35 Intimate Sex Toys For Lesbian Couples

Whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or literally anything else, this is going to be your go-to list for finding sex toys specifically intended for pleasuring you, your vulva, and your vagina.

Whether you want to play by yourself or share these with a vagina-owning partner,

Here are the 35 best sex toys for lesbian couples that will definitely help you spice things up inside (or outside) of the bedroom.

best sex toys for lesbian couples

Best Double-Ended Dildos For Lesbian Couples

Best Double-Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos are also known as double penetration dildos in the sex toy industry and these can be used to bring a lot of joy during a solo or a couple’s play.

Here is my selection of some of the best double-ended dildos you can find online:

Bestvibe – Realistic U-Shaped Double Dildo – $29

The Realistic U-Shaped Double Dildo by Bestvibe measures 18 inches in total length and is made out of soft, durable silicone material.

This is actually quite impressive because the dildo is super flexible, which is an effect that can be difficult to create especially when working with silicone as this material is known to be rather sturdy instead.

The dildo features one larger head that measures at 1.8 inches of width and a smaller head that measures at 1.6 inches in width.

It can be used during solo play for a double penetration experience or with a partner for double the fun.

Amazon – Flexible Dual Dong – $24

This one is actually manufactured by a Chinese company that sells their goods on Amazon, however, the several things that I like about it are the silicone material which makes it non-toxic and body-safe, its affordable price, and its efficiency in getting the job done.

The Dual Dong is a flexible double-ended dildo that measures at nearly 15 inches in length and 5.51 inches in girth. The larger head measures at 5.51 inches in girth and the smaller one measures at about 5.11 inches.

The dildo is fully waterproof and is most compatible with a water-based lube.

Amazon – Double Sided Dildo – $15 – $30

Here’s another simple dual-ended dildo that you can find on Amazon for a very affordable price. The dildo is made out of silicone and it has a flexible shaft that allows it to be easily bent and used in a solo or couple’s play.

It comes in three different sizes with the smallest size measuring at 11.8 inches, a medium-size that measures at 15.8 inches, and large size that measures a whopping 18.1 inches.

The double-sided dildo is fully waterproof and can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. Due to its silicone material, the dildo is most compatible with water-based lubricants.

Lifelike Lover – Ultra-Realistic Double-Ended Dildo – $35

Lifelike Lover’s Ultra-Realistic Double-Ended Dildo is a juicy and giving lover that features a strong yet flexible shaft embellished with authentic detailing for a more lifelike sensation.

It measures 12 inches of length and a 5-inch girth which is more than enough for a comfortable and pleasurable penetration whether during a solo or a couple’s game.

However, it does have a single flaw and that is the PVC material the dildo is made out from.

If this isn’t an issue for you, you can resort to using the dildo with a condom, however, if you prefer sticking to a more body-safe material, perhaps a silicone option will be more suitable for your taste.

Blush Novelties – 18 Inch Silicone Double Dildo – $70

This ribbed and super fun dildo offers different ways of pleasuring yourself and your partner. Made from medical silicone material, its non-toxic, safe, and skin-friendly. It’s also easy to clean.

The dildo is 18 inches in total length and it has an insertable length of whooping 9 inches, which certainly makes it a desirable toy for intermediate users.

The ribbed texture ensures to bring you the ultimate pleasure. Black in color, it’s waterproof and weighs 1lbs.

Best Strap-Ons For Lesbian Couples

best strap in for lesbian couples

A strap-on is a two-piece sex toy that includes a dildo and a harness that attaches to the hips of the person wearing it.

Strap-ons come in a variety of different designs that fit different body types, different preferences, and satisfy different needs.

They are used for penetrative sex, either vaginal or anal, so here is a list of my favorite strap-on picks:

Pipedream – Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On – $50

This double delight by Pipedream is one of the best strap-ons for couple’s play.

It is made out of soft plastic that ensures the dildo can be bent easily and it has a curved design perfect for stimulating your G spot.

The dildo has a total length of 15 inches with the insertable portion being 6 inches.

It comes with an attached harness that allows you to secure it around your waist and enjoy hands-free fun. The elasticized harness can fit a 30-inch waist.

As such, you and your partner will have exciting play options and premium pleasure thanks to the textured shaft.

Evolved Novelties – Blue Silicone Strap On Dildo – $69

This beautiful product is the perfect option for beginners and advanced users alike as it gives you everything you could wish for during a strap-on playtime.

The adjustable, veiny dildo is made out of luxuriously smooth and durable silicone with a 7 inches of total length and 1.75 inches width. It also has a suction cup at the base so that it can be used for a hands-free solo play.

The harness that comes with it is fully adjustable and it fits waist sizes from 24 inches up to 60 inches.

Amazon – Double Head Men’s Alternative – $37

This big boy features an intricately crafted design and more than sufficient length to give the receiver all the feels and unmatched double pleasure.

The silicone dildo features a larger part of the toy that has an insertable length of 5.9 inches and a smaller head which offers 4.7 inches of insertable pleasure.

The double dildo also has a suction cup at the base so that it can be enjoyed as a hands-free pleasure gadget during a solo play.

Additionally, the toy comes equipped with a comfortable and adjustable harness designed to keep it tightly locked in place.

Tantus – Curve Dildo & Harness Kit – Midnight Purple – $79,99

The Curve Dildo & Harness Kit by Tantus is a set designed for lots and lots of pleasure both for the wearer and the receiver.

The harness is comfortable and easy to wear and it is designed with nylon straps that can be sized down to your exact body shape and can accommodate most body sizes of up to 60-inch hips.

The curved dildo is made out of Tantus unique blend of 100% ultra-premium silicone and it features a wide base and gentle ridges for added stimulation.

This kit is another great option for beginners as the easy to use O-ring fits over the curve and snaps securely into place, while the dildo has a modest length of 6 inches from which only 5 are insertable.

Sportsheets – Strap On Thigh Harness – $24

The Sportsheets Strap-On Thigh Harness is a very simple concept. It’s neoprene harness wraps around the thigh and the built-in o-ring with a diameter of 1.5 inches allows for a comfortable fit of most dildos up to a 5.5-inch circumference.

This concept is very interesting as it leaves both the wearer and the receiver’s intimate parts still easily accessible for mutual stimulation.

Additionally, besides couple’s play, this little gadget can be very useful for solo play as you can easily squeeze a pillow inside the harness, slip your favorite dildo in the o-ring and ride away.

The harness is super adjustable and it can fit up to 24 inches of thigh circumference.

Best Nipple Suckers For Lesbian Couples

best nipple suckers

Nipple suckers are one of my personal favorite pleasure toys as they act like little mouths on the nipples and latch on to them to gently increase the blood flow with their suction.

Once the suction is released, blood comes rushing back into the nipple area, making it even more sensitive.

This makes every touch, lick, and pressure even more enticing and pleasurable.

Here’s a list of my favorite nipple suckers:

Pipedream – Fantasy For Her Vibrating Breast Suckers – $38

Pipedream’s Fantasy For Her’s Breast Suck-Hers are nice and big, fitting right at the peaks of most nipple sizes.

The firm, velvety silicone scoops offer a tight seal and all you have to do is simply press the cup portion firmly over a nipple to active suction.

These will hold tight to your nipples and will stay precisely in place while the soft tickers inside buzz along with a single vibration speed.

Speaking of vibes, the nipple suckers come with a full-sized bullet studded through the tip of each Suck-Her. One simple button powers a steady on and off tingle.

Bestvibe – Soft Tentacles Nipple Vibrators – $27

The Soft Tentacles Nipple Vibrators are small and cute little nipple suckers that latch onto your nipples with the help of a small attached pump, however, the real fun begins once the vibes are on.

The inside of the nipple vibrators is made out of soft, tentacle-like nubs that vibrate and gently massage one of your most sensitive erogenous zones to help build up a powerful climax.

Lovehoney – Colorplay Color-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers – $15

Made out of body-safe silicone, these simple yet effective nipple suckers are designed to enhance your nipple stimulation and drive you into new and unexplored sensations.

The set of two nipple teasers is easy to use and virtually harmless, therefore, all you need to do is squeeze and release over the nipple to create a gentle vacuum that increases the size and sensitivity.

Another cool party trick these cute nipple suckers have is that they are temperature sensitive which means they change color from purple to hot pink as your body temperature heats up.

Amazon – Mini Silicone Suction Cup With Pull Ring – $14

These cute and delicate nipple suckers are another cool and very affordable model that is made out of body-safe and durable silicone which allows them to latch onto your skin with ease.

Besides that, the added pull ring not only looks cool but it can be gently pulled on for a more intense experience.

Lovehoney – Double Double Powerful Vibrating Nipple Teasers – $30

The Double Double Powerful Vibrating Nipple Teasers are interesting little gadgets designed for a hands-free play, be it with a partner or solo.

Besides being called nipple teasers, thanks to the powerful vibrations, these efficient gadgets can give you an explosive experience no matter where you place them.

Inside the silicone attachment, you will find dozens of soft nodules that stimulate each of your erogenous zones via the easy-to-maneuver scroll wheel controller.

Best Finger Vibrators For Lesbian Couples

Best Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are small and discreet sex toys that are a great option for anyone who wants all-over stimulation in a tiny package.

These are worn on the fingertips and send vibrations directly to the clitoris and other external erogenous zones such as the vulva, nipples, perineum, and around the anus.

Finger vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so here are a few of my favorites:

SexToy – Double Finger Banger Glove – $23

This particular sex toy is a must-have item in everyone’s inventory. The uniquely shaped vibrating stimulator is designed to take fingering your partner or yourself to a whole new level.

The textured finger sleeve slips over the first two fingers and the wrist strap cradles a vibrating bullet that sits the palm of your hand and directly hits the clitoris as you drive your fingers in and out or do the “come hither” motion against the front wall of the vagina.

It measures at a total length of 6.25 inches and it comfortable stretches to fit most hand sizes. For $23, this one is definitely a steal.

Calexotics – Mini Marvels Marvelous Arouser Finger Vibrator – $53

The Mini Marvels Marvelous Arouser is a small, self-contained finger vibrator made out of ultra-plush silicone and designed to pinpoint stimulation with minimum effort.

The large to extra-large finger vibrator features 10 different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation along with a teasing texture that only adds up to the fun.

What I like about the Marvelous Arouser is that this little fella is very durable considering its size and it can give you up to 75 minutes of pleasure in the highest setting with only an hour charge needed.

That being said, the Marvelous Arouser is a USB-rechargeable vibe and it is also fully waterproof, so the bedroom doesn’t have to be your final destination.

Pipedream – Fantasy For Her Finger Vibrator – $50

Fantasy For Her Finger Vibrator is a cute little vibe made out of silky smooth silicone that warms up against body temperature and glides with ease across the skin.

Its ergonomic shape allows it to hug every curve and stimulate the clitoris, nipples, or anything else you desire with the selection of 10 intense vibration patterns easily controlled via a convenient, one-button operation.

GLUVR – Rechargeable 6-Function Finger Vibrator – $50

The GLUVR Rechargeable Finger Vibrator is a super interesting vibe that’s designed to fit on your fingertips like a sleeve – or a glove.

It is made out of silicone and it has a flexible design that allows you to use your fingers to pinch, touch, rub, caress, and stimulate whatever part of the body you want.

Additionally, there are two mini vibrators situated in both sleeves and you can choose between 6 vibration speeds and patterns that can be easily controlled via a single side button.

Bestvibe – Powerful 10-Speed Rechargeable Finger Vibe – $18

Bestvibe’s Powerful 10-Speed Finger Vibe is a classic finger vibrator that’s designed to stimulate the clitoris for an intense and explosive pleasure.

It has a smooth silicone sleeve that stretches to fit onto most finger sizes which also features a teasing texture at the very tip for extra stimulation.

The powerful, yet quiet motor offers 10 vibrating modes you can switch between by using the button on the tip of the bullet.

The powerful finger vibe is USB-rechargeable and it has a waterproof design so that it can be used in all sorts of wet circumstances.

Best Clit Vibrators For Lesbian Couples

Best Clit Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are the most diverse sex toy on the market and in this category, you can find anything from clit sucking vibrators, bullet vibrators, pulsating vibrators, wands, etc.

There are far too many of these I like, however, here is a list of my five absolute favorite clit vibrators:

Tracey Cox – Supersex Powerful Clitoral Vibrator – $70

Tracey Cox is a sex expert and one of the world’s foremost writers on sex, body language, and relationships. Therefore, it’s no wonder that anything she comes up with will be of good quality and her sex toys are no exception.

This little fella is a small but mighty clitoral vibrator that’s made out of squishy liquid silicone and wrapped in velvety-soft silicone to feel absolutely glorious pressed against the skin.

It is 100% waterproof and it features a travel lock for peace of mind during transit.

As for the pleasure it offers, well, you can play around with 3 speeds and 7 different patterns of vibration, and given its size you can use it during penetrative sex, solo play, or foreplay. The choice is yours.

Womanizer – Liberty – $100

Clit-sucking vibrators are one of my favorite types of vibrators simply because I enjoy the sensation of being pleased orally way too much.

This is what Womanizer’s toys do to you – they please you orally, so once you try that, you will never want to go back to a conventional vibrator.

Liberty falls in the range of their “cheaper” products and this naughty succubus will be your stylish and discreet travel companion that gets you off whenever and wherever you feel like.

She offers 6 intensity levels that you can switch between by using the simple-to-use push-button controls. Furthermore, she is fully waterproof, so she can also accompany you during your underwater adventures.

She is also tough and enduring and she can please you for up to 2 hours on a single charge. Do you know someone that can do that?

Dame – Eva II – $140

Dame’s Eva II is a pricey gal, however, she comes with plenty of merits that can justify her price, depending on what you’re looking for in a vibe.

She is designed to be worn during intercourse for shared, hands-free pleasure, but needless to say, this isn’t a rule you must follow.

Eva’s innovative flexible wings are carefully designed to fit under the labia and keep the toy secured in place.

Eva II is made out of silky-smooth silicone and she offers 3 different vibration speeds that you can control via the easy-to-reach button.

Eva II is USB-rechargeable and fully waterproof so that you can experience the most explosive, underwater pleasures without the fear that your toy is going to die during the heat of the moment.

Femme Funn – Ultra Bullet Vibrator – $50

The Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Vibrator is a mighty little bullet that offers deep vibrations and 20 vibe functions to explore.

These are divided into 3 steady speeds and 17 different patterns! Woah! You don’t see this every day, especially not for that price.

The toy is an excellent travel companion, a great gift for someone, or just a sweet torture device for your partner.

It is made out of silky-smooth silicone and it has a flexible body with a rounded bulb that allows for an easy grip to hold on to.

The design is fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable for your convenience and enjoyment.

We-Vibe – Touch – $100

We-Vibe’s Touch is one of the most popular and talked-about clit vibrators in the history of clit vibrators and for a good reason, that is.

This little fella packs the power to deliver 8 different vibration modes with the most satisfying, deep rumble.

It is made out of silky-smooth silicone that glides across the skin with softness and the design is also waterproof, therefore, you can take it with you anywhere you want.

Touch uses an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, rechargeable battery, and it also comes in recyclable packaging. Talk to me about taking responsibility!

If you want to read more in-depth information on Touch, make sure to check out the detailed review I wrote about it.

Best Bondage Toys For Lesbian Couples

Best Bondage Toys

When choosing bondage toys, your best bet is to go with kits as this is how you get the most value for your money and you are also given a wider selection of different toys to explore and play with.

Here are some kits you might like:

Lovehoney – Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set – $30

If you and your partner just dipping your toes into the BDSM lifestyle, it is always best that you start out slowly and build up experience.

This set is quite affordable and it’s a perfect option for the romantic type that wants to explore a little bit further but not too much, yet.

The set comes with 5 unique pieces including a flogger, cuffs, a rope, an eye mask, and a pair of nipple pasties.

Rianne S – Kinky Me Softly Collection – $50

The Rianne S Kinky Me Kit is perfect for exploring BDSM and sensation play from innocent tickling to full-on restraint.

The kit contains 7 bondage items that all come neatly packed inside a matching storage bag.

The items include wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, a cross strap, a feather tickler, jeweled nipple clamps, and a tasseled whip, strapped inside the velvish storage bag.

The kit comes in purple and black color.

Lovehoney – Bind Date Bondage Kit – $65

The 8-piece kit by Lovehoney is for the playful souls that enjoy experimenting with new and different things. The kit is BDSM beginner-friendly and it also comes with full instructions to help you get started and make the most out of it.

Inside the kit, you will find a blindfold, feather tickler, and bullet vibrator for sensory play, along with silky wrist and ankle restraints and an under-mattress harness for thrilling bondage fun.

To top it all off there are even a set of sex dice and Kama Sutra playing cards for when you feel like a little spur-of-the-moment fun.

Lovehoney – Bondage Boutique Dominant Dream – $80

Lovehoney’s Dominant Dream kit is taking it a notch further and while it is still suitable for beginners, advanced BDSM personnel might enjoy this little setup, too.

The kit contains 6 deluxe bondage pieces including blindfold, cuffs and a lead that feature quick-release clips, breathable gag with a 6-inch ball and adjustable double D-ring fastening, 52 frond faux leather flogger with a 6-inch handle.

ZALO & Upko – Doll Designer Collection Bondage Play Kit – $590

Yup, I nearly fainted when I saw the price, too, but hey, aren’t all finer things in life expensive as hell?

Zalo and Upko’s Doll Designer Collection is a luxurious bondage play kit that contains items made out of the highest quality materials such as luxury Italian leather, metal, etc.

So this is so much more for delivering the experience rather than efficacy because the items here don’t do anything different than the ones mentioned above.

It’s the experience that counts.

The luxury bondage kit includes a pair of leather thorn handcuffs, rose ball gag, leather thorn whip, leather thorn collar and chain leash, all carefully packed inside a luxurious storage case.

You could say it is beginner’s friendly, however, you have to be careful how you handle the whip, so as long as you are mindful and responsible about that and have the cash to throw on pure luxury, go for it.

Best App-Controlled Sex Toys For Lesbian Couples

how to use the lovense lush

App-controlled toys or teledildonics are steadily growing in popularity due to their modern design, efficacy, and convenience.

App-controlled sex toys have been originally designed to help partners in a long-distance relationship maintain their closeness and sexual satisfaction, however, they are pretty useful even if your partner is sitting across the room and teasing your sweet spots through their phone.

You can use app-controlled sex toys when you’re out and about and give yourself and your partner an exciting experience or you can simply watch your partner enjoy themselves with one of these before joining them…or not.

In any case, take a look at my list of best app-controlled sex toys:

Lovense – Lush 2 – $119

Lush 2 is one hell of a famous sex toy, most popular with cam girls, but this little egg with an antenna can arouse your partner and leave her wanting in any given situation.

It is a wearable toy made out of silky-smooth silicone that can be controlled via Bluetooth or their official Lovense phone app.

If you opt to control the toy via Bluetooth, you will enjoy 3 steady levels of vibration, however, once you switch to the app, that is when all the fun begins.

The app allows you to customize the intensity, speed, and even patterns of vibrations just by sliding your finger across your screen.

Lush 2 packs a powerful motor in the insertable end of the toy that can offer up to 3 hours of continuous play. Besides that, Lush 2 is USB-rechargeable and fully waterproof.

If you want to find out about the more detailed features this mighty toy has to offer, make sure to read my full review on Lush 2.

Lovense – Domi 2 – $199

Domi 2 is a luxurious wand massager by Lovense and while it may look like your standard wand at first sight, it’s nothing of the sort.

Domi 2 has an elegant design, a bendable neck, is made out of body-safe materials, it can be controlled from afar, and can even sync to music.

Yup. The Lovense mobile app allows you to connect your Spotify or iTunes so that you can choose your favorite song and climax to it while using the wand.

Besides that, Domi 2 is fully programmable and can be customized to a wide range of vibration speeds, intensities, and patterns by only sliding your finger across your screen.

I also have a fully detailed review on Domi 2, so click on the link to discover all the juicy details this luxurious wand has to offer.

Lovense – Osci 2 – $199

Osci is one of my favorite G-spot vibrators and my definite favorite from all the Lovense toys and this is because she’s not your standard vibrator that will shake your sensitive spot to the core, but she will oscillate instead and gently pleasure the G-spot in ways you’ve never experienced.

Osci has an oval head that delivers unique and powerful stimulation by using Lovense’s patented oscillating mechanism.

She is made out of premium silicone material that glides across the skin with ease and as all Lovense sex toys, Osci can also be controlled via their mobile app.

Once you’re connected to the Lovense app, you can program vibration intensities and patterns, allowing unlimited possibilities of stimulation and you can also synchronize Osci with music so that it oscillates according to it.

We-Vibe – Melt – $150

We-Vibe’s Melt is a clitoral vibration designed to stimulate oral sex by using pressure-wave, air-technology to touch the clitoris by the air.

Melt creates a series of rapid pressure waves that suck air upward and create a vacuum that helps stimulate the whole head of the clitoris.

Talk to me about an unforgettable orgasm.

Melt is made out of silky-smooth silicone and it offers 12 intensity levels that you can navigate between by using the two buttons at the back of the toy or via the We-Connect mobile app.

Furthermore, the fun doesn’t need to stop in the bedroom because Melt is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower, bath, pool, or anywhere else you desire.

ZALO – Queen Set – $180

The Zalo Queen looks like a typical G-spot vibrator at first glance. While it can be used in this way, the bit that makes this an award-winning product is the innovative PulseWave technology that Zalo has developed for it.

It is designed to be used as a G-spot pulsator, potentially in combination with its vibrations and it can also heat up in order to reach individually comfortable body temperature while in use.

The toy has a sleek body that curves gently up to a hooked point. The fancy gold adornment around the base is completed with a stunning little Swarovski crystal.

Queen also comes with a Set option with an added silicone sleeve that can be attached to the body and turns the toy into a clitoral suction product.

It is made out of soft, body-safe silicone and it has a total length of 8.5 inches from which 5.12 inches are insertable.

The Zalo Queen is splashproof and can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. However, while it can be washed all over, the product is not 100% waterproof, so it should not be immersed in water or used underwater.

Queen can also be controlled via Bluetooth by using the ZALO mobile app where you can switch between the 8 vibration modes, 8 pulse-wave modes, as well as enjoy the comfortable heating function.

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

Hopefully, my long list of the 30 best sex toys for lesbian couples was useful in your search.

Let me know in the comments which toy did you choose for your next adventure?