PornHub Toys’ Virtual Rabbit Review (Sync With PornHub Videos)

What happens when the world’s leading porn company comes up with its own line of sex toys?

Today, I am sharing with you my own Virtual Rabbit review, a new sex toy by

As I’m sure you know already, PornHub is the current king of porn so to see them coming up with their own line of sex toys – more specifically a line of sex toys that syncs with hundreds of videos on the PornHub website, it’s time to see if they can live up to their name.

In this review, you will learn all you need to know about the Virtual Rabbit and seeing how we liked this product so much (might as well call it now – it’s outstanding) you can look forward to more PornHubToys reviews in the near future.

Let’s first take a look at the review summary and overall pleasure score:

PornHubToys' Virtual Rabbit Satisfaction Score $102 (Current Best Price)
  • Pleasure Score
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Average Customer Review

PornHubToys' Virtual Rabbit Review Summary

  • Synchronize With PornHub Videos ✅
  • Extraordinary Design ✅
  • Easy To Clean ✅
  • VR-Enabled ✅

Virtual Rabbit’s Unique Features & Benefits

pornhub virtual rabbit review

Synchronize With PornHub Videos

We don’t think there is any other sex toy in the market that can be synchronized with the videos found on sex websites. You have to create your own specific patterns for sexual pleasure or follow other patterns on the app designed by other users.

Fortunately, Virtual Rabbit is different.

It is developed by the designers of one of the top-rated porn websites – PornHub. They have introduced a ‘Teledildonic‘ feature in it that allows it to synchronize with the film of their website.

Though, keep in mind, it won’t be synchronized with all the videos on PornHub.

You can synchronize it only with some chosen films, webcams, and other interactive content. The professional developers of this sex toy made sure only those videos are available for their customers that offer the best experience and specifically related to women.

If you own other sex toys as well, you can synchronize this Virtual Rabbit with them too. However, those toys should be compatible with the Kiiroo Technology.

All you need is to download the free app ‘FeelConnect’ and ‘Feel Performer’ and enjoy the functions and applications of all the sex toys together for earth-shattering orgasm.

kiiroo sex toy reviews

Extraordinary Design

It has a design like LOVENSE, but it appears and feels more firm and kind of like manly that arouses the feelings even more.

But don’t just go on its feel and appearance. In reality, it is beautifully made and soft. Plus, it is in a silky black color. These things make it a perfect companion for orgasm for women. It can make their eyes roll back with intense pleasure.

If we say it is designed for ultimate satisfaction also, it will be correct. Because we see advanced innovative features in it that work rather well with the design.

For example, it gives the ‘Virtual Reality Porn Experience‘ that blows your mind.

The way it mimics the motions of the video that you watch on the PornHub is exceptional. As far as we know, there is no other sex toy in the world that mimics the sex video this well. It makes you believe you are in the scene.

Just pull up a video on the PornHub which can be synchronized with the Virtual Rabbit and connect it. Turn the sex toy on, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. It jerks and thrusts along to the onscreen action. You will feel like a desired, famous pornstar.

You will feel special.

In addition, it is designed to mold to your body and hit the right spot every single time. The insertable length of this toy is 10.5 cm while the insertable diameter is 3.7. These dimensions make it feel real and makes even the experience users shiver with thrill.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Yes, it features advanced technology and soft & silky hypoallergenic silicon material, but it doesn’t mean it is tough to clean.

It is 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

You can use warm water along with antibacterial soap. Both are safe for cleaning and you won’t deal with a spark or battery issues also. If you want to go the extra mile for cleaning, you can also opt for a specialized toy cleaner.

It is easy to buy specialized toy cleaners online or through a local store. Though make sure the cleaner you are buying is free from alcohol, petrol, acetone, and other dangerous materials. Since these elements will damage the actual cover and affect your vaginal health.

Besides, it is better to clean this toy after each use immediately. If you would take the time or clean it after days, it won’t last long.

Furthermore, don’t try to use the dryer or any heating appliance to dry it at once. It will also break its material. It is better to let it dry on its own after cleaning.

Drawback: Not Too Many Videos

This is the only drawback that we see in this product.

You can’t connect this toy with every video on PornHub. Therefore, if you already have a favorite list, there is a high possibility most of the videos won’t work.

pornhub vr porn movie category

But luckily PornHub promised to add five new videos every day that interacts with this toy. So, the collection will keep on increasing and within a few weeks, you will have a monstrous collection which you can enjoy and sync with the toy.

In a way, this step is necessary too for the developers, as they want to opt for only those videos that can hand their customers the best experience.

How To Use The Virtual Rabbit (For Maximum Pleasure)

Using this toy is exactly the same as other sex toys. You need to power it on and hold the multifunctional button for at least four seconds.

You can also use a water-based lubricant for easy insertion. It is indeed recommended by the company, but keep in mind it is NOT allowed to use massage oils or hand creams as lubrication. They destroy the silicone material.

Some women try to use Virtual Rabbit manually too for thrusting.

However, it is a hands-free model in reality. And, it actually combines intense vibrations with virtual experience; it responds to the onscreen action.

pornhubtoys virtual rabbit

But, in order to enjoy all these innovative features, follow these below steps:

  • Download ‘FeelConnect’ app and set up a new account to connect your toy.
  • Once you are logged in, select ‘My Device’ through the dropdown menu.
  • After adding your device, go back to the menu, add the website by scanning the QR code with your smartphone and start streaming interactive video content.

In order to have virtual reality experience:

  • You have to download the ‘FeelVR‘ app and connect your device.
  • Next, go to and register yourself.
  • After registration, login and select a video you want to interact with.
  • If you haven’t purchased the subscription, you have to purchase the video.

In case you are baffled and want to know about all the steps and instructions, there is a PDF guide on the PornHubToys website.

It is packed with all the information and right steps, which you can follow to relish the true experience. You can send an email to their customer support team if you have some specific question about this product.

How Does The Virtual Rabbit Perform?

pornhub virtual rabbit testimonial

This is a vibrator with seven vibration patterns.

The vibration patterns, with total five intensity levels, perform exceptionally well and work on both g-spot and clitoris simultaneously to intensify the pleasure.

In order to play with its vibration patterns, you have to switch to the manual mode as the patterns can’t be activated in the interactive mode.

The purpose of interactive mode is to mimic the motion of the video to make you feel you are in the actual scene.

For proper stimulation, ensure that the shaft is inserted well inside the vagina and the clitoris stimulator is resting right above the clitoris.

What PornHub’s Customers Are Saying

When we canvass the customers’ reviews, it appears that Virtual Rabbit is doing its job amazingly well and make its users scream with pleasures.

But the main thing that makes people fall in love with it is it is easy to understand its functions.

There are indications on each step that facilitate you in understanding that the device is responding to your request.

For example, with almost every action the device responds with rumble vibration. In addition, there are some specific light indications that show the actual mode of the toy.

If the blue light is visible, it means it is ready to pair. In case it is white, it means the toy is in touch-sensitive mode. So, on the whole, you can easily perceive and follow its features.

What Is In The Box (Shipping Information)?

virtual rabbit box

The Virtual Rabbit box contains the Virtual Rabbit in black color, instruction manual, two warranty cards, and a USB charging cable.

However, the main issue is the packaging isn’t discreet, especially if you are buying it from a local online store or Amazon.

The box itself is PornHub branded and there is a huge image of Virtual Rabbit on front.

That’s why it is not for those who want to keep it a private purchase.

But when we check the PornHubToys website, the actual owner of the product, they promise to keep your shipping discreet. According to them, their products are always shipped and packaged in unmarked discreet boxes.

There won’t be any sign that can give a hint to your neighbors what you are actually buying.

In our opinion, it is still better to contact the company first and share your concerns regarding privacy and your location.

We are confident, they will address the concerns and resolve your privacy issue at once.

How Much Does The Virtual Rabbit Cost To Bring Home?

buy the Virtual Rabbit from pornhubtoys

Once you have this toy, it is hard to imagine a world without it.

And, the developers of this product comprehend this so well. For that reason, they keep it a bit pricey. It costs around $102.

We know there are some other lower price tag vibrators in the market, but they are nothing compared to Virtual Rabbit.

In fact, some expensive products, even like LOVENSE, don’t have the features that it offers.

We don’t think so there is any other sex toy in the world that gives virtual reality experience and also has PornHub compatibility.

Virtual Rabbit Review: Final Words

Thank you very much for reading my Virtual Rabbit review, I hope this post has shed some light on this new insanely cool sex toy.

Be sure to let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions.