10 Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes To Checkout

Subscription boxes can be a great way to treat yourself on a special occasion or to treat your partner with a gift if you don’t know what else to get.

These can also be useful if you are curious about experimenting with different sex toys, but don’t really know where to start so you need some help deciding.

Basically, the concept is the same such as beauty subscription boxes that contain makeup, skincare, or other lifestyle accessories delivered at your door on a monthly basis.

You will sign up to a website, choose a box you like, and subscribe to receive their novelties on a monthly basis.

The good thing with subscription boxes is that the companies usually throw in a bunch of freebies, samples, and stuff you may find useful all while saving money, and the items inside the boxes usually come at a pretty good price too.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you a list of some of the best-selling dildo subscription boxes to check out for an endless supply of dildos, vibrators, lubes and more.

the best sex toy subscription boxes

The Pleasure Parlor

The Pleasure Parlor box review

The Pleasure Parlor is a Portland-based sex shop that offers a variety of interesting and innovative pleasure toys to cater to all genders and sexual orientations.

They also offer some other interesting stuff many may find interesting, including books, self-care items, and various accessories and gifts.

One of their most unique items is a subscription pleasure box called The Zodiac Box that contains goodies carefully tailored to satisfy the authentic and endearing romantic traits for each one of the twelve-star signs.

Each of these boxes includes one individual vibrating item, an arousal serum, a white sage stick for stimulating the senses and helping with relaxation, an aphrodisiac spray, and a gemstone necklace unique to the zodiac sign you’ve selected.

Besides The Zodiac Box, The Pleasure Parlor offers two other pleasure boxes that cater to singles and couples and can be customized to cater to your unique preferences.

Heart + Honey

Heart and Honey Subscriptions review

Heart + Honey is a feminine-centered shop that offers monthly subscription boxes full of creative and pleasurable goodies that will help you enhance your day-to-day life.

The one thing that stands out about this particular website is the true passion that fuels the creators to be incredibly dedicated and amazing at what they are doing.

Besides offering a huge variety of boxes full of pleasure, they make sure to keep you entertained by sending you beautifully themed boxes each month with an array of items to inspire rapture.

Moreover, besides having the choice to save money by signing up and receiving their boxes every month, three months, six months, or a year, you also have the option to purchase their individual boxes that are beautifully themed and come in a huge variety.

Mystery Pleasure Box

mystery pleasure box review

Mystery Pleasure Box is a subscription service that caters to same-sex or opposite-sex couples, and adventure seekers of all stripes.

With a little something for everyone, discovering new bedroom accessories has never been easier and more affordable!

The products inside the box change every month, so subscribers can explore a variety of high-quality sex toys, lubricants, lotions, and sexy accessories, all handpicked by industry experts.

The box only costs $35 a month and it ships within the US on the 1st Friday after ordering, with renewals shipping between the 13th-16th of the month.

Mystery Pleasure Box seems to be incredibly popular too, with over 300 positive reviews on Cratejoy.

Seductive Pleasure Box

seductive pleasure box review

Seductive Pleasure Box is another subscription service that costs $42 a month but will surprise you month after month with a mix of toys, bondage, and accessories, sometimes at a value of over $100.

The boxes usually contain five items from which one or two are full-size sex toys, accessories, samples, and even free gifts for couples, singles, and peeps with a variety of different preferences.

Seductive Pleasure Box ships their pleasure boxes worldwide from Canada between the 4th and 8th of each month.


explor box review

EXPLOR. Box is a quarterly subscription box that arrives at your door every three months and is usually filled with 5-7 unique goodies including sex toys, arousal creams, lotions, oils, bath bombs, and other accessories.

The box itself costs $75 but its combined goodies are usually at a $150 value. However, EXPLOR also offers a three-month prepaid payment plan at $25 per month.

Currently, EXPLOR is only catering to male-female couples, however, they do plan on expanding their customization options in the near future to cater to a wider audience.


xplore sex toy box review

XPLORE is another subscription-based service that costs about $65 but sends out boxes packed with 3-4 full-size intimate products at a value of over $100.

Their boxes are creatively themed and shipped worldwide every other month.

XPLORE is a service that gravitates towards the female audience, therefore, make sure to check out their previous boxes to get an idea of whether what they have to offer will satisfy your personal preferences.

The Fantasy Box

the fantasy box review

The Fantasy Box is a subscription service that aims to take all the work off your shoulders and set up a perfect romantic night for you and your partner.

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or any other special occasion, The Fantasy Box contains a few extra goodies that will take your experience to another level.

After you answer their six-question quiz, you’ll receive not only a box with sexy lingerie and other products to make your night absolutely amazing but instruction cards on how to set up your bedroom.

Depending on the box (which starts at $39), you can get anything from role-play cards and lube, to luxurious lingerie and sex toys.t

This is probably the most customizable box of the bunch, as you can pick between four different themes: playful, sensual, control, and costume.

Spicy Subscriptions

spicy subscription box review

For only $35 a month, Spicy Subscriptions will be sending you a box with a full-sized sex toy as well as accessories such as candles, body oils, and other products to make your night dedicated to pampering and pleasure.

When you decide which Spicy Box is the one for you, you can opt to receive a box every month, every four months, or every eight months. If you would really want to treat yourself, opt for an Elite Spicy Box ($100), which comes every three months with 1-2 deluxe toys and 5-7 intimate objects to spice things up in the bedroom.

Spicy Subscriptions ships their goods for free across the US, however, other fees apply to international orders, therefore, make sure to check that out before subscribing for your pleasure box.

LoveDrop Subscription Boxes

love drop box review

LoveDrop is a subscription box that caters to singles and couples with their curated boxes that aim to please both partners.

Each box includes two full-sized sex toys, games, activities, lotions, lubes, oils, and plenty of other accessories for enhancing the experience.

LoveDrop ships their boxes worldwide, and subscribers can expect to receive new goodies every other month. Besides that, they offer payment plans that go as low as $28 per month.

Oh Venus

oh venus box review

Oh Venus is a UK-based subscription box service that caters to women’s pleasure and aims to empower their subrcibers through sexuality and art.

They work with smaller brands and artists to hand-pick and create curated collections that will put a smile on every subscriber’s face each month.

Besides that, 10% of the proceeds are donated to support Sexplain which stands for inclusive and open sexual education.

Oh Venus offers three different subscription boxes starting at £25, £45, and £70. They all contain different types of pleasure items and empowering art.

Oh Venus also deliver their monthly goods internationally.