How To Make Money On BentBox (With Adult Content)

BentBox is a name I have seen being recommended on many occasions through Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. So I decided to check it out for myself and see what makes it so popular.

Therefore, in this article, I will show you how you can make money selling your adult content on BentBox, as well as some other details you need to know before signing up for this platform.

how to make money on bentbox

What Is BentBox?

BentBox is a platform for selling content in “Boxes.” These boxes usually contain a mixture of photos, multiple videos, multiple audios, and other media.

BentBox has been around the corner for a while; which is why you will find a ton of information on their website regarding how to become a user, how to start selling your content, how to market your photos, tips and tricks of making the most out of the platform, incredibly informative FAQs category, and so on.

It looks a little messy and complicated to use at first, and this may be due to the large font and the uneven placing of the profiles.

To be honest, it’s not my favorite layout; however, the important thing is that you can make it work.

Once you land on the page, you will immediately see the most basic information about how it functions and what it is about, and you can also scroll through the profiles to see what people are up to.

You will see that it has several categories all listed at the top of the page, and you can choose even more specific details by hovering over each category.

All in all, it has a decent amount of informative content, but they really need to work on improving their layout.

How To Start a BentBox Account as a Seller?

Creating an account as a seller on BentBox is a brief and uncomplicated process that consists of a couple of steps. Here is the step-by-step guidance:

Create a free account

To create a free account, you need to click on the Sign-Up button in the top right corner and verify your email address.

You will then be given a choice to click whether you are just an explorer or a content creator.

For content creators, once you sign up and are logged in, you will see the boxes and then upload videos and pictures. Once someone buys it from you, you will get paid.

Verify your account

When updating your public page information, make sure to upload a flattering photo of yourself, let people know what you are on about, your gender, category, and style, select a payout method, connect your Twiter account, etc.

You will also find the geo-blocking feature that you can use to prevent countries from seeing your content; however, this is a premium feature that can be unlocked by upgrading to a Pro account (more on that later in the article).

To verify your account, you will click the link inside the green box that says “Verify your account.”

You will then be taken to a different page where you can fill out a short form with your real name and last name, date of birth, and you will also need to attach a front and back photo of your ID plus a safe-for-work selfie of you holding the same ID.

This is just for verification purposes, and this information won’t be published online.

What Kind Of Content Is Allowed On BentBox?

how to make money with adult content on bentbox

You can upload boxes of photos and videos, or individual videos like on other clip sites, public posts in a social network-style, sell access to viewing your photos and videos like selling a digital book, etc.

BentBox allows you to post all kinds of content that contain adult themes, including sexual activity, nudity, etc.

I know that they allow hardcore porn to be uploaded, however, I am unsure whether, like PocketStars, they also allow fetishes like golden showers, scat, etc., so you will need to check that out for yourself (or check out my PocketStars review linked above.)

However, you definitely won’t be able to upload content that contains elements of violence, includes minors, is infringed or stolen, or dangerous in any way (i.e., doing drugs, threatening to harm someone, using weapons, etc.)

You can read more about their terms and conditions under section 11: Prohibited Activities.

How to keep your content safe?

The content you upload on BentBox is protected by Global Licensing Agreements. You can decide how to license your content, for example, “for personal use only.”

BentBox uses global Copyright Standards for licensing agreements between the seller and buyer of content.

But besides that, you should also consider watermarking your content.

How Does Selling Content On BentBox Work?

Here are the several types of content you can sell on BentBox and how to do it:

Selling “Boxes”

Once you’re signed up and logged in, all you have to do is click on the little cloud icon with an arrow in the middle located next to your profile icon and choose New Box.

You can then add the name of the box, choose a category for it, and upload the photos directly from your device. It’s incredibly easy and straightforward.

Custom requests

BentBox makes it easy for members to request custom boxes.

When a customer hits a model’s profile page, a tab for custom content is displayed. Clicking on it brings up the BentBox messaging system. This can be used to discuss and negotiate the custom content request.

Accepting custom requests may be a good idea if you want to make some extra money because you can charge more than your regular boxes for this type of content due to exclusivity since you will not be able to sell it to other people.

Split Revenue on Boxes between Multiple Users

If you want to collaborate with other BentBox users on creating boxes, you can also split the revenue with them. This also works for the studios that have hired models and are using their adult content to form “Boxes.”

This is a premium feature only and can be bought from the website for an extra $5 per month.

This premium feature also enables many handy features such as promotional tools and increasing the number of buyers on the site and the “Boxes.”

These features of the premium BentBox ensure that you get the best pay for your “Boxes” and get the chance to increase the exposure of your “Boxes.”

BentBox Payouts

Here is how BentBox payouts work?

Does BentBox cost money to join?

You can choose to join BentBox for free, but you can also upgrade to a Pro account for an extra $5 a month.

Here are a few of the features available for BentBox Pro members:

  • You can post open boxes that are available to anyone.
  • Your boxes will be promoted in searches.
  • You can run special promotions.
  • Create an automatic upload schedule.
  • Set expiration dates on your boxes.
  • Get access to more promotion tools.
  • Make use of the geo-blocking feature.

But besides that, the platform keeps a percentage of your earnings.

As a seller on BentBox, you will receive 65% of every box you sell, while BentBox gets to keep a 35% commission for hosting your profile.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal is currently set to $100.

Also, unlike some other sites, it is unnecessary to request your payment because it is automatically calculated on the last day of the month according to the minimum payout amount.

BentBox payment methods

BentBox payouts can be done via:

  • Bank transfer as a local direct deposit.
  • Amazon gift card.
  • Bitsafe.
  • Paysera.

Payouts are processed once they reach the minimum of $100 required for withdrawal. If you don’t reach $100 by the end of that month, the amount is carried over to the following month.

You also pay transfer fees.

BentBox referral program

As a seller, you can also sign up for the BentBox referral program and earn an extra 5% whenever someone uses your unique referral code to sign up to the platform and buys from any of the links you shared.

Your referral code is automatically assigned to any purchases coming from your Referral Link.

You can also get a shareable link with your referral code by clicking on the share button from any of the Box pages or by connecting your account to Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.