10 Most Powerful Vibrators You Need To Experience

Some people like it gentle, while others expect to have their world absolutely rocked when using a vibrator during masturbation.

So, if you belong to the latter group, you have landed on the right article because below, you will find a list of the ten best and very powerful vibrators for when you need a little extra rocking to get off.

But, worry not, these vibrators come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths, so don’t feel like you will be missing out if you happen to enjoy a gentler approach another time. Most of the items on my list offer multiple strengths, patterns, and intensities that aim to please you, no matter the mood you’re in.

And without any further ado, here’s my list of ten very powerful vibrators:

the most powerful very strong vibrators

Blush Novelties – Hop Trix Rabbit Silicone Vibrator – $50

Hop Trix Rabbit Silicone Vibrator

The Hop Trix Silicone Dual Stimulation Vibrator by Blush Novelties is a budget-friendly, body-safe rabbit vibrator.

It has an attractive, streamlined design, making it a curvy, bulbous, and fairly seamless pleasure toy that’s suitable for all body types and tastes.

Hop Trix is medium-sized, with 4.25 inches insertable length and about 1.25 inches wide.

The clitoral arm is an impressive 2 inches long, which is much longer than many other rabbit toys. It’s also 1 inch wide at the widest point, which increases the chance of finding the clit.

Hop Trix features seven vibration modes (3 speeds and four patterns), and you can easily switch between them mid-play by simply using the (+) and (–) buttons.

The vibrator is fully waterproof and can be charged via a magnetic charging cord. It takes about 1.5 hours to be fully charged so that it can offer up to one hour of playtime.

Vedo – Rialto Strong Vibrating Dildo – $70

Rialto Strong Vibrating Dildo

VeDo’s Rialto Strong Vibrating Dildo is a beautiful vibrator that packs a strong vibrating punch into a smooth and curvy silicone shaft that travels all the way up to the head.

The Rialto’s head is also special, featuring a thin layer of smooth silicone that can be pressed inward, while the firm shaft ensures the vibrator is always hitting the spot and staying in place.

Rialto is equipped with six vibration intensities for all ten functions, totaling about 60 possible combinations of usage.

It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable, easy to grip, and offers a standard 5.25 inches of insertable length.

Evolved – Dual Stimulation Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo – $80

Dual Stimulation Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo

The Ballistic Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo by Evolved is a beautiful vibrating dildo designed for dual stimulation.

It has a semi-realistic shaft that offers 4.5 inches of insertable length and a strong motor inside the ball designed for precise clitoral or perineum sensation too.

The Ballistic Dildo has both motors working together to provide ten strong vibrations, intensities, and patterns that can be easily cycled through via a remote control even from up to 20 feet away, making it not only a good solo partner but also an addition to a couple’s play.

The Ballistic Vibrating Dildo is waterproof and can be submerged underwater for bath or shower play.

The dildo is USB rechargeable, while its remote takes two convenient AAA batteries. Made of smooth and creamy silicone, the Ballistic Dual-Stimulating Dildo is body-safe and easy to keep clean.

Nu Sensuelle – Geminii G-Spot Vibrator with Fluttering Tip – $80

Geminii G-Spot Vibrator with Fluttering Tip

The Nu Sensuelle Geminii is a beautiful vibrator with a nice, curvy shaft made out of body-safe silicone.

It provides powerful vibrations throughout the entire shaft; however, its curvy tip pulses and flutters along with the vibes to create that stimulating sensation.

The sleek, curved design and textured ridges are perfect for placing pressure on the G-spot but also stimulate the clitoris.

In addition to the 15 different vibration functions, Geminii has a unique Turbo Boost function that kicks off its intensity up to 9000 RPM for 12 seconds at a time.

This is nearly the same as the most powerful wand vibrator.

Geminii is also USB-rechargeable and has a waterproof design.

Viotec – Chance Touch Screen G-Spot Vibrator – $84

Chance Touch Screen G-Spot Vibrator

The Chance Touch Screen G-Spot Vibrator is among three vibrator models from Viotec, a luxury brand that offers the first-ever touchscreen-controlled vibrators.

Chance is activated and operated entirely by an interactive LED touchscreen panel located on its base and utilizes intuitive technology to bring ease, pleasure, and convenience into an element of your life that it hadn’t before.

Chance is a super interesting vibrator, and given that we basically cannot function without technology nowadays, I am happy that someone finally ventured into this niche and developed a unique technology to deliver sexual pleasure.

Chance is crafted from a supremely soft, medical-grade silicone and is designed with a firm structure that features a gentle upward curve and a flexible neck to help women with different body types achieve total satisfaction.

Chance features customized vibrations with seven different vibration patterns and three intensity options for throbbing and pulsating pleasure.

Chance is also USB-rechargeable and takes only 1.5 hours to be fully charged while offering a continuous 2.5-hour battery life and interrupted play.

The only thing you need to be extra mindful of is that Chance isn’t waterproof, so it’s best to keep it away from water (especially the touch part).

Hot Octopuss – Kurve Dual Motor G-Spot Vibrator – $130

Kurve Dual Motor G-Spot Vibrator

Kurve Dual Motor G-Spot Vibrator is one of the newest members of the Hot Octopuss family.

Made out of smooth, medical-grade silicone, Kurve features a silky shaft and a squishy gel tip for gentle yet powerful stimulation.

Hot Octopuss’ patented Treble and Bass technology is another interesting feature about the vibrator that basically causes it to deliver a higher-pitched timber plus a deeper bass resonance which are independently controllable for a variety of vibration patterns and intensities.

Kurve has two dual motors, and each dual motor has five functions and five intensity levels that can be felt throughout its curved 7.6 inches shaft and handle.

Kurve is also USB rechargeable, fully waterproof, and arrives with a storage pouch included.

Fun Factory – Stronic Surf Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo – $170

Stronic Surf Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo

Stronic Surf Realistic Pulsator is a thrusting vibrator made of medical-grade silicone that feels silky smooth on the skin.

Surf is unique for its powerful thrusting back and forth motions, and you can also say that this vibrator pulsates rather than vibrates.

It has an ever so slightly curved tip to better tap the G-spot while the increasing width of the body, combined with the very prominent ridges will definitely help send you into ecstasy in virtually no time.

It totals at 9.5 inches in length, from which 5.6 inches are insertable. It boasts ten different vibration strengths, from which 4 are steady pulsation speeds, and 6 are pulsation patterns.

Surf is USB-rechargeable and offers a 45-minute play at the highest setting, which is extremely strong, so be careful how you use it.

It also has a fully waterproof design as well as a convenient, discreet travel lock feature.

Lovense – Nora – $199

Lovense Nora Review

Lovense’s Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator made out of high-quality silicone material and high-quality ABS plastic as a handle.

Nora has two arms; a longer arm topped with a rotating head to brush against your G-spot and a powerful vibrating smaller arm to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

Nora can be controlled manually by clicking the two buttons on the toy’s handle or via Bluetooth and Lovense’s Remote App.

Through manual control, Nora offers seven different settings in the vibrating arm and three different settings in the rotating head.

However, the Lovense Remote App is where the interesting part really starts because the app allows you to choose from an unlimited number of patterns, sync with the music you like, and even connect with another user so that they can control your vibes.

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Lovense – Lush 3 – $199

lush 3 review

Lush 3 is the third generation of the G-spot vibrator in the shape of an egg that exploded in popularity amongst public-play enthusiasts and camgirls a few years ago.

The Lush 3 is the upgraded version of its predecessors, Lush (which has been discontinued) and Lush 2.

Basically, Lush 3 is an internal vibrator that can be used to achieve a strong G-spot orgasm.

Like all Lovense sex toys, Lush 3 can be controlled via Bluetooth and the Lovense Remote App that lets you choose from an unlimited number of patterns, sync with the music you like, and even connect with another user so that they can control your vibes.

Lush 3 is fully waterproof and is made out of high-quality, silky smooth silicone that can be used alongside a water-based lube.

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Lovense – Osci 2 – $199

lovense osci 2 review

Osci 2 has to be my favorite Lovense toy because, unlike other conventional G-spot stimulators, the Osci 2 doesn’t vibrate, but instead, the oval head makes oscillation movements.

In simpler terms, this means that the head moves side to side against the G-spot rather than vibrating against it. And Osci 2 is one of those vibrators that can pack a punch if you want it to, but it can also be ultra-gentle.

The toy’s exterior is made of silicone, and it has a soft “S” curve configuration with a button towards the lower end for controlling the settings.

Osci 2 has a button located on top of the “S” that you can use to manually set the level of intensity to low, medium, or high, depending on your preferences.

But, like all Lovense toys, Osci can also be controlled via the Lovense Remote App that allows you to experiment with unlimited patterns, sync to your playlist, and let the music get you off, and even connect with other users so that they can control your vibes.

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