5 Great Hands-Free Vibrators For The Busy Woman

Regardless of the reason behind it, everyone can find the appeal in hands-free sex toys.

I’m sure we can all agree that no one wants to work for their orgasm after a long week of work, school, or whatever exhausting chores have been ungraciously thrown in your way.

So whether you want to avoid holding onto your gadgets or you simply want a toy to do all the work for you without having to feel guilty for not putting up the effort, Sex Toy Starter Pack got you covered.

Here’s my selection of 5 great hands-free vibrators that not only look aesthetically pleasing but are ready to switch your cranky mood into pure bliss.

In this guide you will find:

  • what is a hands-free vibrator?
  • 3 major benefits of having a hands-free vibrator.
  • my selection of highly recommended hands-free vibrators.

Ready to learn more about these interesting and hard-working toys and get yourself a new asset?

Let’s roll.

What is a Hands-Free Vibrator?

hands free vibrators

Sex toy innovations are truly on the rise, with everything from toys that thrust on their own to ones that let you have a little bit of naughty fun with a long-distance lover and have them feel it too.

But my attention recently got caught by an interesting trend; hands-free vibrators.


  • Well, first of all, because I’m lazy.
  • And second of all… because I’m lazy.

Yes, I admit, I want to have a good time without having to put a ton of work in. And as horrible as that sounds, I can’t bring myself to feel guilty, because at the end of the day I am not hurting anyone.

NO vibrators were hurt in the making of this article. 

As to what is a hands-free vibrator?

Well, I like to call it a smart-toy that will help you achieve prime relaxation while being pleasured without having to use your hands to control it.

This isn’t to say they are so much better than vibes that require handling to operate, just that they don’t require handling.

But, some hands-free vibes are better than manually operated ones as they allow you to simply put your hands behind your head, on your boobs, or simply clutch the sheets for dear life when you feel a big and intense O coming your way.

3 Benefits of Having a Hands-Free Vibrator

Great sex is good for you. The physical connection you experience with your partner during sex makes you feel good, desired, and really really aroused.

However, not every woman can orgasm during sex and while this may sound like a problem, it is actually more common than you’d imagine.

Nope, nothing is wrong with you, however, many factors can contribute to having a difficulty to reach an orgasm during sex. These can be physical, emotional, or psychological.

Often you just can’t seem to get there because of stress, shyness, and you are not even willing to try purely because you don’t want to leave the other person do all the work while you are trying to overcome your shyness.

Ugh, the pressure is real. 

Here’s where a sex toy can come to your rescue and allow you to experiment with your body for as long as you want without complaining about it.

But what about a hands-free toy? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one.

#1 A Hands-Free Allows You To Explore Other Parts of Your Body.

Oh yes! You can roll your fingertips across your nipples and add on the stimulation and increase your arousal while you are on your own and there’s nobody pressuring you to get there today.

Or you can even slide your fingers down to your most sensitive area and see how that feels.

You can suck on your fingers while your imagination is on the loose with creativity.

#2 A Hands-Free Vibrator Does All The Work

Back to the good old,  “I’m way too tired to move a muscle”.

Don’t worry, you are not expected to. There’s a smart toy doing all the work for you so you can give in to the pleasure without having to work for it – at all.

#3 Keep Your Hands Free to Send All The Dirty Thoughts You Have via Message.

You thought that having a hands-free vibrator is throwing money for something that will not do anything a regular vibrator would?

How about you allow your arousal shoot through the roof while keeping your hands on the phone and being penetrated at the same time?

There’s no better time to tell your partner how much you miss them and tease them into being unable to stop thinking about you.

Those dirty messages are not going to send themselves.

Best Hands-Free Vibrators (Reviewed)

Now that we’ve got the above covered, here’s my selection of 5 great hands-free vibrators tested and reviewed (but not ranked in any particular order).

#1 INA Wave by LELO; $199

lelo ina wave hands free vibrator

Its seamless design made out by high-end silicone feels as good in your hands as it feels on the inside.

Its shape and rigidity are perfect for g-spot stimulation and the internal vibrations are deep and rumbly.

The clitoral arm clamps down on your clitoris so it can be left in place and stimulate you effectively without you having to hold the toy.

The arm is movable and can be lifted manually to avoid jabbing and discomfort.

What I also like to point out is that the vibrations on the clitoris aren’t as powerful as the shaft’s vibrations as the clitoris usually tend to be more sensitive and require less powerful stimulation than your g-spot.

Every vibration and pattern can be adjusted to only the shaft, clitoris, or both at the same time if wanted.

Ina is also water-resistant, rechargeable and comes with a 10-year warranty.

#2 MONA Wave by LELO; $177

lelo MONA Wave hands free G spot vibrator

Mona is made from smooth silicone over a firm, curvy body, and ABS plastic.

These two materials are body-safe and non-porous which means that it can be sterilized properly without ruining the texture and will not trigger any allergic reactions.

The plastic is very glossy, white and smooth and the silicone is perhaps some of the silkiest, most sensuous silicone out there.

It feels fantastic and soft and besides being easy to just slip in, it is also lovely to stroke and feels perfect on your skin.

It can provide up to four hours of pure pleasure from a two-hour charge and it offers six stimulation modes from soft flutter to intense pulsation.

Mona is waterproof and can be used to make boring and dull showers an exciting and blissful time to look forward to.

She comes in three colors which are a deep rose, midnight blue, and black as well as a full 1-year warranty and 10 years guarantee.

#3 Sync by We-Vibe; $210

we vibe g spot Vibrator

The Sync is made to clamp onto a woman’s pubic bone and provide simultaneous vibrations to the clitoris and G-spot.

It is made with body-safe silicone to prevent triggering any allergic reactions and it is free from phthalates, BPA, and latex.

Its handy shape is not only great for hands-free play but it is also designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. This little fella will feel more intense for your partner as well as make you feel filled up to the rim.

It’s both a discreet wearable delight that can be controlled with the little remote it comes with or a Bluetooth via the We-Connect app that can be controlled from any distance through the internet.

It comes in a discreet storage case that also serves as a charging base and can be fully charged in two hours by their rapid charging system installed.

The new design of the original toy makes the body of the device to sit snugly against your clitoris and with the ability to modify the angle of penetration of the internal part.

Although the g-spot portion doesn’t press with much noticeable impact, when the vibrations are going, there’s a lot to love about this little guy.

The vibrations are deep, rumbly, and strong and you can actually choose the intensity through the We-Connect app that lets you select from a variety of patterns.

It also comes in two colors which are purple and aqua.

#4 Esca by OhMiBod; $119

esca hands free vibrator review

Esca is an interesting sex toy that can be used in a solo play, but it shines as a couple’s toy. It is best for playful teasing throughout the course of an evening or for toying before the main course.

This effective foreplay tool and also a solo vibrator comes in a bright purple color and it is made out of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic

It has excellent vibration quality and it can rumble your insides stronger than many other toys on the market and due to the size of the bulb, it is bound to stay put inside.

It also has a flexible and vibrating tail so that your clit can also benefit from those lower-level vibes.

The app that controls Esca is called OhMiBod and it lets you choose whether to “Play Locally” which stands for a short distance or “Play Remotely” that can satisfy you even if you are on the other side of the world.

Esca also has pre-programmed settings that work perfectly without any app of WiFi connection and it has three steady speeds and two patterns of escalation and pulsation.

#5 BI Stronic Fusion by Fun Factory; $199.99

Bi stronic fusion vibrator

While this toy might look like any other hand-held rabbit, what you can’t see on the photos is that the Bi Stronic Fusion actually thrusts all on its own.

Allow some self love your way by getting this pleasure machine and tumble up and over into a full-body orgasm with the intense rumbling and clit-stimulating design.

It comes in a dark purple color and it is made out of sleek and gentle body-safe silicone with a gently curved and contoured shaft that thrusts right into your G-hole.

It is completely waterproof and it has its own controls leading to 64 options for pulsation and vibration that you can enjoy separately or combined.

It is a battery operated pulsator with an attached and integrated battery charger inside the toy. It is charged using the original magnetic charger.

Final Words.

clitoral vibrator guide

So there you have it, folks!

My complete and detailed and explanation on why you deserve to have a unique, pleasure toy like some of the 5 great hands-free vibrators I’ve listed.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you have ever owned a toy like this and what was your experience with these modern, smart toys.

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