How to Make Your Cum Taste Good

how to make your cum taste good

Whether you’re a woman who doesn’t enjoy the taste of semen or a man who is self-conscious about how his juice tastes, the question of how to make cum taste good has crossed most people’s minds for one reason or another. In reality, everyone’s sperm tastes differently. Salty. Sweet. Bitter. Metallic. Sharp. Sour. You name the … Read more

10 Best Ejaculation Delaying Sprays To Make It Last

Ejaculation Delaying Sprays

Premature ejaculation is considered a sexual disorder in which the penis owner ejaculates quickly after commencing sexual activity. Now, premature ejaculation isn’t a dangerous or a life-threatening condition, however, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Luckily, several types of treatment are available to help delay ejaculation. One of the treatments that is best … Read more

10 Sex Toys For Christian Couples (According To The Scriptures)

sex toys for christian couples

Sex is rarely mentioned in the Bible, and instead, metaphors such as “intimacy” and “sleep with” are frequently used to describe sexual activities. That said, sex is still considered a sacred act, honorable, secret, and not for public consumption. This is why it’s not a surprise that sex toys have long been taboo amongst Christians. … Read more