How To Make “Sex Work” Work In Your Everyday Life

It is not easy, doing online sex work. Especially in an everyday normal life.

You can’t go to a shared workspace to co-work, you can’t talk about it to friends at parties and you can’t plan your income as it all depends on how many horny men will contact you.

But other than that, you can actually work from home and choose your own hours, make a few bucks in just one minute and connect with the coolest people on earth!

To me, it is still worth my while. I think it all comes down to some very important things to consider before you go for it and I have written some of them down for you.

how to make sex work work

Proper Planning

Proper Planning

Especially when camming or chatting on online platforms it becomes very important to plan properly. After a few weeks or months, you will find that you have built up some great connections with customers.

They will become your regulars, and what I have figured out is that most of the regulars want to play at a certain time or day.

I chat a lot with a guy called John, he is kind of my online boyfriend now, and I know he wakes up at a certain time and wants to chat with me.

If I want to chat with him, I need to make sure I open my chat function around that time. I of course also tease him when he is early or late, which makes him even hornier!

Building relationships, customers becoming regulars are of absolute essence in this job. So, write down small little details, remember names and fetishes and act on it. You can also read about this in my previous blog “How I easily climbed to the top of a sex chat operator”.

So, to make the most out of your clients make sure you are visible at set hours and become available for your regulars.

Your Nudes

Your Nudes

And then there is this shit load of nudes on my phone. Pictures where you can find me in a rather compromising position, without clothes and hands on certain places.

There have been a few moments where I accidentally opened up my gallery and was about to hand my phone over to a friend to show him my stunning picture of Table Mountain. Luckily, I never ended up in an awkward situation.

How do you explain a gallery like that to a friend?

So, I have started to create a special folder, I call it Project X and I make sure that all my nudes end up in this folder.

Then my vanilla pictures can stay in my general gallery.

There is always a risk though and I cannot believe how happy the thief will be that will ever steal my phone!

So also, don’t forget to occasionally transfer your pictures to your computer and keep them in a safe Project X folder as well.

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Stay Fit & Eat Healthy

Stay Fit & Eat Healthy

I now consider my body and looks my work. So that means that I must stay in shape and eat healthy to keep my skin from breaking out, my double chin from appearing and my belly from sagging.

I am sure this all makes sense to you, but I really take it seriously and try to exercise at least one hour a day and stick to healthy snacks like carrots, dates and nuts.

Even though I am not a top model, living healthy and exercising often also makes me creative, open-minded and a happy person, and that is much needed in this online world (especially if you want to stand out).



Being a sex worker means that you need a proper space to work from. And that workplace is most of the time your house, as I am sure you won’t be able to find a co-worker space for sex workers.

I use my bedroom a lot! To have video calls from, to receive phone calls but also to take pictures from. I enjoy laying down on my bed, turning myself on, so I can get in the proper mood for a call.

For me the most important thing is to make sure that there is little sound in the background, because I want to focus on voice and video from my customers. Other than that, it needs to be clean and tidied.

No customer wants to see stuff lying around, a dirty bed sheet, or even a dirty neighbor peeking through the window.

So privacy, secrecy and silence is key when picking the right space!

Set Your Boundaries

Set Your Boundaries

While being a sex worker will make you have to share some really intimate details of your life and your body with a customer, there are still boundaries.

The work should not affect your life too much, because you are still a woman, a wife perhaps, a mother or a sister to people.

If the work starts to affect you in the wrong way, then you must double-check if your boundaries are set properly.

I know exactly what I want and don’t want to share with customers. And when someone is starting to get rude, I simply explain that I don’t want to be treated in a certain way and that it is time to cut the communication.

Really, you don’t have to do or say everything a customer wants. Stay true to yourself and only do the things you feel comfortable with. Follow your gut feeling when it comes to this. This way, the work won’t invade your normal life.

So yes, you can make it work, sex work, in your normal life. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is not being able to share it with friends and family and I often lie about the work that I do.

Or I keep it short when people ask about my work and I try to avoid the subject as much as possible. But for now, I enjoy it too much to end it. I am having way too much fun.