spray made from natural ingredients and designed to aid your erection potential and help you last longer between the sheets, and improve your sexual performance.

Formulated with numbing benzocaine, Sliquid’s super-effective delay spray desensitizes the penis and delays ejaculation for up to x3 longer.

The best way to use it is by applying just 3 or 4 squirts to the head and shaft of your manhood 5-10 minutes before the bedroom action for fast-acting results.

K-Y – Duration Desensitizing Delay Spray – $20

K-Y Duration Delay Spray is another lidocaine-based product created to desensitize the penis and prolong sexual performance.

K-Y’s manufacturers state that this product meets FDA guidelines and advise applying at least three sprays to the tip of the penis before intercourse. They also advise people not to exceed 10 sprays and to give a bit of time between spraying a few sprays.

Consumer reviews of this product state that it is effective but very small.

Promescent – Delay Spray – $23

Promescent Delay Spray is an FDA-approved desensitizing spray that contains lidocaine as the main active desensitizing ingredient.

Clinical research examining the effects of this spray also reports that, on average, it increased the participants’ time before ejaculation from 6.81 minutes to 11.6 minutes.

And what’s best about the spray is that it’s customizable to your personal needs, so you can try applying more or less each time until you identify the amount that suits your sensitivity level.

Numan – Delay Spray – $25

Numan Delay Spray is a tailored topical treatment created to prevent premature ejaculation. It works as a mild anesthetic, helping to reduce sensitivity and prolong playtime without diminishing pleasure.

Numan’s manufacturers advise that you only need a few sprays to help you regain control over when you ejaculate.

The full effect takes place after 5-10 minutes of application and lasts anywhere between 1-3 hours.

Tauro – Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men – $27

Tauro Extra Strong Delay Spray for Men is a natural option for anyone who doesn’t want to use lidocaine-based desensitizers.

The product contains a blend of herbs and essential oils that prevent you from ejaculating prematurely while simultaneously increasing sensation and maintaining penile sensitivity.

The only con with this product is that it’s only available in Europe.

Hims – Delay Spray for Men – $29

Hims Delays Spray for Men is formulated with lidocaine to reduce sensitivity without overly numbing pleasurable sensations.

When used as directed, Delay Spray absorbs into the skin for maximum efficacy without transferring to your partner. Plus, Him’s spray bottle helps you dose precisely to achieve your desired effect.

Using the Delay Spray is also super simple, and all you have to do is spray a few times on the most sensitive areas of your penis 10-15 minutes before go time.

The manufacturer also advises keeping your dosage between 3 and 10 full sprays depending on your desired sensitivity.

VigRX® – Delay Spray – $50

VigRX Delay Spray is one of the best delay sprays out there, which is why it comes with unusually higher price tag compared to other products on the market.

VigRX contains benzocaine as an active ingredient; however, this is a specially designed compound that’s unlikely to cause irritations or trigger allergies, unlike some other benzocaine-based delay sprays out there.

The company puts too much time and resources into their research, and it’s safe to say they have come up with an amazing product that’s hypoallergenic, won’t cause irritations and sensitivity, and does a great job at prolonging ejaculation without fully numbing your penis and preventing you from experiencing sensations.

Start by applying VigRX Delay Spray™ 1 to 3 times on your glans and shaft only 5 minutes before sex, and then rub it until it is fully absorbed into the penis.


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