What To Expect As A Sex Chat Host (& How To Prepare Yourself)

How three weeks can change a life.

In the last 21 days, I became a professional in sex chatting, have more than two hands full of regulars and am surely able to give you some more expert advice on how to wing this.

Please read my first post if you want to learn about my first week.

Yes, I am a sex chat host! I will not scream it from the rooftops, but I have confided in a few good friends. It is just too exciting to keep it all to myself.

In the meantime, I am also practicing for free on Tinder, trying to hook myself up with some hot guys, threesomes, and sex parties!

Hey, a girl needs to do what she needs to do, and I obviously need the input to share with my customers.

So if you are ready, have your account in place, let me tell you what to expect when you become a sex chat host.

what to expect when becoming a sex chat host

SN: This is a guest post from Hannah Love, one of my best-performing students inside the 100 Ways To Make Money Sexually Online. This is a series of blogs documenting how she’s quickly becoming a top-rated sex chat host.

The Type of Clients

It is absolutely amazing what a diversity of chats I experience.

Me being a bit older, I guess I attract some older men that are showing me their wives, wanting me to have sex with them, or want to do a very specific and detailed role play.

Most of these men have exciting fantasies but have been married for so long that it is unthought off to even really chase after these fantasies in real life.

The other category I would call “very horny young guys”.

At least I think they are young because they try to get nudes from me within the 100 free credits they get for signing up.

So they are not really interested in making a connection and don’t want to spend too much money. Some I can trigger to chat a bit more, but most of them leave once they have seen my tits and ass.

And then the best group of customers; the returning ones.

If you are really able to make a connection with a customer, he will come back. And they are the best because they leave you a tip, write a great review, but most important of all they will return! And how much nicer is it to talk to someone you already know.

Don’t forget to write these returning customers down with some details that you can use in your chats.

I will talk a bit more about preparing yourself now that you know what kind of men you can expect on your chat.

Prepare Pictures

hannah love sex blogger

Making pictures of yourself will be a crucial part of the job. I am actually enjoying this a lot. It also helps me to grow my confidence by the day (that’s me above).

Your customers will ask you for different pictures and it will come in handy if you already have them in your gallery.

Otherwise, it will cost you too much of your precious time to make them while chatting. Plus, when you are working, you are probably sitting behind your desk, with bad light, so your pictures will not be professional.

Your DIY Studio At Home

So, in my 40 m2 flat I have two studios.

One is my bedroom and the second one is a tiny space next to my couch that has great natural lighting in the afternoon and where the wall behind is fully white.

I have two desk lamps with a bright and warm light and I will take these out and use them as spotlights. I place them on two little tables and point them straight to my face and body.

Now the natural light is also coming in; I have a DIY photo studio at home!

So when it comes to the type of pictures I will leave that completely up to you. You can decide how to position yourself, how to dress and what kind of makeup and accessories to use, whatever works for you.

It’s important to know though that you will definitely be asked to share the following aspects of your body with a customer;

  • your tits,
  • your ass,
  • yous feet,
  • your hands,
  • your face, and of course
  • your pussy.

You can decide for yourself if you are comfortable with putting your pussy out there… but I can tell you from personal experience that that will bring you some returning customers for sure.

But also make a few normal pictures, reading a book, drinking a glass of wine or any other hobby that you would like to show.

This way you turn from this porn model into a real person. This is something that is appealing to any customer, especially the ones looking for a deeper connection.

More Preparing

Besides filling up your gallery nicely with some beautiful pictures of yourself, also start getting yourself familiar with the terminology of the sex chat.

Which words, verbs, and phrases do you want to use and match with your image.

You don’t want to be short of words once you need to reply quickly to the messages coming in. I use a lot of sentences multiple times and they seem to be working for me “I am spreading my legs and climb on top of you” or “licking your hard shaft”.

Write some of them down and try to memorize them.

Party Time!

Once you are done with these preparations, it is time to start chatting!

But before you do that, and I also touched on this in my first blog; make this a party for yourself!

Make sure your make up is done nicely and you are dressed properly, especially if you also allow men to video chat you.

Another thing I want to advise just before you start:

Think about how long you want to chat and if that covers a meal like lunch or dinner, prepare that already in advance.

I have had how many evenings where I just quickly stuffed a sandwich in my face because I didn’t have time to cook, having sex with three or four men simultaneously online.

As you can see: preparing is half the work, have fun and you will thank yourself later! Enjoy it, girls!

hannah love profile imageThis post was created for SexToyStarterPack.com by Hannah Love.

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