10 Massive Horse Dildos That Go Deep (With Videos)

Horse dildos have a unique shape and design.

These fantasy creations have a flared head that gives a thrilling pop sensation, and they usually pack admirable girth and length too.

These bad boys will go deeeeeep, so if that’s something you are very much into or would like to try for the first time;

In this article, you will find my recommendations for the 10 most interesting horse cock dildos suitable for both depth beginners and experienced players.

horse dildos

Arcane Toys – Fury – $90+


Fury is a meticulously handcrafted stud made from the highest quality platinum silicone that gives it a wonderful sculpt and beautiful colors.

Besides the standard red and black, Arcane Toys gives you the option of customization; therefore, you can fully customize your Fury by choosing from the color palette provided for a more personalized experience.

If you don’t have any preference, you can also choose the “Surprise me” option, which, you guessed it, assigns random colors to your Fury that you will only get to see once the beautiful stallion arrives at your door.

Other than that, you can also choose between two firmness options, including soft and medium, as well as three different sizes.

Sexual Healing Shop – Colorful Fantasy Horse Dildo — $60+

Colorful Fantasy Horse Dildo

Reunion Fox’s Colorful Fantasy Horse Dildo is another beautifully handcrafted toy made from squishy and bendable silicone, featuring beautiful pastel colors and an attractive build.

The dildo measures 11 inches in length, from which roughly 9 are insertable, and it has a long neck with raised rings and ridges as well as two big squishy balls that you can grip to hold the horse cock in place while adjusting.

The Fantasy Horse Dildo is incredibly squishy and bendable, and you will undoubtedly have a hell of a fun time with this one.

Bad Dragon – Chance The Stallion – $85+

Chance The Stallion

Chance The Stallion has to be the best quality horse cock dildo on the market.

It has an incredibly detailed texture and is made from 100% platinum-cure silicone, a material that’s body-safe, easy to clean, and feels incredibly luxurious.

On the official Bad Dragon website, you can choose between 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The sizes range from 8 inches long and 3.75 inches of girth for a small to a massive 17.5 inches long and 8.25 inches of girth for the extra-large, so be careful what you choose.

When it comes to firmness, you can choose from soft, medium, or firm.

If you aren’t sure what firmness is best for you, Bad Dragon also sells a firmness sample set for $10.

Being able to pick a size and firmness is a perk that most dildos don’t have.

It can make all the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Sometimes, things aren’t what we think they are, and even if you think you might prefer something soft and squishy, you may end up liking medium firmness much more, so it’s always a good idea to sample when you can.

Emma’s Sex Store – Super Big Size Giant Horse Dildo – $55

Super Big Size Horse Dildo

The Super Big Size Horse Dick Dildo is best suited for anyone looking for a good challenge.

This is definitely the biggest horse dildo that you can find, measuring almost 17 inches in length and 8.5 inches of girth at the base.

The dildo is also quite heavy, so even if you are a depth-play lover, you may find this one a little challenging to handle until you get used to positioning it just right.

Now, this big boy doesn’t have much detail, and it offers a pretty smooth ride.

There is no medial ring on the shaft, and the only texture it has is its prominent veins.

Additionally, what I personally dislike about it is that it’s made from PVC instead of silicone, but if that’s something you’re not bothered by, feel free to knock yourself out with this one.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Centaur – $125


Mr. Hankey’s Centaur is a fantasy/realistic hybrid in the sense that it features realistic glans and a realistically textured shaft that slowly tapers right up to the preputial ring before opening you up wide all the way to the base.

This makes the Centaur a great toy for both depth and width play.

The Centaur is made from the highest quality platinum-cured silicone and gives you a skin-like texture and a real-feel experience.

You can also customize the Centaur and choose from four sizes, three standard colors, and two standard firmness levels for a more personalized experience.

For an extra $30, you can even turn your mythological fantasy into reality by adding hangin’ balls for more slapping action as you giddy up.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Kalib – $120


Kalib is another horse-like dick dildo that looks more like a bone, but the flared tip reminded me of a horse’s tool at first sight, which is how it found itself on this list.

Anyways, the flattened head of the toy is perfect for locking deep inside your body, so I highly recommend not using this toy too vigorously.

Inserting and removing Kalib’s flat, large head can be a little uncomfortable, so it’s important to have patience with this toy and with your body.

Warm up, use some lube, relax, take a deep breath, and move very slowly, as you will likely enjoy it more that way.

Besides that, Kalib is also heavily textured and comes in three different sizes, small, med/large, and XXL, which is pretty huge.

Make sure to pay attention to the exact measurements and side-by-side comparisons with a standard Coke can when choosing your desired size.

Sinnovator – Steed – $93+


If you value quality but you’re unsure if longer and bigger is better for your vaginal/anal hole, get the Sinnovator Steed.

This stud is made from quality platinum silicone material at almost half the price of other premium silicone dildos of the same size.

The smallest size has an insertable length of 6.5 inches, and the biggest is 10 inches, with the circumference ranging between 5 and 7.5 inches.

While the size isn’t crazy and most girth lovers and experienced anal play users may find it a little underwhelming in that aspect, Steed makes up with its impressive detail work.It’s the perfect dildo for texture lovers.

It’s not as realistic looking as the Centaur mentioned above, but you get lots of deep ridges, skin folds, and prominent veins.

The vertical and horizontal textures combine to give you some intense action as you ride and twist the dildo inside you.

Additionally, besides size, you can also customize Steed’s color and firmness and choose between a solid color, multiple colors, or a surprise option, as well as medium, soft, and dual-density firmness (soft on the outside, like real skin yet firm enough on the inside, like an erect penis.)

Sinnovator – Stallion – $106+


The Sinnovator Stallion, on the other hand, is one of the longest and biggest horse dildos in the market—perfect for full-fledged size royals and depth trainers.

The Stallion has a bulbous head that gives you a good pop and stretch, followed by a smooth shaft that goes down to the prominent ridge, also known as the preputial ring.

From here, the girth slowly increases for that ultimate stretch challenge.

Toward the base, you get two bulging balls that offer unique sensations on your clit or perineum.

Even if Stallion got built-in balls, it’s still a slippery smooth horse cock compared to its more textured equine cousin Steed, mentioned above.

The Stallion has a flat base that can stand on its own for smaller, medium-firm variants.

Plus, it’s sturdy enough if you plan to mount it on a strap-on harness.

Stallion is made out of silky smooth silicone, and its sizes range from 7 inches to 16 inches in mountable height and 5.9 and 9.29 inches in circumference.

Make sure to be both mentally and physically prepared before playing with this big boy.

Era Sexa – Pegasus – $150


The Pegasus dildo is one of the most tender stallions presented in the Era Sexa collection.

This beautiful stud is created from a velvety-smooth silicone, and even its texture and design are smooth and made to accurately resemble the details of a real horse cock.

Pegasus has a protruding and smooth head that’s smaller than other recommendations on this list, thus more suitable for a beginner in a depth play.

The soft-touch dildo trunk has a meridian ring in the middle, which gradually increases in diameter to the base so that you can experience a slow and enjoyable stretching.

Additionally, Pegasus can be used alongside a tube and a syringe and can be made to squirt a cum-like liquid for an even more realistic experience.

Lastly, Pegasus is also rather small compared to other huge horse dildos on the list, measuring at “only” 9 inches of total length.

Nawty Toy Box – Arion The Stallion – $75

Arion The Stallion

Arion The Stallion is the last suggestion on the list and a true beauty that doesn’t only look handsome as hell but also feels amazing and is perfect for depth play.

Arion has a flared head and a smooth shaft except for a long vein protruding from one side and a preputial ring slightly exposed around the middle of the toy.

Arion has a moderate girth that measures at 5 inches and a total length of 9.25 inches, of which only 8 inches are insertable, making it the perfect balance between fulfillment and length, but also suitable for beginners.

At its base, Arion’s width makes him easy to hold and handle, even if you are not used to larger dildos.

But the most beautiful part about this toy has to be the variety of colors that you can select to customize it.

If this is something you pay the most attention to, Arion is definitely the toy for you.