10 Best Sex Toys To Wear In Public (Without Anyone Knowing)

Using a sex toy in public is something not many people have the confidence to do. There are always the important questions popping up in your head such as:

“What if someone hears them? What if someone hears you?”

The thought of climaxing right there and then while in a public area and having to keep quiet maybe a bit too much for some people or it can be something of a joke to others.

However, if you consider yourself to be a thrill-seeker, using sex toys in public might be right up your alley.

This way, you can satisfy your fantasies of being sexual in new and interesting places without being charged with public indecency.

In this guide, I am sharing with you the 10 best discreet sex toys made for public use.

These will be split into three different categories:

  • Vaginal sex toys.
  • Anal sex toys.
  • Vibrating panties.

But first…

the best sex toys to wear in public

Why Wear Sex Toys In Public?

Isn’t there something exciting about knowing you have something under your belt that can make you explode in a full-blown orgasm at any given moment, yet the people around you have no clue?

Roaming around the supermarket is no longer a chore if you are holding in a moan. It becomes something of sweet torture you don’t to put an end to.

The same goes for sitting in a restaurant while catching up with friends. Can you resist the urge to just let go while someone is talking to you?

There is something about having an orgasm in public that is irresistible to thrill-seekers.

If you are in a relationship and looking to increase both pleasure and intimacy while experiencing a new kind of fun, experimenting with a sex toy in public may be just the thing for you.

Using pleasure toys with your partner shows that you are open to exploration and adventure.

Letting your partner control your discreet toy through an app such as the Lovense Remote app while in public will definitely be a fun experience for both of you.

The 10 Best Discreet Sex Toys For Public Use

discreet sex toys

If you made it here, it probably means that you are already thinking of trying out a discreet public play.

So here is my selection of the 10 best discreet sex toys for public wear.

The Best Vaginal Sex Toys For Public Use

The Best Vaginal Sex Toys For Public Use

#1 Lovense Lush 2; $99

This super-quiet G-spot stimulator can be controlled via an app from anywhere in the world and worn anywhere you could use a little excitement.

The best part of using the Lush 2? You have your own little secret while having more fun than everyone else in the room.

Unlike other vibrating panties that happen to be quite “bulgy”, the Lush 2 is very much discreet and comfortable toy to wear around with you.

It slips in easily and you can easily hide the antenna if you are wearing a pair of jeans.

If this little guy caught your attention, check out my full review on all you need to know before buying it here.

#2 We-Vibe Sync; $210

The Sync is made to clamp onto a woman’s pubic bone and provide simultaneous vibrations to the clitoris and G-spot.

It is made with body-safe silicone to prevent triggering any allergic reactions and it is free from phthalates, BPA, and latex.

It’s both a discreet wearable delight that can be controlled with the little remote it comes with or a Bluetooth via the We-Connect app that can be controlled from any distance through the internet.

Although the g-spot portion doesn’t press with much noticeable impact, when the vibrations are going, there’s a lot to love about this little guy.

The vibrations are deep, rumbly, and strong and you can actually choose the intensity through the We-Connect app that lets you select from a variety of patterns.

#3 We-Vibe Jive; $119

Being able to control your partner while in public or pretty much anywhere, really, is a popular fantasy.

We-Vibe’s Jive remote-controlled G-spot vibe was created with this thought in mind.

It’s a discreet wearable delight that can be controlled via the We-Connect app and can be controlled from any distance through the internet.

The app lets you create your own patterns of powerful vibrations that are concentrated in the insertable section.

The Best Anal Butt Plugs For Public Use

The Best Anal Butt Plugs For Public Use

#4 Lovense Hush; $99

Lovense Hush is an ideal toy for individuals and couples who are into anal play.

It’s made from 100% silicone and it has a lot of smart features that make it way less intimidating than some of the other butt plugs on the market.

The silicone exterior makes for enough give so there’s no feeling of forcing anything, while the entire unit itself is firm in order to keep things moving at a comfortable pace.

The Hush can connect to Bluetooth and can also be used with the Lovense app which is compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

On the other hand, if you are not so tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry. You can use Hush without downloading the app and still enjoy everything it has to offer.

Additionally, make sure you read my detailed review on this butt plug from the future here.

#5 b-Vibe Snug Plug; $45

Wearing a butt plug while out and about in public is now made simple with b-Vibe’s Snug Plug that is specially designed for comfort and that much-desired feeling of fullness.

Made out of smooth, seamless silicone, the Snug Plug features a thin, flexible neck for easy long-term wear.

It has a sleek anchor base that fits comfortably between the butt cheeks.

And the best part is – it comes in 5 different sizes and weight options. You can also choose between the 4 different colors available.

This butt-plug truly offers something for everyone!

#6 Njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plug; $59

Designed to be equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear while out and about for that much needed daily stimulation, the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 Stainless Steel Butt Plugs have a large head for that good stretch of penetration and a small, tapered stem for good retention and long-term comfort.

The artful curve offers a welcome tease and the silky-smooth, weighty steel adds a sense of fullness to remind you of just how sensitive you really are back there.

The Best Vibrating Panties For Public use

If you want just external clit stimulation, then a panty vibe is definitely what you need. Noise levels are usually louder with external vibes, so test beforehand and use it in a crowded area if you want to disguise the volume.

Take a look at these fancy toys:

#7 Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator; $89.99

Desire is a collection of luxurious sex toys specially designed by Lovehoney with your ultimate sexual happiness in mind.

This model is whisper-quiet and wirelessly controlled, offering the discretion you need even on the strongest tier of sensation.

You can safely relax into bliss as your lover flicks through the settings from up to 8 meters away.

However, you may have trouble maintaining your composure with the 8 speeds and 12 patterns this powerful toy has to offer.

#8 Secrets 5 Function Remote Control Vibrating Panties; $54.99

You can take this lacy lingerie, enhanced by a remote-controlled bullet vibrator in the crotch to bed with your partner or take it out for a walk with you.

It is supper-discreet and quiet enough to be worn at dinner where you can hand the remote control to your partner and allow them to take charge of the 5 powerful vibration modes that you will not be able to forget.

Unlike other vibrating panties, the removable vibrator is curved to fit your body and provide maximum contact and comfort.

There is a hidden pocket in the crotch lining of the lacy panties that will ensure focused stimulation at all times.

#9 OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH Panty Vibe – Wearable Remote Vibrator; $119

The Club Vibe 3. OH is a small, discreet vibrator that is designed to be worn in a pair of panties. It also comes with a pair of black lace panties that have a small, customed pouch for the device built-in.

It can be controlled with a wireless remote control that offers three modes:

  • Pulse mode that works whenever and for as long as you press the button.
  • Pattern mode that vibrates in present patterns.
  • Music mode that listens to and responds to the ambient noise  (talk about taking date night or clubbing to a whole new level).

It is lightweight and surprisingly quiet when vibrating.

#10 Screaming O My Secret Charged Remote Control Panty Vibe; $59.95

My Secret Charged Panty Vibe is a great way to play in public with a compact mini vibe that fits comfortably in a matching lace panty with a customed pouch.

It is made out of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone that keeps deep, rumbling vibration delivered through a remote control that is cleverly disguised as a finger ring and controlled by a button battery.

The panties are made from nylon and spandex for a soft feel and are completely adjustable with tie sides to ensure you get the right fit.

Are Sex Toys Comfortable To Wear All Day?

Regardless of whether you are single or coupled, there is nothing wrong with using discreet sex toys on your own in public.

There are options for all bodies, from cock rings to G-spot and prostate stimulation, to clitoral pleasure that is designed for your pleasure and maximum comfort.

However, you should not go crazy as we sometimes tend to when pleasure is involved and end up wearing your toy all day long.

Too much of a good thing may not end up being so good after all and there may be unwanted soreness and even bruising if your toy stays on or inside you for an entire day.

Even small and discreet sex toys may take a bit of getting used to, however, don’t get carried away and forget that they are there.

The beauty of jeweled, miniature and discreet sex toys is that you can take them out whenever you’ve had enough and wrap them up until it’s cleaning time.

If you are at work and your toy starts to feel uncomfortable, you can always take it off and leave it inside your bag or pocket until you get home and play with them again.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve been wanting to create this guide for quite some time now and it is finally here.

I really enjoyed sharing one of my favorite public experiences as well as suggesting the 10 discreet sex toys for public use to make your life easier if you are keen on experimenting with public play.

I hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you learn a bit more about how to start your journey.

I would love to hear if you have previously experimented with public play, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

If you haven’t – seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Either way, have fun exploring!

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