Where To Buy Stripper Clothes Online (For Work or Pleasure)

Ever felt the need to slut it up a bit and put on some sexy/slutty stripper clothes for your man?

Are you a female stripper looking for the best places (online) to buy new stripper clothes?

If you’re any of the types I’ve just mentioned, you’re in the right place.

Here are 6 great websites where you can buy sexy stripper clothes online (and have them delivered straight to your door in a fast/discreet manner:

  • MyStripperCloset.com
  • BodyKandi.com
  • LingerieDiva.com
  • AmiClubWear.com
  • UpscaleStripper.com
  • SpicyLingerie.com
where to buy stripper clothes
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mystrippercloset review

Based out in Orlando, Florida, MyStripperCloset is an online store dedicated only to everything “stripper” (with a selection of kinky/fetish wear as well).

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

On their website, you will find almost everything you need to get your stripper outfit just right, including: pasties, Chokers, stripper dresses, lingerie, etc.

They even offer a few plus-size stripper clothes and even a growing selection of male stripper clothing.

How much are their items (on average)?

The prices on this website vary, but for the most part, you can expect to pay around  $15 to $50 for each item.

Where does MyStripperCloset ship to?

They offer free discreet shipping on orders exceeding $25, and you also have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on everything you purchase from their store.


bodykandi stripper clothes

BodyKandi is another great online store where you can buy stripper clothes, and they also carry items from various manufacturers such as DreamGirl, Pleaser USA, Pink Lipstick, etc.

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

When it comes to their stripper clothing selection (although they don’t only care that), you can find a sizeable selection of stripper dresses, booty shorts, stripper thong sets, and more.

They also offer a selection of swimwear, stripper shoes (heels), and also sexy costumes. Unfortunately, they do not carry any male items, though.

How much are their items (on average)?

On average, the average stripper dress on Bodykandi will run you around $30 to $50.

Where does BodyKandi ship to?

BodyKandi ships internationally, and you can get free shipping when you spend $70 or more.


lingeriediva stripper items

As the name suggests, LingerieDiva is an online store dedicated to women’s lingerie and, of course, sexy stripper clothing.

Founded in 2004 in California, since then, they have kept up their promise of offering “the best prices” and also discreet shipping.

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

They offer a wide variety of sexy lingerie, and they also have quite the sizable collection of stripper clothes, intimates, shoes, accessories, and even sexy festival wear.

How much are their items (on average)?

The average stripper item retails anywhere from $10 all the way up to $100, or more so there’s definitely a huge price range and something for everyone on there.

Where does LingerieDiva ship to?

LingerieDiva offers discreet and un-marked shipping to all its customer with a 2-3 day shipping time, which is great.

However – if you are outside the US, you may need to check on your own country’s shipping rates.


amiclubwear stripper clothing items

AmiClubWear is not a “stripper store” per se, but they do offer various stripper wear, which is why I believe they deserve a spot on this list.

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

Since this is not a “for strippers only” store, AmiClubWear offers various sexy evening dresses, clubwear, and, yes, a small selection of stripper clothes.

How much are their items (on average)?

The stripper collection starts from about $14 and can go up to $30 (at the most)

Where does AmiClubWear ship to?

AmiClubWear ships worldwide, but they do offer free shipping for US customers for overs over $50.


As you may have guessed, the UpscaleStripper.com website is an online store dedicated to “upscale strippers” and it’s without a doubt one of the best websites on this list where you can buy stripper clothes from.

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

They offer absolutely everything you may need to pull off the perfect stripper outfit, including:

Stripper thongs, shoes, costumes, dancer tops, accessories, lingerie, and everything else you can imagine.

How much are their items (on average)?

Prices vary a lot depending on what you need but most items start from $10 and can go all the way up to $50+

Where does Upscale Stripper ship to?

Luckily for you, Upscale Stripper offers worldwide shipping and you can get any item shipped discreetly with free shipping (if you spend over $100).


spicy lingerie

Last but not least, I have to give a well0deserved mention to SpicyLingerie.com which for many years has been the go-to store for many strippers and ladies looking to “spice it up” a little bit.

What type of stripper clothes do they offer?

Here you can find a wide variety of categories and stripper collections to suit your need. I’m willing to make the bet that whatever you need, can be found on this website.

How much are their items (on average)?

Prices vary, but most items can be yours for about $30 or more.

Where does SpicyLingerie ship to?

SpicyLingerie ships internationally but unfortunately, they do not have any “free shipping offers” currently available.

What Makes A Great Stripper Outfit?

Now that you know where to buy stripper clothes online, do you know what specific items you need to pull off the perfect stripper outfit?

WikiHow.com surprisingly has a guide on this so be sure to check that out, but to be on the safe side, it’s best to ask one of the leading “Stripper YouTubers” out there.

Here’s a great video from stripper/YouTube Christina if you’re interested in knowing what type of stripper outfits would fit you best: