Bad Dragon Sex Toys Review (Read This Before Buying)

Bad Dragon is a well-known adult toy store that designs enhancement products designed to “recreate” the genitalia of fantasy creatures.

The majority of these products are based on dragons (as the name would imply), but also feature other fictional beasts. Each of their toys can be ordered in various sizes, colors, and you can even pick and customize the firmness and density.

And not only that but their shapes and textures are probably unlike anything you have seen before.

As I was scrolling through their website, I couldn’t help but be instantly impressed, and quite a few of their toys have since caught my eye.

Therefore, I finally made myself sit down and write about everything I gathered about this magical website.

Here’s my official is Bad Dragon sex toys review where I will be covering:

  • What/who are dragon dildos? 
  • 10 best Bad Dragon sex toys.
  • How to clean Bad Dragon sex toys?
  • Shipping information on the Bad Dragon sex toys.
  • What are customers saying (not looking good)?

So let’s dive into this fantasy review and learn all about monsters and dragons.

Bad Dragon Sex Toys Review $50+ on most Dragon Dildos
  • Novelty Sex Toys
  • Materials Used
  • Shipping
  • Average Customer Review

What You Need To Know

  • Large selection of fantasy sex toys ✅
  • Discreet shipping worldwide (excl. some countries) ✅
  • Some re-occurring complaints (see below) ❌

What Are Bad Dragon Dildos?

bad dragon sex toys

Dragon dildos are sex toys molded to resemble a theoretical penis belonging to a fantasy reptilian creature.

Their unique designs have fast granted them a famous reputation amongst certain internet communities.

Dragon dildos were first made available to the public back in 2008 on the sex toy website based in Arizona, Bad Dragon.

Since then, Bad Dragon has sold a variety of fantasy-themed sex toys, including some shaped to resemble the genitalia of horses, dolphins, orcas, canines, and even tentacles.

However, dragon dildos really seem to be their forte as they are going stronger than ever with this particular fantasy.

What really makes these little (or extra-large) fantasy helpers unique is that they have distinctive design, shape, and texture as well as a background character behind them.

This gives just enough life of its own for people to identify with it, however, it intentionally leaves plenty of room for people to develop their own characters, fantasies, and situations to enjoy.

What I personally appreciate (and I’m sure many people will agree with this) is that with their toys it is all about the imagination and taking your own fantasies to a place of your choosing.

Additionally, nobody will ever know for sure what a dragon dick looks like, but half the fun with these toys is that you get to decide that yourself.

10 Best Bad Dragon Sex Toys

bad dragon sex toys review

As I said above, scrolling through the Bad Dragon website, I got caught on checking out quite a few of their toys and decided to share some of my favorites with you.

Check out my following tops:

#1 Nox; $75

Bad Dragon’s Nox is definitely my favorite toy, hence giving this beautiful sculpture a number one on my list.

It has a tapered, pointy head, notched coronal ridge, and intricate details in the base that all add up to this gorgeous-looking toy.

While at first glance, Nox’s jagged shape may look like it could be uncomfortable, it is actually made out of soft silicone that easily slides its way into your cave.

The high-quality silicone is also body-safe, pleasurable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, odorless, and tasteless. Everyone’s favorite material for a sex toy.

#2 Nova; $75

The Nova I picked for myself is medium-sized and firm, featuring a galaxy black onyx with silver dazzle. And boy, was I dazzled by this beautiful dildo.

Nova The Breeder dildo is made from 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone in two densities. The base is made of a medium-density blend whilst the body of this unique dildo is soft and smooth silicone.

The shaft of the Nova is very soft and it genuinely feels great just squishing it in your hand.

#3 Sleipnir; $55

A medium Sleipnir means large Sleipnir, so don’t let that fool you.

It is a hefty 8 inches in circumference all the way down, with tiny variances, so it is safe to say that Sleipnir takes horse cock to mythical proportions and plays around with just what stallion anatomy has to offer.

There is some texture, ridges on the bottom half of the shaft and bumps down the underside along with light bulges around the rest of the shaft as well as a glorious ridge at the top.

I was able to customize the color, and my pick was night sky onyx with metallic blue. You can safely say I have a thing about sparkles and dazzles.

On a more practical note, the Sleipnir is made out of the highest grade of silicone available, making it an absolute breeze to wash, as well and being completely body-safe.

#4 Roland; $55

Roland in medium stands at 8.5 inches tall, with an insertable portion of 7.5 inches. It has a 4.5 inch-circumference around the tip, which widens to 5.25 inches before reaching the knot towards the base.

My Roland of choice was a marble of pearlescent cyan that glows aqua with a pearlescent light blue that glows blue. Yup, if I am going to be ordering fantasy dildos, they might as well glow and dazzle.

The tip of Roland is tapered to some extent which makes it slip inside effortlessly because of the softness of the “marshmallow” texture.

However, with a little bit of thrusting, you will definitely get into a groove and notice every curve, bulge, and ripple until you meet the noteworthy knot.

Conquer the knot, and you are guaranteed to find yourself in a very pleasurable situation.

#5 Echo; $55

Echo is a robust fantasy dildo with a unique head, textured shaft, and a sturdy base.

It is also one of the most pleasuring fantasy sex toys currently on the market. It can take intense vaginal stimulation up a few notches but it can also take your typical anal play to another level.

It is designed for all kinds of fun.

The tantalizing medial ring toward the base of the dildo greatly enhances the stimulation and the sturdy base makes Echo easy to grip and very comfortable to use.

hankey bad dragon sex toys

#6 Nocturne; $55

Nocturne definitely lives up to the high standards of the brand. It comes with a rippling coronal shaft, bulging knot and formidable spikes that make it look dangerously irresistible.

This is one toy that certainly goes bump in the night!

Nocturne comes in five different sizes, a large range of colors, and has the option of an added suction cup or cum tube (allowing your Nocturne to ejaculate on command). 

Bad Dragon also offers different levels of firmness for the Nocturne with options available for split firmness too.

#7 Bruises The Fusion; $40

Designed to be a fierce dragon/canine hybrid, Bruiser has a ridged shaft, noticeable knot, and a huge bulging base. It also has a nicely tapered head, a subtle coronal ridge, and some raised sections on the underside of its shaft.

It is made out of high-quality silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe.

Bruiser the Fusion has been turned into one of Bad Dragon’s Lil Vibes, which means that it’s small size definitely is mighty when it comes to giving you some good vibrations.

The only downside (at least for me) is that it is only available in Surprise Me colors, which is why it’s probably one of the cheapest in the entire collection.

#8 Egg Plug; $55

The Egg Plug is an aesthetically pleasing butt plug and the newest sensation from Bad Dragon.

It is beautifully designed to fit in as a great addition in any adult toy collection and it is sure to plug you into any fantasy pleasure you may have.

The Egg Plug comes in various colors you can customize to your liking. It also comes in 5 sizes from mini up to extra large and has different firmness levels.

#9 Rowan; $95

Rowan the Draft Horse is a custom made to order penetrable toy available in a variety of color options, but one size option only.

It has a snug, detailed entrance with the inner core being heavily textured with a tighter ring about halfway down the shaft.

The sleeve shows off his textured, lifted tail and offers a comfortable grip, making Rowan a toy that will be begging for a ride again and again.

#10 Ika Sheath; $60

The Ika Sheath is a part of the Bad Dragon Wearables and it offers a unique texture, girth, and feeling from what you would find on their original Ika dildo.

It is made to be used as a penis-sleeve and enhance stimulation and fullness during sex.

Ika Sheath boasts multiple sucker-like appendages throughout the shaft and enclosed head of the sheath itself, including a unique texture on both inside and outside of the sheath.

Finally, it offers a unique ball strap to keep the wearable fitted perfectly.

How To Clean Bad Dragon Sex Toys?

biggest dildos from bad dragon

Silicone is a durable material, however, each and every toy deserves special care in order to last you longer and give you the ultimate pleasure.

Here are some easy tips on how to take the proper care of your Bad Dragon sex toys:

  • Clean your toy thoroughly to prevent a buildup of bacteria and foreign matter on its surface using soap and warm water.
  • Clean your Bad Dragon sex toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner by scrubbing it thoroughly with a sponge before rinsing.
  • Dry your toy after cleaning.
  • Store your toy in a ziplock bag or clean, dry towel in a location where they will not be squished.
  • Avoid storing your Bad Dragon sex toy with your other toys to avoid contact with other material types.

Shipping Information.

Bad Dragon sex toys are shipped internationally with the exception of several countries that do not accept their goods or will take the opportunity to abuse or mistreat the package.

Discreet Shipping.

Bad Dragon ships their goods discreetly in a simple brown box.

However, as a company that ships internationally, Bad Dragon must describe contents for every shipment, regardless of destination.

Therefore, some labels may include the phrase “silicone sculpture” listed as contents.

Inside the box, you will find your precious toy buried under purple tissue paper and packing peanuts and encased by a plastic bag.

How Long Does Bad Dragon Take To Ship?

Bad Dragon sex toys and accessories are hand-made in the USA.

Due to having many combinations of possible toy configurations, most orders are manufactured and shipped out within 4-5 weeks of when the order is placed.

However, while USA citizens may receive their package within 4-5 weeks, customers that live outside the US may have to wait up to 10 weeks for their special toy to be manufactured and shipped out from their Arizona base.

What Are Customers Saying?

There is no denial that Bad Dragon sex toys are pretty unique and badass.

It came as a no-surprise for me that customers love what they receive while I was going through the reviews on Trust Pilot.

However, not a small amount of people complained about the shipping taking too long.

I decided to share some of the reviews with you:

Martin: The quality of the received toy is perfect! The waiting time on customs was a bit of a bummer, however, when my toy arrived, it was well worth the wait. Other than the waiting time, I have no complaints about the brand.

Morgan: The website says 4-6 week wait times. While I understand my toy was fully customized and probably took a long time for it to be hand-made, they are definitely not doing this right.

I expected it to be longer and I was right. My shipment arrived in all-around 13 weeks of waiting. I was absolutely in love with my very customized, gorgeous Nova, but be aware of this.

Matthew: There are many complaints about waiting time on custom orders, so this naturally made me skeptical about Bad Dragon, however, I took the chance and placed an order, following it up by placing a second one the next month.

The first order took about three weeks and the second one took about eight weeks to arrive, however, I am so overly satisfied with the quality of the products I received and I had to place the third order.

My recommendation for people who are considering placing the first order with Bad Dragon is to be extremely patient as your wait will be well worth it.

Solving the issue.

After investigating a bit further on the long waiting issue, I found out that many people are opting for the clearance sale section Bad Dragon offers.

These are pre-made toys and instead of being hand-made from scratch, are already made and typically ship within a couple of days.

Any Bad Dragon Alternatives?

mr hankey realistic sex toys

We’ve been doing a lot of research on fantasy sex toys this past week. We’ve found one other online company that offers similar types of sex toys as Bad Dragon.

That company is… Mr. Hankey and we’ve just published a review of Mr. Hanky’s fantasy sex toys here so go ahead and check that out. You also get 15% off your first purchase.