7 Best Payment Methods For Online Sex Workers

Sex workers are not a protected group under US law, which is, unfortunately, a good-enough reason for companies and institutions to discriminate against the people working in sex-related jobs.

This goes as far as many billing services refusing to collaborate with any adult-related websites or asking for outrageously high fees because they consider the sex industry to be high risk.

For example, PayPal has a strict no-porn payment policy. Failure to comply with their terms will lead to your account being closed, which means you will lose access to your hard-earned money.

This is something that online sex workers have experienced, unfortunately.

A few years ago, a New York-based online sex worker opened her accounts one day to discover they’d be suspended, and her money had been returned to a customer who apparently had buyer’s remorse after purchasing some of her content.

Although PayPal is one of the most desired payment methods, it’s definitely not reliable for making money with adult content.

Which is why in this article, I will give you the seven best payment methods for online sex workers that you can safely use without worrying that you are going to get punished for simply doing your job.

7 Best Payment Methods For Online Sex Workers:

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Paxum
  3. CCBill
  4. Coinbase
  5. ePay Service
  6. ePayments
  7. Cosmo Payment

the best payment methods for online sex workers

Wire Transfer

When it comes to sex worker-friendly payment options, wire transfer is probably one of the safest routes to take.

Depending on how the wire transfer is sent, you can receive your money directly into your bank account, and it doesn’t matter what currency it is sent in – your bank will automatically correct it to the currency used in your country.

This is why wire transfers are a good option for sex workers not based in the US. Wire transfers can be used by US sex workers, too; however, many are opting out of this due to the high fees.

Obviously, if wire transfer is your preferred method of accepting payment, bear in mind that you will need to give your bank details to the company (or individuals) you will be receiving payments from.

This is secure as nobody can do anything with only your bank details beyond sending you payments; however, it’s a smart idea to avoid this practice when dealing with new clients you are only starting to get to know and don’t trust yet.


If you have read at least one article about the best payment methods for online sex workers, chances are you’ve seen Paxum on the list.

This is because Paxum is definitely the most popular adult-friendly PayPal alternative. It’s available in over 50 countries, supports over 20 currencies, and works with high-risk businesses such as the sex industry, porn production, etc.

When you sign up to Paxum, you will have a dedicated EUR and USD account. You can also register for a debit card to withdraw your cash (or you can send it directly to your bank account).

If you will be doing any sort of sex work on one of the mainstream adult websites, then Paxum is almost certainly something that you will want to sign up to. It is also a fantastic method for those who want to receive wire transfers from anywhere in the world.

However, you should know right off the bat that they have a strict copyright policy, which might not make them suitable for all types of adult websites.

Therefore, you need to focus on creating original content OR purchasing distribution licenses for films and videos (if you want to start your very own tube site).


CCBill is another popular payment service provider that is adult-friendly. They have been around the block for quite some time, and they have over 20 years of experience servicing adult markets.

Their services come with free regulatory support, risk mitigation, fraud management, and compliance support.

However, CCBill accepts only a limited range of currencies, such as USD, AUD, CAD, JPY, EUR, and GBP. If your adult business relies on a broader range of currencies, you may need to look for another solution to complement CCBill.

Coinbase/Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are becoming the preferred method of payment for many online sex workers as this solves the issue of safety concerns for the sex worker and the privacy concerns of the customer paying for services.

Coinbase is one of the most popular payment services you can use if you also want to receive your payments in crypto.

It’s a site that deals with payments in just about any major cryptocurrencies; however, it’s mainly used by those who want to receive Bitcoin payments specifically.

One of the great things about being paid in Bitcoin is that if the value of Bitcoin goes up (which has been the case in the past several years), you will have basically gained cash, unlike the other sites where if you are paid $1, you will only ever have $1.

Coinbase makes it simple to sell your cryptocurrency when you are done with it too.

Many people who pay sex workers love to pay in Bitcoin nowadays, mostly because it is harder to see where the payments went to, which means you will have a lot of people suggesting you receive cash like this.

ePay Service

ePay Service is a Czech company that has been actively operating since 2007 and has always supported adult content websites.

They operate under PSI-Pay Ltd, which is a UK company authorized and regulated by FCA.

One of the most popular cam sites Chaturbate gives you the option to get paid via ePay Services, which means that you can get your earnings fast and for a low rate fee too.

ePay Services takes only 3 EUR+1,95% when withdrawing to an external credit card. You can also order your own card, which makes the withdrawal easier and much faster.

Read their user agreement here.


ePayments is an adult-friendly e-wallet used by various adult platforms to pay content creators, professional studios, and affiliates.

Once the money is deposited into your repayments account, you can use the prepaid debit card to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM.

However, ePayments doesn’t support US-based bank accounts, but they do support international online ones; therefore, when setting up your account, you will need to give an international bank account number.

One of the best things about ePayments is that it’s the cheapest cards to maintain with zero fees per month, and it is one of those rare accounts that allows you to receive money in Euros direct to a dedicated Euro bank account.

Click here to see which platforms support ePayments for cashouts.

Cosmo Payment

Cosmo Payment is absolutely perfect for online sex workers because the company’s sole goal is to offer a payment solution to those who may otherwise be unable to accept payments any other way.

Cosmo Payment is available in over 150 countries. It allows you to get your own debit card tied to your Cosmo Payment account, meaning that you can use your Cosmo Payment account like any other bank account and for a relatively small fee, too.

As soon as you receive your money, it will immediately be converted to your local currency, and you will immediately be able to spend them wherever you want.


Which Payment Methods To Avoid?

Venmo, Circle Pay, SquareCash, Stripe, Google Wallet, BitPay, Snapcash, Revolut, etc., are all platforms to avoid because they either have very unclear terms when it comes to getting paid by adult websites or they flat out reject it.

Also, to avoid getting your account shut down and losing your money, besides avoiding the above-mentioned payment methods, you should also avoid using too many of those that support online sex work (for now).

Make sure to always stay on top of things and regularly check their updated terms and service conditions.

While I was doing the research for this article, I ran into a few Reddit posts (that popped up on the first page) and other articles from 2-3 years ago that say platforms such as Stripe, Bitpay, and Google Wallet, for example, are adult-friendly payment options, however, they have since updated their terms of services (linked above), and they aren’t adult-friendly payment options anymore.

Because of this, you need to make sure to always check for updates and regularly read the emails they send you because sometimes they announce these changes via email, and you may have to cash out or move your funds elsewhere by a limited time period.

This is why it’s easier to use fewer methods to manage to stay on top of things easier.

But besides that, here is a list of payment services that aren’t adult content-friendly that’s gonna help you avoid getting in trouble.

And lastly, if you have landed on this article and want to use one or more of the services I’ve listed, make sure to double-check with them and their current terms of use as they may be changing/updating these at any given moment.