8 Different Door Sex Swings You Can Try

If you think you might be interested in trying something a little less conventional, allow me to introduce you to the sex swings.

Investing in a sex swing can be a fun way to explore the power dynamics within your relationship, plus hanging from a harness enables you to achieve acrobatic sexual positions that even the most limber lovers would ordinarily struggle to reach.

And most importantly, it does the heavy lifting for you, so irrespective of your (or your partner’s) strength, height, or weight, you can both enjoy zero gravity sex without pulling a hamstring.

The simplest style of a sex swing is the door sex swing, which is easy to install, use, and store, and is usually affordable, too. This is, in my opinion, the best option for a beginner who just wants to try something new.

So, here are my recommendations for the door sex swings.

door sex swings

Shots – Door Swing with Handles and Blindfold – $35

Door Swing with Handles and Blindfold

The Shots Door Swing offers a supportive solution for standing sex and includes two acrylic tubes that you place over your door.

The Door Swing allows for less back strain and more fun, as one partner hangs in place via the padded thigh loops. It’s also non-permanent and simple to remove afterward.

The Door Swing supports up to 661 lbs (300 kg) of weight and comes with a free satin blindfold included in the package.

Bondage Boutique – Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing – $43

Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique’s Over the Door Sex Swing enables you to enjoy upright intimate pleasure through supporting your lover’s legs easily and not getting tired within minutes into your play.

The cushioned thigh straps support the sitting partner’s weight comfortably, while handles near the top of the straps offer added safety and balance.

Each strap can be adjusted to suit your height for a comfortable and pleasurable experience without the need for twisting, bending, or tiptoeing.

The Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing supports approximately 308 lbs (140 kg.)

Extreme Restraints – D’Luxe Entry Love Sling with Seat – $45

D'Luxe Entry Love Sling with Seat

The D’Luxe Love Sling by Extreme Restraints is a fully-functional sex swing that features a padded seat, foot stirrups, and easy-grip handles.

This allows you and your partner to enjoy rigorous and enjoyable sex without being concerned about discomfort or injuries.

You can use almost any doorway just by securing the anchors over the top of the door and locking the door for extra safety.

This love swing is made of heavy-duty nylon and uses fully adjustable buckles. The straps are extra wide, allowing you to leverage and position your partner in various ways.

The swing itself supports around 300 lbs (135 kg.)

Sportsheets – Sex Swing Door Jam Kit – $80

Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

The Sportsheets Sex Swing allows for a confident vertical bonking without getting too tired and can be enjoyed over any closed household door.

This all-in-one sex swing provides lovers with smaller spaces the ability to explore new and exciting sexual plays. All you need to do is simply slide the bars over the top of a sturdy door and pull it shut.

The supportive swing boasts a padded seat to cradle the buttocks, hand grips for a firm hold, and stirrup loops for foot support, making a variety of semi-suspended positions possible.

Each of the two suspending straps is fully adjustable to allow you and your partner to find the perfect height for the seat, while the foot stirrups adjust separately to hold you in your favorite positions.

The Sex Swing itself supports 325 lbs (145 kg.)

Sex Swing – Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing – $69

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

The Fetish Deluxe Door Swing enables you to have sex with your partner standing up, pressed up against a door, legs wrapped around you, but minus the strain and discomfort.

The Deluxe Door Swing includes a broad, 8-inch seat for maximum comfort alongside stirrups and a handle for extra control and adjustment.

The sex swing is easy to use, fully adjustable, and the only requirement for installation is a solid door that should also be locked for extra safety.

It also supports up to 200 lbs (90 kg.)

Sportsheets – Door Jam Sex Sling – $70

Door Jam Sex Sling

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is a strong, durable, and highly adjustable sling for your most creative sexual endeavors without worries about running out of breath, stamina, or injuring yourself or your partner.

All you need to do before playing is secure the sling over your door by closing it on the dowels and adjusting each of the straps to the perfect lengths for your and your partner’s bodies and the chosen position.

The footrests, hand straps, and a padded seat ensure comfort even during your most vigorous carnal explorations. When you’re both satisfied, just take the sling down and store it away for next time.

The Door Jam Sex Sling supports 325 lbs (145 kg.)

Sportsheets – Door Jam Sex Sling – Special Edition – $120

Door Jam Sex Sling

Sportsheets also has a Special Edition of their classic Door Jam Sex Sling mentioned above, and this one comes with a few extra interesting additions, including a detachable dildo and a bullet anchor pad, padded seat, and foot support for extra comfort.

The luxurious swing allows for a variety of positioning options, including standing, sitting, and tilting, making it a versatile option for anyone who doesn’t mind putting themselves in weird and compromising positions.

To use it, you need to simply place the small metal bars of the strap over the top of a solid door before closing and locking it for extra safety.

Once that’s done, you can play around with the fully adjustable straps and figure out what height works best for you.

To bring your play to another level, incorporate the detachable anchor pad with your favorite dildo (ideally one with a flared base) and up to four bullet vibrations to truly drive your partner crazy during your most wild games.

The Door Jam Sex Sling supports 325 lbs (145 kg.)

Sex Swing – Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing – $162

Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing

The Screamer Over-The-Door Sex Swing is a comfortable and compact sex swing that’s easy to install, adjust, use, and store once you’re done.

All you have to do is simply place the two inserts between the door and the door frame, close and clip up your swing. A rod on one side will keep it secure even during the most vigorous lovemaking.

Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing supports up to 300 lbs (135 kg.)