10 Best CBD Lubes For Sexual Pleasure & Relaxation

CBD lubes can be a great addition to the bedroom as it has been reported that users feel a heightened sensation during sex as well as better relaxation, less muscle tension, and a better overall experience.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School concluded in 2016 that CBD might help with inflammation and muscle relaxation.

This makes sense because CBD is a vasodilator, meaning it opens up (dilates) the blood vessels.

This means CBD lube likely helps with arousal by getting the blood flowing to the genitals, which also helps with the production of the body’s natural lubricants.

So, if you have been on the hunt for this magic liquid in a bottle, here is a list of the ten best CBD lubes to spice up your sexual encounters.

the best cbd lubes for sexual relaxation

Why Should You Use A CBD Lube?

Here are the 6 known benefits of using CBD lube:

  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves calmness
  • Heightens sensation
  • Edible and delicious
  • Increases orgasm intensity

Infinite CBD – Big Bang – $25

Infinite CBD – Big Bang – $25

Founded in 2016, Infinite CBD has been garnering positive reviews for years. This Colorado-based company uses 99%+ CBD isolate, which means no other cannabinoids are present in their products.

Besides its main purpose, Infinite CBD lube can also be used as a massage oil, which is another fantastic way to get you in the mood.

The lube combines 150 mg of CBD with ingredients that complement its effects. Coconut oil lubricates and moisturizes. Jojoba oil prevents drying out, and blends of vitamins and essential oils act as aphrodisiacs.

However, bear in mind that this is an oil-based lube, therefore, you won’t be able to use it with latex condoms or silicone sex toys.

Dani Pepper – “O” CBD Orgasm Enhancer – $35

Dani Pepper – “O” CBD Orgasm Enhancer – $35

Dani Pepper’s “O” CBD Orgasm Enhancer is a water-based lube made using the highest quality nanotechnology CBD.

What’s special about nanotechnology is that the CBD particles are so small that they absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream rapidly and deliver their calming effect sooner than usual CBD lubes would.

Besides that, the product contains an aphrodisiac proprietary blend with added Kava Kava root that helps activate the endocannabinoid system, mimicking the stimulating effects of THC without any psychoactivity.

Lastly, the “O” Orgasm Enhancer also has a pleasant aroma which further adds to the mood.

This CBD lube contains 250mg of Pure CBD, Kava Kava, Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and is Vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and contains no parabens or waxes.

Since it’s also water-based, it can be used with all condoms and toys, including latex and silicone.

Common Bond – CBD-Infused Lubricant – $40

Common Bond – CBD-Infused Lubricant – $40

Common Bond’s CBD-Infused Lubricant not only feels but also looks good which is more important than you would think because we love looking at pretty things and we don’t like reaching to our nightstands and grabbing something that looks ridiculous.

Admit it, this lube looks like something that fell off a Tom Ford shelf.

But enough about the packaging.

Common Bond’s CBD-Infused Lubricant is a huge, 500mg bottle of CBD arousal oil with notes of calming lavender and soothing sage to enhance the pleasant mood.

The lube is vegan and cruelty-free but also free of potentially toxic additives. The only thing you need to remember is to not use it with latex and silicone sex toys because it’s not water-based. Opt for something else, instead.

Foria – Intimacy CBD Lube – $44

Foria – Intimacy CBD Lube – $44

While doing my research for this article, I kept seeing this one brand and it’s no surprise they are the top-rated CBD lube creators, considering the effort they put into their research and meticulous creations.

Foria’s much-loved Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD is an added-fragrance-free, coconut-oil-based lubricant with only organic ingredients.

It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and safe to ingest, and the company reports that its users have found relief from the pain of vaginismus and other conditions that can make intercourse painful and anxiety-inducing.

“My vagina felt so warm and cozy and melty-like a big hug 10 minutes after application and orgasm,” said one happy customer. “This feeling lasted for at least 30 min while I was moving on with my life and getting ready for a night out.”

Says all you need to know!

Privy Peach – CBD Intimate Oil – $45

Privy Peach – CBD Intimate Oil – $45

Designed with women in mind, Privy Peach’s CBD Oil not only helps you chill out, relax, and enjoy what’s going down when you’re getting down, but it also promises to help stimulate your body’s own lubrication while increasing circulation to your lady parts.

It starts off as a semi-solid, which is dosed out into 10 perfectly sized, single-use servings, but melts into a satisfying oil when it comes in contact with the heat from your skin.

CBD Intimate Oil also contains only a few ingredients, including ultra-filtered virgin coconut oil with nano-emulsified broad-spectrum CBD, an anti-inflammatory combination that helps moisturize the skin and deliver an unforgettable sensation.

Privy Peach – CBD-Infused Erotic Oil – $48

Privy Peach – CBD-Infused Erotic Oil – $48

Similar to the one mentioned above, Privy Peach’s CBD-Infused Erotic Oil lube is unique in that it starts semi-solid in a single-serve pack and turns into an oil once rubbed into your skin.

This CBD lube feels and smells great and can be used for a full body massage as the CBD helps blood flow throughout the body.

For this reason, some people even use Privy Peach just for regular aches and pains as well as for enjoying the delicious scent that features notes of mint, vanilla, jasmine, and lavender as you rub it deep into the muscles.

TOCA – TOTO & QULO – $48

TOCA – TOTO & QULO – $48

TOCA’s two lubes, TOTO and QULO, are specially made for vulvar and anal use, respectively, though according to the website, either can be used interchangeably.

The QULO lube is designed to open and dilate and tone the tissue, reducing unwanted friction, and allowing for bright and tingly sensations and lots of potential for exploration and play.

The TOTO lube for vaginal sex is designed to help reduce any inflammation or pain that can result from various conditions such as vaginismus, and to really allow maximum engorgement of the tissues and healthy blood flow.

Lastly, in addition to being a sexual lubricant, TOTO and QULO can both be used as a massage oil for the body or as a face oil.

However, neither lube is safe for use with a latex condom or silicone sex toys, so opt for something else if this is what you have in mind.

Quim – Smooth Operator CBD Lube – $48

Quim – Smooth Operator CBD Lube – $48

Quim’s Smooth Operator CBD lube features aloe, alongside CBD, which according to the brand, will “improve collagen and vaginal elasticity” as well as reduce inflammation.

In addition to this, the formulation is “naturally soothing and anti-fungal, with moisturizing and pH balancing properties.”

Smooth Operator is a toy- and latex-safe water-based serum designed to increase blood flow, promote pelvic relaxation, and decrease inflammation and pain, and is also safe for anal play.

Kush Queen – Water-Based CBD Lube – $50

Kush Queen – Water-Based CBD Lube – $50

Kush Queen Water Based CBD Lube is latex- and toy-safe formulation that works great, isn’t messy, and has no taste, which can be a great option for those who prefer to keep things simple, tasteless, and fragrance-free.

This company, like Dani Pepper, also uses nanotechnology CBD particles which work to speed up absorption and deliver their soothing and relaxing effects sooner than usual lubes.

GoLove – CBD Intimate Lubricant – $68

GoLove – CBD Intimate Lubricant – $68

GoLove’s CBD Intimate Lubricant is made by using 200 mg of pure CBD derived from American hemp grown, organic standards.

This CBD lube is specially designed to ease anxiety and pain as well as relax pelvic muscles and increase blood flow, leading to intense arousal.

GoLove uses special glass to bottle their lubricant because plastics absorb 10% of cannabinoids. Furthermore, glass helps protect from light degradation. Created by Dr. Sadie Allison, sexologist and author, you can be confident that it’s formulated with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

Lastly, the CBD Intimate Lubricant is water-based, and besides offering hydration and moisture, it can also be used with latex and various sex toy materials.

Before Buying & Using CBD Lubes, Consider This…

While CBD lubes are generally dubbed safe and very few side effects have ever been reported, there are still a few things to consider before purchasing yourself a brand new bottle of this magic liquid.

First, many, but not all, CBD lubes are oil-based.

This is because CBD is a fat-soluble cannabinoid, meaning it dissolves in substances like oil (such as coconut or hemp oil).

Oil breaks down condoms and sex toy material such as silicone, so don’t use these lubes with silicone sex toys and accessories.

Second, these products take time to work. Instructions on product labels or websites may state to apply the product anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before intimacy.

This makes sense, as it takes the body time to absorb the CBD and let it do its thing. If you’re going to have a quickie, CBD lube may not be the right choice, unless you are just using it for the slippery feeling and not the sensation that comes with it.

Lastly, while doing my research for this article, I couldn’t really find anyone who has had a bad experience with a CBD lube, however, bear in mind that everyone is different and there might be something that won’t agree with your body.

This is why you always have to check the ingredient list before purchasing as cannabis allergies do exist.

Besides that, you never know, you may end up having a reaction to other additives in the lube such as horny goat weed, menthol, cinnamon oil, etc.

This is something you should watch out for and a good way to protect yourself from unwanted effects is to do a patch test on a small area of the skin first before placing the oil near your genitals.