GetCHEEX Review: Erotic Content, Sexual Stimulation & Education

Today I have something very exciting for you and that is a new erotic website where you can enjoy watching some of the steamiest videos – CHEEX.

One thing I noticed in 2020 as part of my constant research in the sex content category, was the slow but steady dissociating from mainstream porn.

Don’t get me wrong, porn tubes are still thriving, however, I also saw a lot of people moving to smaller platforms and happily supporting smaller creators that produce amateur but authentic content.

I saw platforms like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and others blow up and I am guessing this is because many of us got disgusted and downright fed up by the ever-so-cringy plots and desensitizing actions, and decided we’ve had enough.

This is how I learned about a smaller website named CHEEX which is right down your alley if you’ve been thinking of turning your back to the hub once and for all.

Therefore, this article will be my review of CHEEX and I will try my best to guide you through their website, membership procedure, and give you all the tea of what you should expect to see when you sign up to their platform.

GetCHEEX Review: What You Need To Know $11 p/month


  • Variety of categories to choose from
  • Different methods of accessing erotic content
  • Beautiful imagery and sound
  • Reasonably priced
  • Responsible community

What is CHEEX?

getCHEEX review

On their website, it says:

CHEEX is a new community for everyone who is curious about sexual stimulation and education.

Sounds swell, but there’s more.

CHEEX is a space that meets women’s needs when looking for pornography.

Now, I cannot explain how much I personally love this because it means that I am finally going to watch something that won’t make me feel bad for the actress once that post-nut clarity moment hits.

Women watch porn for the actresses, trust me on this. And we also feel bad for them once the euphoric joys of the big O evaporate.

CHEEX’s main goal is to depict sexuality in a way that is close to reality: diverse, fun, and consensual.

How is CHEEX Different From Other Platforms?

CHEEX Categories

Right, let’s start with the website’s layout.

CHEEX isn’t your standard tube or ManyVids, or anything like it. When you click on their website, you will see that the platform literally looks like a VOGUE or Allure magazine.

You can scroll through the website freely even if there’s someone behind you. Trust me, they won’t know what it is unless they have signed up on it themselves and can recognize the layout.

Let’s just say you won’t be scrambling to delete your search history right after you’re done scrolling through it.

Besides that, CHEEX is also free of advertising, banners, or contact ads. So, no, you won’t be seeing flash ads of “HOT MILF that wants to f*ck – 1km away”, right after you land on it.

The brand aesthetic is modern and confident without tapping into traditional cliches.

Moving on to the website’s content, as I already mentioned above, you will be able to read some of the free articles and just have a look around, listen to the sneak peeks of some of their audios, and so on.

This brings me to their content, which is produced responsibly, and ethically, at the end of the day.

Basically, they didn’t have to pay a huge amount of money to the performers and make them sell their soul in return by making them do things they are not comfortable with just because they got a signature from them (like some companies do, but we are not gonna name names and be petty like that).

CHEEX only shows performers above the age of eighteen and chooses their partners carefully, which I can totally appreciate and happily support.

CHEEX also has a very important statement that says: “We are aware of our responsibility regarding porn consumption, stories are meant to stimulate your own fantasies and should not become a necessity for satisfaction.”

This is why they are different than so many other platforms and at this point, I was very interested in signing up for their membership.

CHEEX Pros & Cons

Here are a few pros and cons I want to list after hanging out on their website for a while:

PRO: Variety of categories to choose from

There are sixteen video categories that you can choose from. There are also 30+ videos for each category, which already gives you a good variety of options.

Besides that, they also have plenty of short stories in audio format (I didn’t count exactly how many, but there are a lot) as well as educational articles, tutorials, and other fun stuff to read.

PRO: Different methods of accessing erotic content

CHEEX can be accessed through every device you have, and since I tend to use my mobile for these things, I really like how the website looks on mobile.

It’s not glitchy, it doesn’t get stuck, there aren’t annoying flash ads, it’s not weirdly centered at one point, and it just looks clean and easy to navigate through.

PRO: Beautiful imagery and sound

The videos are very high quality and professional. You can tell that a lot of effort and attention to detail had been involved in creating them.

The sounds are also extremely pleasant, the voices of the performers are like magic to the ears, 10/10 would recommend!

PRO: Reasonably priced

Well, this depends from person to person. The membership costs €8,90 a month which comes to about $11. This can be a reasonable price for someone but maybe a lot to someone else, entirely depending on their income and expenses.

I personally find it very reasonably priced for what they have to offer and I would be happy to support them with more if I could because the content is incredibly good.

PRO: Responsible community

Like I already mentioned above, CHEEX makes sure that their content is produced responsibly by keeping both the performer/s and the viewer in mind.

CHEEX is not a platform that aims to keep you on it as frequently as possible by giving you a tremendous choice of content that will make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t scroll through all of it.

It is rather a platform that encourages a healthy dose of sexual stimulation and excitement for experiencing different things.

CON: You may not be into it

I personally didn’t find a con with this website, however, just as with anything else – you may not be into it for one reason or another.

If you enjoy the free videos and the tremendous amount of content you find on Pornhub, you may not want to spend money on a limited number of videos and categories.

Besides that, if you just want to skip to the thing and have a quick wank or rub one out on a lunch break – you may not care for the plot, which is accentuated in some videos.

And that’s fine, you do you.

I see this website more as something you watch on a night off when you want to relax and fully commit yourself to yourself basically.

This includes candlelights, good wine, or just enough privacy to enjoy every single moment of these short movies.

CHEEX Membership Sign Up

So, as I already mentioned above, their monthly membership costs €8,90 which comes to about $11, however, the first 7 days after you sign up are free of charge.

It’s like a short trial period that you can cancel at any time. There are actually two steps to signing up, even though the website says three.

Step 1: You sign up with your email address. You will then immediately receive your password in your inbox (the password is a variety of letters and numbers picked by CHEEX.)

CHEEX Start Trial Step 1

Step 2: You will enter your credit card details. For some reason (I am not sure what’s the reason) I was charged €2 when I entered my card details and I approved the transaction.

CHEEX Start Trial Step 2

Maybe this is refundable once the week has passed so I am guessing the charge is for using the platform during the trial time.

This is understandable because I am sure that there are people out there who just want to take advantage of the trial period and never pay after that, which is kinda sad, so I don’t blame them for charging, given that I immediately had access to all the content on the website.

After that’s done, you are free to take a look around, which is what we are going to do next:

Inside CHEEX

Here’s what you will find inside once you sign up for their membership:


As I already mentioned above, there are sixteen categories that you can choose from. Each category has over 30 videos and each of them is around 25 minutes long.

They even have a tutorials category that teaches the viewer different things like tantra domination, BDSM, kinky stuff, etc., all professionally done and realistically presented in a video format.

Now, I didn’t watch all the videos but I saw a few, and one thing I immediately noticed from the beginning was THE PLOT.

And this time the plot wasn’t cringe-worthy! Can you believe that?! There isn’t a horny stepmother that just happens to be hot as hell and tipsy by the outdoor pool so you can take advantage of her.

None of that crap. The plot is actually pleasant and intriguing. I mean, we know what’s gonna happen next, however, it’s not just like usual porn, ya’ know what I mean.

The performers aren’t experienced professionals but they are rather just individuals that perfectly deliver the proper amateur and authentic experience.

Besides that, you cannot not notice how stunning the performers are. And their looks are incredibly realistic in the sense that there isn’t heavy makeup involved to hide normal stuff that happens to a human being.

I saw one video where the girl had pimples on her butt which is also something that I have and I am incredibly conscious about.

This made me ask myself when have I ever seen an actress with pimples on her butt in mainstream porn? Never! These are tiny little things that are hidden in mainstream porn making it look the more unrealistic.

Pimples for example are a normal thing that happens to everyday people and it’s fine to not look perfect at all times! It certainly doesn’t mean that someone isn’t willing to rail you because you have a pimple, and this is exactly what CHEEX aims to deliver to the viewer – a real experience.

The platform is truly a breath of fresh air and I cannot be happier for discovering it!


CHEEX Audios

As I also already mentioned before, there are audios available which are essentially short, 12-minute erotic stories narrated by people with incredibly pleasant voices.

I’m not sure how many are there exactly, but I scrolled through 4 pages of audios and didn’t want to continue cause my hand was getting tired. There are a lot of these!

Audios are something I am not used to so it was a bit strange for me to listen to them in the beginning and a few of them made me blush as I’ve never blushed before!

So, if you are someone that blushes easily, it’s best not to listen to these in public. They are truly incredibly hot!



And lastly, there’s the “learn” category where you will find many interesting articles, erotic stories, kinky tutorials, erotic zodiac readings, and much other fun and interesting things to read.


CHEEX Final Thoughts

So, if you haven’t already noticed by my review, I really love this gem of a website and I am happy I found it. It’s truly something to experience!

For only €8,90 ($11) a month, you can enjoy an endless amount of erotic content that can not only help you masturbate better and develop a healthy relationship with your body but it can also help you connect better with your sexual partner’s because CHEEX is truly a platform that has YOU and your sexual wellbeing in mind.

Although it looks rather feminine, the website is also intended for both men, women, and everyone else who wants to learn something new and turn towards a more fulfilled sexuality.