7 Things To Consider When Choosing a Wand Massager

Wand massagers are pretty popular – and for a good reason.

They’re powerful, easy to handle, and can be used as vibrators and massagers.

Plus, if the intensity is your thing, the wand vibrator is tough to beat. It all started with the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The company intended it as a massager, but its other pleasurable uses were quickly discovered and it became best known as a vibrator.

All that was a long time ago. Now, there are a mind-numbing number of options for picking the best wand vibrators for women.

Here are the 7 things you should think of when buying a wand vibrator. The options will help you choose a wand massager on these factors:

  1. How powerful is the massager?
  2. Do you want a wired or a wireless massager?
  3. What size (and what materials) would you like?
  4. Is the massager noisy?
  5. What are the accessories available?
  6. What are its features, controls, and ergonomics?
  7. How well does it work as a massager?

how to choose a wand massager

1. Power Is Important

A defining feature for wand massagers/vibrators is that they’re more powerful than the average vibrator.

They also tend to be larger than other vibrators, but that’s a tradeoff to make for getting a wand massager.

Vibrations from these massagers are deep and rumbly, traveling further into the body and delivering more pleasure.

However, not all wand vibrators are created equal. You’ll find they vary in power and so it makes sense to take a closer look.

While technical specifications like rpm and power are useful, they shouldn’t be the sole guide for deciding vibration intensity.

It’s a good idea to look at user reviews at different sites and see what consumers and bloggers are saying about the massager’s power.

That way, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. Vibratex Wand Vibrator and Doxy Massager are amongst the most powerful wand vibrators.

2. Wired Or Wireless Massager?

For other types of vibrators, we’d head straight to the wireless pick. However, wand massagers require more careful consideration. When power is our primary concern, it makes sense to choose the wired vibrators.

Getting juice straight from a socket lets these vibrators be more powerful.

If you go for a wired option, make sure the wire length is adequate. The wire doesn’t simply have to reach the spot; it should allow enough room to move, twist, and enjoy without worrying about the plug coming off.

Wireless or battery-powered massagers have the obvious advantage of greater movement and portability.

You no longer have to worry about or be conscious of wires on your body.

The tradeoff here is that they give up some power in exchange for using a battery.

Modern wand vibrators can still be powerful enough for play, but they can’t compete with the raw output of wired vibrators.

Notable picks for wireless wand massager are the Vibratex Magic Wand rechargeable and Lelo Smart Wand.

3. Vibrator Size And Materials Used

As we already know, wand massagers tend to be larger and bulkier than other vibrators. But there are options available for smaller size wands too.

This is another factor where they lose some power, but it’s a choice to be considered for convenience. Shibari Mini Halo and the Lelo Smart Wand (small) are great picks for smaller massagers.

Another factor is that these vibrators usually aren’t phallic in shape and thus aren’t as easily recognized. Their look and design are pretty much like a regular massager, so they don’t attract attention.

Though these massagers are intended as clitoral vibrators and aren’t insertable, the material used cannot be ignored. Ideally, we want a body-safe, non-porous material for the vibrator.

Silicone is a great pick here, though others are used as well. TPE is another popular choice – it is soft and pleasurable, but it is a porous material.

It is necessary to clean the vibrator well, and the material used makes all the difference.

4. Is This Thing Noisy?

With greater power comes greater noise. And powerful wand vibrators really need to learn more about being discreet. The famed Hitachi Magic wand, for example, kicks off a storm the moment it is switched on.

Many of us prefer discreet products or are living in an environment where loud vibrators aren’t feasible.

Sure, I’m enjoying the action, but the entire household and neighbors don’t have to know! So it makes sense to pivot towards quieter vibrations.

5. What Are The Accessories Available?

Wand vibrators are best at clitoral stimulation. However, the popularity of these vibrators saw a number of accessories becoming available that add more functionality.

For example, an accessory can be used to convert the vibrator and make it suitable for vaginal/g-spot stimulation. Or, they could be as simple as adding another texture for clitoral stimulation.

A vast range of accessories has been designed keeping the Vibratex Magic Wand in mind. After all, this is an extremely popular massager that has been around for decades.

Many other massagers follow the same line and are built to have dimensions suitable for these accessories.

These third-party accessories for Hitachi/Vibratex are most common and have the widest range of options. So vibrators compatible with these accessories tend to be more popular.

6. Features, Controls, And Ergonomics

Is the vibrator comfortable to use, and are its controls easily accessible?

Changing intensity and patterns while using the massager is only natural. So it makes sense that controls of the vibrator should be easily accessible.

That seems rather trivial, right? You’d be surprised at the number of massagers where controls are difficult to reach or the buttons are tough to maneuver!

Fumbling for controls while using the vibrator is a major mood killer. Non-ergonomically designed vibrators, where controls are tough to manage, are another problem.

A good idea is to look at the vibrator and see if the buttons are well-distanced and check they’re easy to use without having to look at the vibrator.

Many massagers also offer some new, high-tech features. These include remote control of the massager via a phone app through Bluetooth or the internet.

This also makes it possible for you to share controls of the vibrator with your partner, even if they’re at the other end of the world!

All you (and your partner) need is the app and a good internet connection. Lovense Domi is a pretty good wand massager for such scenarios.

7. How Well Does It Work As A Massager?

The wand vibrators work wonderfully as body massagers, which is why the term wand massager is used practically interchangeably.

While carnal desires may direct the choice of a wand vibrator, it would be a folly to ignore its use as a massager. After all, they’re pretty amazing as body massagers as well!

A quick massage for the back and shoulders is always welcome, and dare I say, as gratifying as the massager’s other activities!

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