The Beginner’s Guide To Buying & Owning Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are the most recent and rather controversial product that seems to be taking the market by storm and rapidly deflating the fame of the old school, cheaper versions of plastic dolls.

Many still argue about the potential risks of having a silicone girlfriend in this day and age while others are concerned about the potential risks this can bring.

Concerns seem to be popping up left and right with some even going as far as claiming that owning a sex doll is a cruel way of objectification that can potentially reflect badly on women.

Regardless of the accusations, these upgraded love machines seem to be blowing up the Internet full speed ahead.

Because we thought it is an interesting topic to discuss, we decided to get our investigating caps on and dig up all the naughty secrets you need to know about these sexy synthetics.

Thus, we decided to get creative and put it all in writing which eventually resulted in this “beginner’s guide to owning sex dolls”.

Have you ever wondered how do sex dolls work and how to maintain them in great condition?

You are in for a treat as this article is going to teach you everything you need to know about sex toys, including:

  • how sex dolls work
  • how to maintain your sex doll in excellent condition and also;
  • how much you need to spend on a “good” sex doll
  • the best ways to buy sex toys online (safely and sicreetly)

Let’s get started…

What Are Sex Dolls?

what are sex dolls

A sex doll is essentially a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner and fulfills the role of aid in masturbation.

And while you may think of sex dolls as a modern invention for lonely men, these love dolls actually have a long history and traces of origin back to when folks wrote poems about being obsessed with statues.

Sounds strange?

Surprisingly enough, today’s popular synthetic lovers seem to be a throwback to way simpler times.

Some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century who would be isolated at sea during long voyages.

They often used sewn cloth or old clothes to fashion masturbatory dolls that were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls and were referred to by the French as dame de voyage or as dama de viaje by the Spanish.

The Dutch sold some of these “dolls” to the Japanese people during the Rangaku period and the term “Dutch wives” is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls.

However, science helped us go from cloth and sometimes leather to rubber and then vinyl starting in the mid 19th century.

Besides the comfort of use, the style has been significantly upgraded too.

Therefore modern sex dolls may consist of an entire body with a face or just a pelvic or another partial body part, with accessories that help sexual stimulation.

Hell, some websites even have a fully customizable setting that will allow you to create your own dream doll.

The parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable. They really seem to come in all the shapes and sizes imaginable to cater to the varying tastes and personal preferences.

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

how do sex dolls work

Choosing the perfect sex doll can often be challenging because there are too many options to choose from these days.

Today’s fun and playful companions are no longer what they used to be: band-aid kind of color, inflatable, and extremely easy to be damaged.

Today they offer a realistic feeling as well as options for more than one entry.

The body structure is made according to the life-sized, human body using high-quality material such as TPE and silicone rather than the initial vinyl or latex that didn’t provide a realistic look, feeling, and texture.

Chinese manufacturers began experimenting with TPE first while everyone else was producing sex dolls using silicone. They quickly learned that this was a good and high-quality alternative for the rather expensive silicone.

Today’s love dolls are also made out of quality design, making them pleasant to the eye and contains features that will make your head spin in circles while trying to choose the perfect one for you.

The working organs of the female sex dolls are the vagina, anus, and mouth that can also vibrate and with today’s technology be responsive to sound and body temperature that will allow them to heat up and provide a more pleasant experience.

Besides the soft and elastic skin, as well as cool “heating system”, they even come with movable joints that are probably the feature that will allow you to experiment with different positions for sexual argument.

We kid you not!

You can have your love doll bent over, scissor missionary, up against the wall, spooning, doggy, and even a cowgirl position thanks to the genius invention of creating movable and quite flexible joints.

As to how exactly do they work, well, let’s just say that their goals are pretty simple. Think of it like caring about bringing you happiness and pleasure through fulfilling your sexual fantasies.

Maybe it’s finally time you take one at home, don’t you think?

5 Great Websites To Buy Sex Dolls Online

There are many websites where you can find the love doll from your dreams.

But choosing which one to check out first while searching for your synthetic lover can often be confusing as hell. We get it, they are all pretty and we don’t blame you for wanting to play with them all.

But instead of spending hours on your computer while searching for the one, here’s a list of a few websites to check out.

You can thank us later. 

#1: Madam Dolly

The Madam Dolly website has a wide range of life-size sex dolls that you can filter by height and weight, race, hair color, the assets they hold and even personality traits.

Here, you can find oriental beauties, blonde or brunette sex dolls, as well as slutty girls that are ready to cater to your every need.

All of their sex dolls are made with their exclusive thermoplastic elastomer formula – TPE Ultra 3.0, which is an improved formula for giving you the ultimate lifelike sensation.

Also, TPE Ultra 3.0 is a non-toxic, 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic, and odorless material.

Moreover, they offer a discreet shipping and a convenient payment method where you can proceed with either paying a 10% deposit or paying in full to receive an additional $50 off.

#2: Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls is where you go if living a real-life fantasy is what you are after.

Their gorgeous girls will give you an experience you have never had before and you know you deserve nothing but the best.

Made from TPE material that feels like real skin and ridiculously movable and flexible joints that will allow you to experiment in every position imaginable and live every hidden fantasy you’ve ever had.

Their love dolls have an anatomically realistic vagina that will have the best of us confused and unable to tell the difference as well as an add-on USB heater to keep you warm whenever you get in the mood.

They can be fully customized to your liking as this website is focused on allowing you to literally create the girl from your dreams.

#3: Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie is owned and operated by a small and agile team that strives to aid you in finding the girl from your dreams.

Have a deep craving for sexy and unique dolls that will cater to every sexual need you’ve ever had?

Why don’t you go over there and check them out?

#4: Sexy Sex Doll

Another cool website where you can let your imagination and creativity roam and find yourself a beautiful and hot companion to share your bed with.

By simply scrolling down and choosing a love doll you find most attractive, you will enter a whole new world of detailed customization with a satisfactory number of options you can choose from.

Each of their beautiful dolls come with semi-permanent makeup and hairstyling that makes them look like just something you’ve been needing in your life.

#5: Silicon Wives

High-quality materials such as TPE and premium silicone is what makes each and every Silicon Wife as realistic as she can be.

They have a selection of lifelike dolls that are ready to fulfill every fantasy you have ever had and also make sure your creativity doesn’t stop there.

Head over there to find sex dolls with the most luscious bouncy breasts and firm bottoms that look straight out of a fantasy.

As an added convenience, you will choose perfection to the smallest details by making a choice in terms of lip colors, skin complexion, makeup, hair color and even down to choosing the perfect nipple size.

How To Get “Intimate” With Your Sex Doll

how to get intimate with your sex doll

Kissing and Being Orally Pleased by Your Sex Doll.

Due to the high-quality material, today’s sex dolls have soft and smooth skin.

The face is also soft and realistic and besides this, the doll’s mouth is made to open with ease, allowing you to put your tongue in her mouth and also feel hers.


You can totally expect your love doll to have a tongue and teeth that are soft and squishy and while these may not seem realistic to you at first, you will probably realize what the purpose behind them is once you slide your fingers down an expandable throat hole.

Vaginal Sex With Your Sex Doll.

One of the most common ways people tend to enjoy sex with their love dolls is through vaginal sex.

The vagina of today’s sex dolls is created with soft material with a great deal of attention and detail being directed towards the anatomically precise way to give you the appearance and provide you with comfort and feel of a real vagina.

As a bonus, some websites have fully customizable love dolls that come with a fixed or removable vagina.

Looking from outside, both appear the same, however, choosing the type of vagina you prefer for your sex doll depends entirely on you.

Moreover, sex dolls with a fixed vagina have a barrel that’s molded during the manufacture and offers a more realistic feeling during sex.

On the other hand, you can always opt for replaceable or removable vaginas if your main concern is cleanliness and hygiene as it is easier to clean them and prevent sexually transmitted diseases or infections, as well as maintain your doll in a great condition for long-term usage.

Anal Sex With Your Sex Doll.

We all know this is not something you typically ask for on a first date, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people dream about having anal sex.

For most people, this is normal, healthy, and pleasurable but the truth is that it can often be a real challenge to find a partner that is willing to try or someone who enjoys being the receiver.

Well, you have nothing to worry about if anal experience is what you crave and the best part of it is that your love doll won’t mind taking it in the back entrance one bit.

The anus is just like the vaginal opening and by that, we mean that it is anatomically accurate and stimulates the real feeling you may experience during anal sex.

On the plus side, it also happens to be much tighter and offers a different sensation than the one in the front entrance and as an added bonus you will definitely realize how amazingly firm is the bottom of your love doll.

One more concern and common confusion we would like to clarify is that you can safely ejaculate in your love doll as long as you maintain regular cleaning.

Not sure how to clean your sex doll? No problemo. Scroll down to find out everything about how to maintain your girl in excellent condition.

How To Maintain Your Sex Doll in Excellent Condition

how to mantain your sex doll in excellent condition

If you have a sexual relationship with your doll, it is of utmost importance to take good care of it, including cleaning it after each sexual intercourse.

If you are not so sure how exactly you should go about cleaning it the right way to ensure it lasts you for a long time and remains in great condition, we got some tips and recommendations for you.

Keep in mind that most manufacturers send cleaning kits with dolls at an extra charge, but here’s how to do it safely at home with regular products you can purchase at your nearest convenience store:

Pay attention to the vaginal, anal, and oral areas of your sex doll.

Here are some tools you can use to clean the most delicate areas of your sex doll:

Vaginal Irrigator

Vaginal irrigators are used to clean the areas you used right after having sex with your doll.

These are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and structures and you can use them in five easy steps to ensure the area is left clean and ready for your next use.

  1. Take out the nozzle from the bulb.
  2. Squeeze the bulb under warm water.
  3. Release it in water for a few seconds until the bulb is filled.
  4. Gently insert the nozzle into the doll’s vagina or oval part.
  5. Squeeze the bulb with high pressure until the stream of water gets into the hole.

Vaginal Irrigators are available in singles or large quantities. They are soft and comfortable, easy to clean and use, and the silicon used it actually approved by the FDA.

They are skin-friendly and non-toxic.

You can get a vaginal irrigator here.

Handheld shower head.

Detachable or handheld showers suit best for washing or showering the sex dolls as they are easy and familiar to maneuver.

Start with cold water and slowly move towards using lukewarm water while introducing a mild cleaning and antibacterial agent.

Avoid using harsh chemicals, oily cosmetics, alcohol or any other general detergent as this may stain or damage the skin.

Soft sponge.

The best tool for cleaning your sex doll is probably a good ol’ sponge.

It is economical, eco-friendly, non-toxic, can be used multiple times and it is safe to use.

However, there are still some tricks to implement and keep to while cleaning your doll. You should definitely avoid harsh rubbing or rough handling as you can easily stain or damage the skin.

Handle it with little ease and patience, and don’t forget to use a mild soap or an antibacterial wash.

How To Clean Your Doll’s Face?

One thing most of us love to do is just submerge our head in a full bath at the end of a long day.

However, although your dream girl may look realistic and you can barely tell the difference between her and a human being, this is something you should never do if you want to maintain your pricey pleasure in great condition.

You want to carefully remove the head from the body and use a soft and warm sponge with mild soap to gently pat down the doll’s face.

Once you are done, gently pat down her face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth and allow it to sit for an hour or two after this to air dry.

If you take pleasure in expressing your creativity by doing your girl’s makeup, we strongly recommend you to stay away from using oily cosmetics or makeup removers that contain high levels of alcohol as this may potentially stain and damage her pretty face.

Use the right lubricant.

Another important thing for maintaining your sex doll in a perfect condition for a long time is choosing the right products to make the time spent together even more pleasurable.

Water-based lubricants are highly recommended because they are more hygienic, easier to clean, and will not go all over the place like some silicone lubricants.

Lubing things up will prevent injury on your skin and offer you a better sexual experience, thus provide more pleasure.

How Much Do Sex Dolls Cost?

how much do sex dolls cost

There are several factors that determine the price of a modern sex doll, though these pleasure toys can be quite pricey as technology continues to develop.

Choosing the best sex doll for yourself can be quite challenging as there are tons of options to consider.

A high-end sex doll can cost up to and even more than $10.000 if you consider customizing it to your own liking and adding features that you find desirable.

The price of a sex doll also depends on the material used to create one.

For example, TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are considerably cheaper and more durable than silicon dolls. They are odorless and can offer a more lifelike feeling and flexible positions.

However, it is advisable to be a bit more careful when using them as this type of material can be sensitive to high-temperature heat.

Moreover, you should keep TPE sex dolls well maintained and frequently clean them as they can get stained easily.

You can also customize nearly everything to make your doll as perfect as it gets from eyes, skin tone, pubic hair or none if that’s your preference, to built-in or removable vagina depending on your liking and convenience and these features typically come by an extra charge.

A mid-range sex doll is usually in the $2.000 area, and you can even find cheaper dolls down to $500.

However, how much money you should spend on a sex doll depends largely on your budget and the general rule when buying a sex doll is you get what you pay for.

beginners guide to owning sex dolls