How I Quickly Became A Top-Rated Sex Chat Operator

So here I am, a 41-year-old divorced woman with a child, eagerly looking to find income!

My own business, a travel agency, is obviously not thriving at the moment due to COVID, and I really need some cash soon!

Who would have thought I would find so much fun in erotic chatting or erotic roleplaying, as they call it!

I managed to get myself to the top of a Sex Chat Operator in just a few days, with already a handful of returning customers and one beautiful review.

Here’s how I did it…

How I Easily Became A Top-Rated Sex Chat Operator

SN: This is a guest post from Hannah Love, a student inside my 100 Ways To Make Money Sexually Online who’s making money as a sex chat operator. This is her story of how she became a top-rated sex chat operator.

Learn How To Chat With Men

I must honestly tell you that I am not a complete beginner per se.

Since my divorce, I have been dating on Tinder for a while, and I can tell you, that is a really great starter point.

You try out your best pictures, learn to chat with men, where they mostly react to, but on top of it, it provides you with the best experience needed for this job; sex!!!

As much and as kinky as possible please! And I don’t have to tell you to be safe as well. I must honestly tell you that I enjoy this part of the work best.

Create An Account With A Sex Chat Website

top ranking arousr sex chat worker

After much-needed experience in real life, I was confident enough to submit for an account with one of the top Sex Chat Operators (Arousr).

With my daughter watching Youtube in the living room, I took myself to the bedroom and made the most delicate pictures of myself, in different dresses, tops and lingerie of course! And yes, also some hot nudes became part of my portfolio.

Submitting the application was a piece of cake and within a day or two, I received the confirmation that my account was now active.

I was now ready for action!

I purchased the necessary equipment, a wireless keyboard, and a mouse so I could type easier and quicker on the phone app they wanted me to use. Then I tried to get over my nerves, sat down at my desk and pressed the button “chats on”….

My heart was pounding, my hands were getting sweaty, and I was eagerly waiting for my first customer.

I think it took about two hours before the first customer announced himself. Letsfuck96 seemed to be a nice guy actually, who was only in for some friendly chat. I could not have wished for a better start.

From then on, things got more fun, easier, and even exciting! I figured out that being true to yourself works absolutely best.

I know it sounds sleazy, but the customer will figure it out if you are fake.

Learn How To Position Yourself

hannah love profile

Me not being a heavy-breasted, 20-year-old skinny model I decided to focus more on my face and making more decadent pictures of my body instead of hard porn images.

So think properly about how you want to position yourself.

Are you a typical girl next door? Then use that look.

Do you have a school teacher look, or are you perhaps a sporty type? There are all men out there who love that.

The diversity of customers out there is amazing. From guys who want to roleplay, to having hardcore sex on chat or asking to see your pussy.

Another crucial tip, most probably the most important, is…

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Don’t feel offended. Play with it a bit.

I had one customer who started the chat with “slut”.

I could close the chat but decided to try him, so I answered with “Well, that is a nice way to say hello”.

He cooled down afterward, and I was really able to connect with him, by asking questions, getting to know him.

In the end, we almost became friends. And I am sure he will be back on the chat soon!

But obviously, we are still talking about a sex chat platform, so the chat is most of the time going towards an erotic roleplay and sharing sexy images.

Flirt With Yout Customers

Be flirty, try to dare the customer here and there, use words like “babe”, “darling” or “honey” to address the customer.

Let him feel at home with you, like he has known you for years. In the end, it is all about finding returning customers, even becoming friends.

Most men are also obviously looking for a way to pick themselves up and feel good about themselves.

So in this first week, I have seen a gazillion dicks! And of course, they all want their dicks to be rated!

Play along, tell them how amazing they are, get into detail, and describe what you like about the dick; color, size, length or even pubic hair.

You will really connect with a guy after that and he will love you for it! I have also complimented men on their ass, face, body, tattoos, and whatnot.

Whatever you think is beautiful, describe it and compliment!

Build Up Your Clientele

So after a week, I can proudly say that I already have six returning customers, even a customer that wants to chat with me every day for about two hours.

That is already a basis for a nice income every day.

Every morning before I start my chat, I quickly go through the previous chats of these returning customers checking the last things we discussed or writing down new topics if this customer decides to come back.

This way, I can quickly respond as it can be busy sometimes working multiple chats simultaneously. But most importantly, the immediate connection is there for this returning customer!

And lastly, something that will pick up any woman, whether being single, divorced, young or old and that I would definitely recommend…

Make This a Party For Yourself!

Dress up before you start, put on some nice makeup, and turn on your favorite music.

Listening to Madonna always brings me in the right mood and gives me a one hundred percent power boost! Turn up the music, dance a little bit, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself how awesome you are.

It will give you the absolute necessary confidence to do this job.

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hannah loveThis post was created for by Hannah Love.

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