The Best Sex Toys (According To Your Zodiac Sign)

If you’ve been itching for a new pleasure toy and have some cash to burn, you’ve landed on the right page.

There’s nothing more exciting than shopping for sex toys, however, if you are constantly on the hunt for new and satisfying sex toys, why not take it a notch further and get in touch with your astral approach to self-stimulation.

With that in mind, I would like to present you with a new way to shop for sex toys: by your Zodiac sign!

By studying the distinctive proclivities, wants, and needs of each zodiac sign, we can explore the myriad approaches to personal pleasure.

Some signs adore their “me time” and enjoy taking their time pleasuring themselves, while others prefer the more practical, to-the-point way of handling things.

Certain signs are aroused by new and exciting environments and use masturbation as an opportunity to build tension, while others delight in a quick release.

However you choose to masturbate, astrology can help guide your hand (pun very much intended), so with that said;

Here are the best sex toys according to your Zodiac sign.

the best sex toys according to zodiac signs


sex toys for aries

♈️ Sex toys for the Aries woman:

An Aries woman knows her sexual appetite is big, so she can be quite unemotional when it comes to these types of activities. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now.

It is unacceptable for her to be with someone that doesn’t meet her sexual needs, and the same goes for her sex toys. She needs something to ignite her flame through direct and precise touch directed straight toward her pleasure centers.

Recommended sex toy: The Greedy Girl G-Spot Vibrator from the Fifty Shades Of Grey collection might be the one to hit all your pleasure spots at the same time and meet all your needs.

♈️ Sex toys for the Aries man:

Rambunctious Rams are the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am of the. Known for their passion, enthusiasm, and impulsivity, the thrill-seeking fire signs want to be the best at everything, including self-pleasure.

A simple but efficient toy is the best one for the Ram as they don’t really want to get bogged down by complicated fantasy scenarios or confusing gadgets.

Recommended sex toy: The Pro Ultra Zoey might be the perfect sleeve to give you that quick but strong release with her ribs, nubs, and tantalizing bumpy textures.


sex toys for taurus

♉️ Sex toys for the Taurus Woman:

The eternal pleasure-seeker that is the Taurus woman enjoys tactile experiences that tantalize her senses through touch, sound, taste, and sight.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, love, and beauty, Taurus women are most turned on by physical manifestations of romance.

Seeking a fully luxurious experience, the Taurus woman will indulge in lighting candles, running a warm bath, or applying a deliciously-scented moisturizer or lubricant as the perfect solo foreplay.

Recommended sex toy: The Zalo Queen Set might very well be the luxury you will indulge using during your next solo session. It has all it takes to make the glamorous Taurus woman fall for it head over heels.

♉️ Sex toys for the Taurus Man:

Sumptuous and strong, the Bull is a sensuous creature and he desires earthly pleasure and comfort above all. Since a Taurus man is extremely sensitive to touch, they can easily get easily turned on by his sensitive spots such as the neck, lips, and ears gently touched.

He desires to experience a stimulating sensation, therefore, a tickler or a feather will definitely do the trick and put a Taurus man in the mood in a matter of moments.

Recommended sex toy: Imagine a pleasurable sensation of a cock ring and a vibrating butt plug at the same time? If the mere thought of it gave you goosebumps, perhaps you should check out the Ro-Zen Pro Twin by Rocks Off.


sex toys for gemini

♊️ Sex toys for the Gemini Woman:

Witty, wonderful, and open-minded, a Gemini woman adores good roleplay, therefore she is the type to make her fantasies a few notches further when it comes to pleasuring herself.

Her out-of-the-box thinking also contributes to the innovative ways and techniques in her masturbation practices.

Recommended sex toy: Check out the Double Penetrating Dildo as this sort of functional diversity might be perfect for the cosmic twin to switch things up.

♊️ Sex toys for the Gemini Man:

Aroused by spontaneous play often in new and exciting environments, the Gemini man is a fun-loving sin that is renowned for his non-stop energy, high-speed communication style, and also thinking out of the box.

He is intrigued by new and innovative ways to get off, so he is the type that is willing to experiment with different things while seeking to explore new sensations.

Recommended sex toy: A luxurious and bumpy treat such as Desire’s Luxury Beaded Stainless Steel dildo might be the next object of pleasure on your never-ending quest.


sex toys for cancer

♋️ Sex toys for the Cancer Woman:

A Cancer woman treasures self-gratification and the sensual crab takes her time to explore her body, building heat through progressively more intense caresses.

She likes to be touched in all the right spots and she frequently carves out time to connect with her body, paying extra attention to how the moon impacts her libido.

Recommended sex toy: We Vibe’s Touch might be the answer to your need to be touched, quite literally.

♋️Sex toys for the Cancer Man:

The Cancer man likes to take his time and satisfy his needs often before he even rolls out of bed in the morning.

He doesn’t mind doing the hard work to get himself over better than the last time, therefore, sex toys such as butt plugs or prostate massagers are the best way for this water sign to add to the sensation.

Recommended sex toy: Lovense’s Hush might give you the new thrill you need.


sex toys for leo

♌️Sex toys for the Leo Woman:

The Leo woman is the one who indulges in high-quality and often expensive items and she doesn’t fall short when it comes to her luxury sex toys.

She likes to have her luxurious items near her and she isn’t cheap when it comes to investing in a high-end pleasure toy that will put a smile on her face.

Recommended sex toy: A Leo woman would enjoy a good wand massager like Lovense’s Domi. It’s sleek, luxurious, and it features all the right twirls and intensities for this adventurous sign.

♌️Sex toys for the Leo Man:

The Leo man is the ruler of the zodiac jungle and you bet his extravagant ass loves to show off – even when he’s alone. Leos are notorious for their larger-than-life personalities and charming flair for the dramatic.

They love an audience, and their biggest turn-on is being desired. Leos may want to explore watching themselves while masturbating, either by gazing into a mirror or even filming their solo adventures.

Recommended sex toy: The Zero Flip Hole masturbator and its bumpy ridges, mildly transparent design, and powerful vibes might come in handy when the Leo man is in the mood for a good solo action.


sex toys for virgo

♍️Sex toys for the Virgo Woman:

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the analytical Virgo woman is deeply aroused by intellectual exchanges and mischievous wordplay. They find themselves especially turned on by Literotica.

The efficient Virgo loves natural goods, dedication, and she is a serious perfectionist, therefore, she probably has the best orgasms when she’s in charge of them.

Best sex toy: An app-controlled clitoral vibrator such as Zalo’s Jeanne might be the perfect thrill for the Virgo woman.

♍️ Sex toys for the Virgo Man:

A Virgo man seeks simplicity, and to him, the method doesn’t really matter so long as he gets his orgasm at the end of his play. He doesn’t really make a huge fuss about it as some signs do, therefore, simple and straight-to-the-point toys appeal to him most.

Recommended sex toy: As a single-use masturbation sleeve in super fancy packaging, the Tenga Egg is shockingly simple, which is what a Virgo man will appreciate.


sex toys for libra

♎️Sex toys for the Libra Woman:

Ruled by amorous Venus, Libras are the aesthetes of the zodiac. These elegant air signs are recognized for their charm and sophistication and are, in turn, suckers for seduction and glamour.

Libra woman pays close attention to their surroundings, and not so different than the Taurus woman, she also enjoys a pleasant ambiance during her masturbation sessions.

Recommended sex toy: An aesthetically beautiful toy such as the Womanizer Premium might just give the sensual Libra woman the satisfaction and luxury feel she craves.

♎️ Sex toys for the Libra Man:

The Libra man is positive, elegant, and open-minded. He wouldn’t mind opening his back door to an aesthetically pleasing toy that guarantees his pleasure.

Ruled by Venus, he enjoys exploring new things and truly loves the creative satisfaction behind his often experimental solo sessions.

Recommended sex toy: Sensationally shaped to push your deepest buttons, a slender glass plug like the Curved P-Spot plug might be the perfect choice to deliver smooth and pleasurable anal stimulation.


sex toys for scorpio

♏️ Sex toys for the Scorpio Woman:

Scorpios and sensuality go hand in hand, and this water sign is notoriously known for the enchanting eroticism they possess. The Scorpio woman likes to indulge in the unknown, unconventional and often forbidden.

Unafraid to push boundaries in the bedroom, Scorpios love experimenting with power and control, therefore alternative sex toys might be a great option for the daring Scorpio woman.

Recommended sex toy: A Scorpio woman would definitely enjoy the intense sensation a good pair of nipple clamps have to offer and a gag might find itself useful to suppress any sounds. Check out the Dominix combo.

♏️ Sex toys for the Scorpio Man:

It’s no secret that Scorpio men as high-key good at sex. However, they enjoy their challenges, or rather, they enjoy conquering one challenge at a time.

Anything that encourages them to be creative – they will have it as a Scorpio man enjoys taking the time to explore his body and discover new sensations and pleasure.

Recommended sex toy: A good prostate massager like Lovense’s Edge might just drive him over the edge and give him that new thrill a Scorpio man restlessly seeks.


sex toys for sagittarius

♐️ Sex toys for the Sagittarius Woman:

Fiery Sagittarius women are known for their fun-loving, thrill-seeking dispositions and they are tantalized by new and exciting experiences, especially when it comes to exploring themselves.

She likes to experiment in different environments, therefore, there is something special in masturbating in places like the kitchen floor or the living room couch for her.

Best sex toy: A powerful G-spot stimulator like the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve might provide the Sagittarius woman with the variety she craves.

♐️ Sex toys for the Sagittarius Man:

Sagittarians men are known adventurers and risk-takers, therefore, their choice of sex toys borders on being unconventional at times.

They are not afraid to experiment for their pleasure and their masturbation sessions may include switching multiple sex toys to enjoy different sensations.

Recommended sex toy: A sex toy that may appeal to Sagittarius men that like to indulge in anal play is the Textured Glove that is designed to provide you with various sensations and unexplored pleasures.


sex toys for capricorn

♑️ Sex toys for the Capricorn Woman:

Capricorns are the bosses of the zodiac, and these hardworking earth signs do not mess around when it comes to their pleasure. A Capricorn woman is kinky and ambitious when it comes to pleasuring herself and her solo sessions are packed with erotic intensity.

After a long and tiring day, Capricorn women indulge in unwinding while exploring the depths of their hedonism. And once she starts, she cannot be stopped.

Recommended sex toy: The hardworking Capricorn woman may enjoy exploring temperature play while the beautifully curved stainless steel dildo connects with her G-spot.

♑️ Sex toys for the Capricorn Man:

The Capricorn man is a firm lover, therefore, he is among the kinkiest signs of the zodiac. The ambitious goat approaches sex with dedication, determination, and intensity.

He likes to release and then release again, therefore, he needs a sex toy that can keep up with his appetite.

Recommended sex toy: A Capricorn man enjoys working for his pleasure, therefore, a fantastically textured and bumpy masturbator like Flight Pilot might be the ideal option to entertain the insatiable goat.


sex toys for aquarius

♒️ Sex toys for the Aquarius Woman:

Aquarians are the revolutionaries of the zodiac, celebrated for their innovation and eccentricity. Accordingly, Aquarius women love experimenting with self-pleasure as it gives them the freedom to explore their bodies and minds without external limitation.

The Aquarius woman will never settle for something too long, she enjoys changes too much, therefore, new erotic gadgets are almost always present during her masturbation sessions.

Recommended sex toy: The Womanizer Duo is a powerful vibrator that will hit all the right spots and send the Aquarius woman into the depths of her pleasure.

♒️ Sex toys for the Aquarius Man:

Rebellious Aquarians hate to be told what to do and tend to find rules extremely oppressive. He enjoys seeking out diverse sexual experiences and likes to experiment with his pleasure in creative ways.

Aquarians are also attracted to technology, therefore they might enjoy the pleasure teledildonics has to offer.

Recommended sex toy: Lovense’s Max has quite interesting features that Aquarius men might find innovative and fun to play with.


sex toy for pisces

♓️ Sex toys for the Pisces Woman:

The Pisces woman is an emotional and emphatic being with her ability to absorb emotions and experiences. Therefore, sexual pleasure is important for her as her orgasms trigger spiritual awakening.

Pisces love to set up a nice ambiance and make their environment more comfortable to thoroughly enjoy their solo sessions and often prefer to experiment with indulging their passions in the bathtub, shower, or pool.

Recommended sex toy: A powerful duo that features a wand vibe on one end and a warming G-spot stimulator on the other might be the perfect pleasure toy for the orgasm-hungry Pisces woman. This cute duo by BMS is also completely waterproof.

♓️ Sex toys for the Pisces Man:

The Pisces man loves to play, however, one thing he loves more than that is his orgasm and he is always in a chase for satisfaction.

Pisces men aren’t usually the experimenting type, they like steadiness, and they enjoy doing things at their own pace. However, they are not opposed to pushing their boundaries when with the right partner.

Recommended sex toy: The Ripple by Tantus might be an excellent introduction to anal play to the shy and inexperienced but curious Pisces man.

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