Should You Go For a Prostitute or an Escort Girl? What’s the Difference?

A prostitute or an escort girl…what’s the difference between both terms?

According to the online Cambridge dictionary, the UK term prostitution means:

“to use yourself or your abilities or beliefs in a way that does not deserve respect, especially in order to get money”

Whereas the USA, the definition of the term prostitution means:

“to sell yourself by having sex with people for money, or to force someone else to prostitute himself or herself”

On the other hand, the word escort refers to as:

“someone who is paid to go out to social events with another person, and sometimes to have sex.”

In our current society, especially in France, the activity of prostitution has seen a decline, and with the rise of social networks, we have seen the rise of escort agencies or independent escorts who are on their own.

Moreover, we have old and new escorts who are now going virtual and taking in new opportunities to become cam girls or online showgirls.

But this subject will be discussed in a future article. For now, we shall remain on the actual subject, which is:

Should You Go For a Prostitute or an Escort Girl?

the difference between a prostitute and an escort

The decision of one going to meet up with a prostitute or an escort girl should be evaluated by checking the following factors:

  • phone and internet accessibility, and
  • direct services and accessibility.

To illustrate the differences and to help you understand these factors, I will compare a prostitute working in the famous Parisian woods, Les Bois de Boulogne Billancourt, in France, and an independent escort girl who is self-employed (using the website Sexemodel to get clients).

Phone and Internet Accessibility (Hiring an Escort)

This factor is easily accessible in the case that you want to meet an escort girl.

All you need is your mobile phone that has internet access. You go online, for example, and you type google research engine, and then you type escort girl in France (or wherever you are).

While you scroll down, you will find the sexemodel website, a popular escort website here in France which we’ll use as an example.

Upon clicking on it, you will be asked to verify that you’re of age to look at the adult content suggested by the platform.

Then, you will choose a girl that corresponds to your criteria, and afterward, you will call her and decide on a date and time to meet up.

The location could be at her place or your place, or she will join you in your hotel room.

The following is an example of how that conversation will go. This is exactly what my client Peter did when he phoned me three days ago:

“Hello, is it Rainbow Cattie? I hope I’m not bothering you.

“Hi…it’s okay, no problem”

“ I’m Peter, 45 years old and from Paris, I will be interested in meeting you up. How does it happen, what are your services, prices, and your current location”

“Well…” I cleared my voice as I just got up from bed, and it was 8:00 in the morning when the phone rang.

“I offer three major services; domination, massage, and classic sex, and the prices vary from 100 to 200 roses, depending on the duration you would want to stay,” I replied to him as I stood up and sat up on my bed.

“I got to say, you have lovely photos and a charming voice, I will be interested in booking an appointment for this Tuesday 27th September 2022. Is it ok if I can come in twenty minutes ?”

I tell him, yes, he can, and then we both hang up, and I go and prepare myself for our Rendez-Vous.

Direct Services and Accessibility (Hiring a Prostitute)

Sometimes, you may have an urgent intimate desire, and you want to satisfy it as soon as possible.

You don’t know, or rather don’t want to waste time scrolling on the internet to find a courtesan girl.

Fortunately for you, you remember one time that your naughty friend once talked to you about the famous Parisian woods, Les Bois de Boulogne Billancourt in France.

Les Bois de Boulogne Billancourt in France.
Les Bois de Boulogne Billancourt in France. (Image Source)

One time, you decide you want to go and try out the sexual experience of meeting up with an unknown girl you’ve never seen who will satisfy your sexual needs because it’s been a long while since you last shared a bed with a woman.

Or rather, as in french vernacular, we say “j’en ai plein les couilles” that is you’re “uncontrollably sexually excited.”

So here you are, in your car, there is one car in front of you, you see a cute girl approaching your driver’s side window, you lower your window, and she pops in her head.

Let’s call her… Miranda.

Your eyes are fixated on her lovely 150 D cup size. You start feeling that your erection is rising from the east like the sun, but instead of setting in the west, it stands straight at 12:00 pm!

Miranda clears her voice, and you remember that you’re not watching your favorite adult website anymore. You’re actually in your car and limit what you feel like you’re going to do on yourself.

You look up, and she tells you with her Latina accent in french:

“Sir, what service are you looking for? A hot moment with a heterosexual or bisexual girl or a hot experience with a transgender or travesti person.”

“I’ll… go for the hot moment with a transgender person, please.”

You reply back with your shaking baritone voice, and you see her giving you a sensual peck on your left cheek, and she whispers in your ear saying:

“That was the right choice because I’m a transgender person.”

You see her going around your car and getting in the co-pilot side of the car. Then she guides you to her caravan, which is 200 meters away from where you are.

So Who Should You Hire & When?

is it better to hire an escort rather than a prostitute?

The final decision comes back to you.

Now that you know the difference between the two, only you, knowing your current situation, your availability, and finally, your travel possibilities can make that decision.

Is it much more exciting to meet a random girl that you have no idea what she looks like?

Or, on the other hand…

Do you prefer to hide behind your phone, peruse different escort-girl websites and choose the girl you want, call her, and organize a meetup?

This can be compared to commanding food on UberEats and waiting to be delivered your meal, only that in our actual case, you have a little idea of what the girl looks like, and then when you decide to meet up, there’s little or no surprise of the person who’s standing right opposite you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first courtesan article publication inspired by the British television series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” created by Lucy Prebble and released in the year 2007.

It was an adaptation of the autobiographical book by the author Belle de Jour who wrote “The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl”

You will be reading from me very soon with another article, it’s your lovely courtesan girl, Rainbow Cattie.