10 Valentine’s Day Sex Toys For Couples (2021 Edition)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might already be thinking of getting some chocolates, flowers, cards, or soft toys – however;

Since our website is solely focused on people’s sexual pleasures, we have something even spicier than all that.

Buying sex toys is much more fun than picking out the “perfect chocolate box”. If you are wondering which sex toys should you look into this Valentine’s day;

Here’s a select list of 10 spicy Valentine’s Day sex toys (for couples) that will take your special time together further.

valentine's day sex toys and kits for couples

Lovense Sex Toys For Couples

It’s no secret how much we love Lovense sex toys on this website.

We’ve talked about Lovense in some of our previous articles; therefore, it’s only fair we mention several of these that are just perfect for a spicy Valentine’s Day with your partner.

And if you haven’t had the chance to try some of these out, it’s about time you do it.

Lush 2 – $119

lovense lush 2 review

The Lovense Lush 2 is the new and improved Bluetooth remote control vibrator and the upgraded version from its wildly successful predecessor, the Lovense Lush.

It’s an internal vibrator that is wearable and is explicitly designed to stimulate the G-spot while working in various ways.

It allows you to choose between a short distance Bluetooth control option, but it can also accommodate long-distance pleasure through an app control option,

This means that when using the app, your partner will be able to stimulate you from anywhere in the world; therefore, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, even if your hubby isn’t in the same room.

Additionally, it has a wide array of options, vibration patterns, and other customizable features such as voice activation and music pattern synchronization.

So if you are feeling a little extra romantic and want nice background music while enjoying yourself, Lush 2 has your back.

Additionally, Lush 2 is small but definitely mighty, and it can be the perfect little tease if you are into those discreet naughty moments in public.

Osci 2 – $199

lovense osci review

The Osci 2 is another upgraded version of a previously successful predecessor made by Lovense and the world’s first oscillating sex toy that targets the g-spot.

So what does this mean?

Unlike other conventional g-spot stimulators, the Osci 2 doesn’t vibrate but delivers your pleasure by making oscillation movements with its oval head instead.

This means that the head moves side to side against the g-spot.

Additionally, Osci 2 is slightly larger in length than the original Osci, along with being larger in diameter and those much-needed insertable inches.

Moreover, Osci 2 is precisely curved to fit a wide variety of body types, and the curved design also makes it easy to hold, even for a long time.

Osci 2 offers three patterns of intensity and the option to customize the speeds, patterns, and intensity levels via the Lovense app.

And if you really want to make this Valentine’s Day special, Osci 2 is also waterproof, so we will just let your imagination run wild on that one.

Hush – $119

lovense hush review

If you are into butt plugs, you probably know that there are the standard OG butt plugs that just sit there and make you feel good, vibrating butt plugs that try even harder to make you feel all tingly, but then there are vibrating butt plugs that you can control from anywhere.

And Lovense’s Hush definitely takes the crown for being on the top of these innovative pleasure gadgets.

Hush is great for foreplay with your lover and long-distance dates, and it also accommodates those who like the risk of playing discreetly in public.

And we cannot even begin to explain its fantastic performance during sex.

Additionally, Hush’s vibration can be activated by sound (talk about foreplay right there), or you can simply sync it to your sensual music so you can just relax and enjoy the moment.

Moreover, Hush is one strong little fella that allows you to play for over an hour and a half, continuously. It’s an excellent product for beginners as well as advanced lovers of butt stuff, so if you’re feeling extra naughty this Valentine’s Day, Hush is sure to add an extra step to your routine.

Edge – $119

lovense edge review

Gentleman, pay special attention to Lovense’s Edge. It will definitely be worth your while.

More and more men are expressing their dissatisfaction with sex toy manufacturers that don’t pay enough attention to the special needs men have when it comes to one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies – their butts.

Well, all of you can now take a break and relax with Lovense’s next-generation prostate massager, Edge.

Suppose you enjoy feeling the sweet tingles around your prostate. In that case, Edge can definitely give you that with its incredibly powerful motor and edgy design that provides an experience true to its name.

Edge can be controlled through a mobile application on your smartphone, and this means it doubles up as a way to let your lovely partner play with you whenever they want.

The sex toy has a Bluetooth module that can pair up with a smartphone and allows your partner to create unique vibration patterns, which are then replicated and sent to the prostate massager through your mobile phone.

Besides being an amazing little thing to have while in bed, the exciting part really kicks in when your partner decides to have fun with you while you’re in public. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lovehoney Sex Toy Kits For Couples

Lovehoney is one of the most famous sex toy retailers.

They offer international shipping, and on here, you can find almost every sex toy that was ever made, from the most boring dildo to some of the most exciting sex toys for couples play.

Because Valentine’s Day is such a special little holiday for us, here is a nice list of wildly affordable sex toy kits for couples to make yours unforgettable too.

Hot Date Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (5 Piece) – $89,99

Hot Date Couple’s Sex Toy Kit

Lovehoney’s Hot Date Couple’s Sex Toy Kit is one that is true to its name when it comes to hot and unforgettable dates.

This collection of couple’s toys features five buzzy gadgets, perfect for spicy adventures with your partner. Here’s everything you will find inside this treasure box:

Bullet Vibe: A discreet bullet vibrator that offers 3.75 inches of insertable length and 2.5 inches in girth in addition to 10 vibration modes and six different intensities. This little thing is also waterproof, so take it in the bath and see where it takes you in return.

Love Egg: A mini vibrator that offers 3 inches insertable length and a slightly thicker girth of 4.25 inches. The adorable pink teaser has ten vibration modes and six different intensities. And yes, it can be used underwater.

Butt Plug: If you’ve been wanting to experiment with butt plugs but consider yourself a bit inexperienced when it comes to choosing one for you, here’s a chance to change that with this kit. The butt plug is simple, sleek, and beginner-friendly. It offers 4 inches of insertable length as well as 4.25 inches in girth.

Rabbit Double Cock Ring: A couples kit would be nothing without a cock ring that focuses on emphasizing men’s pleasure. This relatively simple cock sing comes in two sizes and can stretch up to 3.5 inches in diameter for comfort.

G-spot Vibe: A sleek and smoothly curved g-spot massager with 4.25 inches of insertable length as well as 3.75 inches girth. You can enjoy three different speeds as well as seven different patterns with this little fella.

Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit (11 Piece) – $99,99

Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit

Another wild kit curated by Lovehoney’s experts is the Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit. For $99,99, this kit is really worth the price as it offers all kinds of goodies for every taste.

Here you will find 11 specially selected toys for sexy fun in endless erotic combinations, including rabbit vibrators, butt, plugs, cock rings, jiggle balls, vibrators, and masturbators.

Clitoral tickle, g-spot stimulation, or a nice butt massage will definitely make your Valentine’s Day wild and unforgettable.

Seventh Heaven Romance Set – $100

Seventh Heaven Romance Set

If you are a hopeless romantic and not afraid to show it, here’s a special treat for you.

The Seventh Heaven Romance Set is the slice of paradise you and your partner need in your bed as this set contains seven different doors that open each day to reveal seven enticing tie-and-tease treats, sensual massage essentials, and a wearable We-Vibe couple’s toy.

The toy is definitely the cherry on this cake as it is specially designed to bring you and your partner even closer together, with its slim end designed to slip inside and vibe against the G-spot and penis during sex. At the same time, its external part pleases the clitoris very gently.

Additionally, this kit is perfect if you are interested in trying a soft bondage and sensation play with the soft tickler and satin ties.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set – $99,99

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set

Did we mention bondage?

Lovehoney’s Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Overload is the perfect set for you if you feel a little kinky this Valentine’s Day. The set offers ten days of sexual intrigue and delight behind each mystery door.

Inside the tantalizing gift box, you will find assorted items for you, your lover, and the two of you to share and love.

It’s the perfect new way to play together and the thrill of opening a mystery door each day will lead you to many blissful adventures.

All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit (8 Piece) – $84,99

All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit

All Tied Up bondage kit is definitely not the one that will let you go anywhere, anytime soon.

It holds an array of different restraint accessories, as well as beginner-friendly sensory toys, and basically all you need for the beginning of your BDSM venture.

Each of these pieces can be used individually, or they can also be combined together if you are in the right mood.

In this not-so-little treasure box, you will find a blindfold, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and adjustable under-mattress strapping for 4-poster style binding. And they are all yours to experiment with at a ridiculously affordable rate.

Additionally, the non-bondage piece of the cake includes nipple suckers, vibrating cock ring, finger ring, and a flogger (gotta keep them naughties in check). 

All You Need Bondage Kit (20 Piece) – $169,99

All You Need Bondage Kit

But why go half-board when you can go all kink-lusive this Valentine’s Day?

If you think that eight pieces of different pleasure gadgets aren’t enough to please you, you should really check out the baddest boy on this list – Lovehoney’s All You Need Bondage Kit.

The set contains 20 pieces of different sex toys for you and your partner, as well as sensory tools, and bondage gear to bring a whole new lease of life to your toy box.

Some of the items are perfect for beginners looking to progress to more advanced play. However, this set will definitely please the masters of kink too.

Sex Toy Subscriptions Boxes (For Couples)

As we are coming down to the end of this exciting article, here’s one more interesting thing we’ve recently discovered and taken an interest in.

Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find these monthly subscriptions on many websites. There are different categories of boxes; therefore, you can find anything from skincare, makeup… to sex toys.

Yup, subscription boxes that contain sex toys and other different pleasuring accessories are becoming a thing and we are totally here for it!

Check these out:

Mystery Pleasure Box – $59/month

Mystery Pleasure Box

The Mystery Pleasure Box is delivered to your door every month. Inside, you can find an arsenal of potions, lotions, sex toys, and different bedroom accessories picked specifically for your needs.

You can choose the type of toys you want to receive thanks to the several different options they provide you with for a more personalized experience.

Additionally, the company features over a hundred different brands in their boxes, and 5+ items of these are yours each month.

Adult Sex Box – $43,50/month

Adult Sex Box

If you are looking to break out of your routine, here’s a solution.

The Adult Sex Box is designed to help you experience a breakthrough in your sex life by sending you a box of highly customized toys for your preferences and pleasure.

Each month, you will receive a curated collection of massage candles, toys, and novelties in four themed categories:

  • Sensual
  • Playful
  • Fun
  • Costume

Valentine’s Day is Just Around The Corner

It is never too early to start looking for the perfect present for your partner.

Why not make it a bit different this year and break away from the traditional dinner, movie, a box of chocolate?

Thank you for checking out our list of 10 Valentine’s Day sex toys for couples. Be sure to drop a comment below and tell us what you picked for yourself.