Lovense Ambi Review: Is It The Most Versatile Sex Toy?

Welcome to my latest Lovense review. Today we’re looking at their Lovense Ambi sex toy, which is dubbed “the most versatile sex toy ever created”.

If you’ve been reading my latest sex toy reviews; you’d know that I am a big fan of Lovense here and I am sure the Lovense Ambi will continue to solidify my faith and praise for the Lovense product line.

In this Lovense Ambi review, you’re going to find out:

  • The main features (& benefits) of the Lovense Ambi
  • A few drawbacks & customer complaints which I think you should know about
  • How to use the Lovense Ambi
  • Where to buy it (if you so choose)
  • and a whole lot more.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s first take a look at the Ambi review summary.

The Lovense Ambi Review Summary:

Lovense Ambi Satisfaction Score $69 (Current Price)
  • Pleasure Score
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Average Amazon Review

Lovense Ambi Review Summary

  • It’s a multi-use sex toy ✅
  • Synchronize with the Lovense Lush & Hush ✅
  • Easy & comfortable gripping ✅
  • “Real Hand” feel ✅
  • Body Safe Material ✅
  • Long Battery Life ✅
  • Issues with the charger ❌
  • No G-Spot stimulation ❌

Lovense Ambi Key Features & Benefits

Lovense Ambi review

The Most Versatile Toy

Lovense Ambi really is one of the most versatile toys.

It has 10 vibration patterns and three vibration levels. As far as we know, no other toy presents this kind of versatility in the patterns.

You can take things to any level you want according to your mood.

The vibrations are also ‘Sound Activated’.

Just fit this toy inside you, hold your man in your arms and play the music. The vibrations will respond to whatever music you play. You also have the opportunity to sync it with your partner’s recorded voice or favourite track.

Simple Synchronizing Process

The synchronizing process of Ambi’s app is simple and easy to understand.

People who have already used the toys of Lovense, such as the Lovense Hush or Lush 2, won’t have any issue as the synchronization process happens in the same way.

In order to synchronize, all you need is to enable the Bluetooth, find the toy, through the app’s quick search feature, and connect it.

The best thing is it needs to be done only a single time. Once you complete the synchronizing process successfully, Ambi appears in the ‘My Toys’ list always.

lovense ambi key features

Easy Gripping

If you have already used the bullet vibrators of other companies, you probably already perceive that they have small stature.

This is the key suit that provides them with powerful vibrations. However, they don’t have much room to hold on to. They can be dropped on their own while you are using them. You can’t use them with utter comfort in public.

Fortunately, Ambi’s design is different. When we first saw this toy, its handle stood out to use for easy gripping. It fits rather well and you can use with one handle at ease.

Body Safe Material

Yes, the out layer of Lovense Ambi is a body-safe material – silicone.

But, the real question is; why silicone is considered safe when it comes to sex toys?

Well, it is mainly because the silicone material has pores which aren’t suitable for the growth of bacteria. You can use them again and again without getting worried about any disease.

In order to become safer, the Lovense manufacturers have used 100% medical grade silicone. There won’t be any side effect on your skin.

The silicone material also provides two other key benefits. First, it is easy to clean, and second, it is economical, not only for the customer but for the manufacturer as well.

The “Real Hand” Feel

We have to admit.

The feel of Lovense Ambi is a million times better than other sex toys.

Most other toys feel artificial when you insert them inside you and turn on the vibrations. Luckily, this isn’t the case with Ambi. It doesn’t matter what level of strength or custom pattern you are using. It will always feel like a real hand.

The added handle increases the feel even more. It facilitates in using the Lovense Ambi in a myriad of different positions. You can use it while having sex with your man also.

Just turn the handle sideways during sex to feel the double sensations inside you.

A Few Lovense Ambi Drawbacks To Know About About

lovense ambi vibration strength

Magnetic Charger

We know, for some people, having a magnetic charger is a blessing. It has its own specific advantages perhaps, but our experience with Ambi’s charger isn’t up to the mark.

The main issue you can face is its positioning. It is not that straightforward to plug it in and start charging. It has to be positioned at a certain angle to make it work. You can expect to spend a few minutes with this issue to find and understand the right position.

If you won’t find the right position, the slightest movement can disconnect the process.

This can be a pain for those who are planning to use it on a regular basis.

No G-Spot Stimulation

It is a great toy but it lacks g-spot stimulation.

This can be a massive drawback for those who are into the g-spot game. The Lovense company focused on the clitoral stimulation only. You can stimulate both sides of the clitoris and you can insert it inside your body for powerful pleasure too.

But its hammer shape design won’t let you feel the vibrations on the g-spot specifically.

Now, it doesn’t mean you will regret buying it. Its super pinpoint stimulation on the clitoris and the perfect levels of vibrations are divine.

How To Use Lovense Ambi

how to use the lovense ambi
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There are many ways you can incorporate Lovense Ambi in your life.

Step #1: Sync It With The App:

Syncing it with the app is a straightforward process. As we have mentioned earlier, all you need is to enable the Bluetooth and find Ambi in the list.

Its app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Mac. You can control it through Windows PC too. But, in this case, it is pertinent to connect the USB Bluetooth Adapter with it.

Step #2: Experiment Different Ways:

Because of its versatility, you can use it in many ways. For example, if you want to stimulate the clitoral hood, use its head for pinpoint stimulation.

Similarly, for the stimulation of the entire vulva, use the broad side of the Ambi. It is designed to give your vulva extra contact for intense pleasure.

Step #3: The Live Control Option:

After checking the vibration levels and patterns, check other advanced options like chat with text or video with your partner.

These live control options allow your partner to pleasure you from anywhere in the world. For that reason, this toy is especially effective for those who are in long distance relationships.

How Does The Ambi Perform?

The charging experience can be quite annoying.

But apart from that it will be a pleasant surprise for you and can be a great addition to your bedroom. You can program the levels of vibrations to your specifications.

This is a very smart feature considering every vagina is different and every woman has her own preferred strength.

So, all in all, it is exciting.

You can use it in numerous positions and during sex as well. You can also use it during oral sex due to its unique pinpoint design. When your partner is eating you out, you can tickle your clitoris and intensify the pleasures by using its narrower side of the head.

The of Lovense Ambi will be unlike any other vibrator in your collection, we guarantee.

What Lovense Customers Are Saying:

According to most customers’ Lovense Ambi reviews, it is a great sex toy and you will definitely enjoy having it in your bedroom. It will rock your world over and over.

There is one more thing that we often notice in the comments.

The vibration of this toy travels quite a lot into the handle. It doesn’t disperse equally. Therefore, some women won’t feel comfortable, particularly if they have used some other toy with equal levels of vibrations.

One more thing that gleans all the attention and praises is the 2-in-1 feature.

If you already own some other Lovense toy, you can connect it with the Ambi and use both of them at once with the help of Lovense App.

Shipping Information: What Is In The Box?

Like almost all the other boxes of Lovense, this box also contains the Ambi toy, charging cable, and the user manual.

The user manual especially deserves attention.

It comes printed with lots of information. From adjusting levels to understanding unlimited patterns, you will learn many things in it. Besides, it sheds lights on the different parts of the Ambi too and defines their specific features.

Furthermore, it also has all the information regarding the manufacturer’s warranty and replacement in case you find some issue in it.

Note: If you have confidentiality concerns and want to keep your purchase private, the only option you should opt for is the Lovense official website, not Amazon or any other retailer.

The Lovense professional manufacturers send it in a plain box, which is inside another box that looks like Amazon package. Plus, they cover you on the bank statement too. The sender name will be Hytto Ltd, not Lovense.

In a way, you are entirely protected.

How Much Does The Lovense Ambi Cost?

lovense ambi cost

The Ambi costs $69 on both Amazon and the official Lovense website but I always recommend you get yours from the Lovense website as you will have the opportunity to buy it in a bundle to save money.

For example, you can buy both Ambi and Osci, both are programmable, for $158 only and save $110.

Similarly, there is an ultimate ladies package too.

It has a total of five toys, Lovense Ambi included, and costs only $445 – you save $300.

Where To Buy Lovense Ambi?

The best place to purchase this product is the official Lovense website.

You can buy it through Amazon too, but with the official Lovense website, there is a guarantee you are purchasing the real product with an actual warranty; warranty can be claimed without any hassle.

Also, you will be directly in contact with their support team, which is available 24/7 to answer your baffling questions.

Don’t try to buy Lovense Ambi from other online retailers. We have read some reviews that some retailers are selling fake Lovense products or try to hand you the used product. This is happening due to the immense popularity of Lovense.

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