10 Best Sex Toys For G-Spot Orgasms

Even if you haven’t personally experienced its power yet, I’m sure you’ve heard about the G-spot.

It’s an elusive erogenous zone located inside your vagina that can produce some pretty intense sensations and toe-curling orgasms.

While a G-spot orgasm is an everyday thing for some women, it is also the biggest frustration for many others who haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing it.

Some women even wonder if they even have a G-spot, and the answer to that is yes; all women have a functional G-spot.

You just need to learn how to find it, experiment with it, figure out what it likes, and BOOM! You will get there before you know it.

In today’s article, I will be sharing my 10 favorite g-spot sex toys you can use to reach & stimulate your G-Spot, as well as a bit more information on how to achieve a G-spot orgasm.

best g spot sex toys

Lovense – Osci 2 – $199

Lovense – Osci 2

Osci 2 is a beautiful G-spot vibrator by Lovense made from comfortable, silky-smooth, body-safe silicone.

It is shaped to be easy to hold, and it has a slightly curved design that is flexible enough to gently massage your G-spot.

It measures 8.6 inches in length and 1.54 inches in width.

Osci 2 has a patented motor technology that moves in and out, causing the head of the toy to oscillate (thus the name) back and forth.

It allows you to choose and play around with 3 steady vibration speeds and 4 different patterns. However, it is also compatible with the Lovense Remote app, where you will be able to create and save your own custom pleasure patterns.

Osci 2 is waterproof, which means you can fully submerge it underwater and stimulate your G-spot while in the bath or shower.

Lovense – Nora – $199

Lovense - Nora

The Lovense Nora is a rabbit vibrator made by Lovense and is part of their growing family of teledildonics. The 4.5 inches insertable part of the vibe is made out of medical-grade silicone while the handle is made out of high-quality ABS plastic.

Nora can be controlled via the buttons placed on the handle and it can also be connected to the Lovense Remote app and be controlled via WiFi by yourself or your partner since their app is user-friendly.

It offers three steady vibration speeds and 7 different patterns, however, the Lovense Remote app allows you to customize your patterns and save for a more personalized experience.

Additionally, Nora’s tip offers a full 360 degrees of rotation.

Nora is whisper-quiet and USB-rechargeable lasting up to two hours on a full charge. In addition to that, she is fully submersible and waterproof.

Amazon – Wearable Vibrator Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator – $26

Wearable Vibrator Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator

This fun and affordable toy from Amazon boasts some great, interesting, and unique features. It is a silicone-made, wearable vibrator that is controlled by a remote.

It is ergonomically designed and equipped with two motors for double stimulation on the G-spot and clitoris and it offers 10 different vibration frequencies that will dance against your sweet spots as you want them.

This toy is USB rechargeable and it has a waterproof design that also allows you to experiment with it even in wet conditions such as the shower or bath.

Blush Novelties – Impressions N5 Vibrating Dildo With Suction Cup – $59,99

Impressions N5 Vibrating Dildo With Suction Cup

The Blush Novelties Impressions Vibrating Dildo looks plain and simple, and for many people that works wonders. It is made out of silicone and it has a sleek and abstract shape with a bold, impactful tip made to efficiently stimulate the G-spot.

It offers 5 steady speeds and 5 vibration patterns that gently travel through the shaft up to the tip and provide you with a pleasurable sensation.

It boasts 5.5 inches of insertable length and 1.7 inches wide tip. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof design that features a strong suction cup at the bottom that can be pressed down onto any smooth surface for hands-free pleasure.

Nu Sensuelle – Geminii G-Spot Vibrator With Fluttering Tip – $79,99

Geminii G-Spot Vibrator With Fluttering Tip

The Nu Sensuelle Geminii is a beautiful vibrator with a nice, curvy shaft made out of body-safe silicone.

It provides powerful vibrations throughout the entire shaft, however, its curvy tip pulses and flutters along with the vibes to create that stimulating sensation.

The sleek, curved design and textured ridges are perfect for placing pressure on the G-spot but also stimulate the clitoris.

In addition to the 15 different vibration functions, Geminii has a unique Turbo Boost function that kicks off its intensity up to 9000 RPM for 12 seconds at a time.

This is nearly the same as the most powerful wand vibrator. Yeah, this vibrator will make you cum.

Geminii is USB-rechargeable and it has a waterproof design.

PicoBong – Multi-Speed G-Spot Vibrator – $92

Multi-Speed G-Spot Vibrator

PicoBong’s 8-inch Multi-Speed G-Spot vibrator is a dual-action vibrator made out of body-safe silicone. It gives you around 6 inches of insertable length to play with and a range of 12 vibration strengths and patterns to choose from.

This toy is also quite generous when it comes to girth as it gives you 1.8 inches of shaft to fill you up. It has a waterproof design that allows you to experiment with it in any wet conditions you like.

However, it does have a slight drawback, at least in our eyes, since we are not really fans of vibrators that run on batteries. While some people might not find this to be a problem, others (ourselves included) prefer their toys USB rechargeable.

But even besides that slight drawback, the Multi-Speed G-Spot vibrator can provide you with over two hours of play from a single triple-A battery.

Maia – Max Silicone Thrusting Vibrator – $159,99

Max Silicone Thrusting Vibrator

The Maia Max Thrusting Vibrator is a popular one due to being marketed as a compact-sized sex-machine.

The insertable part which measures at 5 inches is made out of body-safe silicone while the rest of the parts are a mixture of PC plastic and TPE.

The thrusting powerhouse can be controlled via remote from up to 30 feet in distance and it offers 10 different functions of thrusting, pulsing, and vibrating.

The rechargeable vibrator includes a detachable suction cup that is mounted on the base and allows you to clamp it to a smooth surface and ride away for up to 3 hours on a single charge.

Additionally, Max is completely waterproof and you can safely enjoy it during your underwater adventures and it comes in black as well as purple color.

Fun Factory – Stronic Drei Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator – $169,99

 Stronic Drei Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

Drei is a thrusting vibrator made out of medical-grade silicone that feels silky smooth on the skin. Drei is unique for its powerful thrusting back and forth motions and you can also say that this vibrator pulsates rather than vibrates.

It has a deliciously curved tip to better tap that G-spot while the increasing width of the body, combined with the very prominent ridges will definitely send you into ecstasy in virtually no time.

It totals at 9.5 inches in length from which 4.5 inches are insertable and the maximum shaft circumference is 5.5. inches. It boasts 10 different vibration strengths, however, a word of advice is to start from the mildest one and work your way up to the top slowly.

Drei is USB-rechargeable and has a fully waterproof design.

ZALO – Queen Set – $169,99

ZALO – Queen Set

The Zalo Queen looks like a typical G-spot vibrator at first glance.

While it can be used in this way, the bit that makes the Queen a special snowflake amongst G-spot vibrators and an award-winning product is the innovative PulseWave technology that Zalo has developed for it.

The Queen is made out of body-safe silicone that feels silky smooth on the skin and it has a total of 8.5 inches from which 5.12 are insertable.

It is designed to be used as a G-spot pulsator, potentially in combination with its vibrations and it can also heat up in order to reach individually comfortable body temperature while in use.

The Queen also comes with a Set option with an added silicone sleeve that can be attached to the body and turns the toy into a clitoral suction product.

The Queen isn’t fully waterproof, however, it is splash-resistant.

Fuse – Dual Stim Bluetooth Enabled Massager – $149

Dual Stim Bluetooth Enabled Massager

The Fuse Dual Stil Bluetooth Enabled Massager from LoveLifeToys.com allows you double the fun with its design that stimulates both the elusive G-spot and the clitoris.

It is made out of silky-smooth silicone, and it packs two powerful motors that deliver on-demand vibrations to your sensitive, sweet spots.

It comes loaded with 3 standard speeds and 4 pre-set patterns to choose from. However, you can download the OhMiBod app from your device’s store and connect your vibrator to it.

From there, you can have it vibrate to your favorite music or create your own patterns for a more personalized experience.

How To Achieve A G-Spot Orgasm (With A Sex Toy)?

The G-spot is an erogenous zone of the body that is sensitive to sexual stimulation. A bundle of nerve-endings inside the vagina, if you will.

People have different experiences with the G-spot, however, almost all say that they can feel the sensation on the inner top wall of the vagina.

The spot is about 2-3 centimeters inside of the vagina, but again, it feels different for everyone. Some people can easily locate their G-spot because the area feels bumpy when they touch it while others have to push a bit harder on the area to feel any sensation.

In any way, finding the G-spot requires some trial and error, so don’t just give up on it yet.

Even if you think that G-spot orgasms are something only a small percentage of lucky ladies can experience, the truth is that they aren’t actually so difficult to achieve.

When it comes to achieving a G-spot orgasm, it is all about what you feel rather than what you think. So, stop overthinking and pay attention to these easy tips that will help you get there soon enough.

Make yourself comfortable

Lights, room temperature, some music you enjoy, an erotic movie, etc, are all good ways to make yourself as comfortable as you can before you start exploring your body.

Explore the G-spot without a partner

This area can be sensitive and stimulation can be intense. So, perhaps it may be easier for you to find a comfortable rhythm when you have complete control over your body.

Change positions for better access to the area

Some people may achieve vaginal orgasm from a missionary position, for others it’s easier to get there while they’re on top, so experiment a little with switching positions while with your partner or even when you’re playing solo (say, in the shower).

Some angles just make it difficult to reach so a different position may make things easier for you.

Experiment with sex toys

While some women can achieve a G-spot orgasm during sex or even with their fingers, others need a specific something to get them there.

Try different types of stimulation such as hard, soft, vibrating, pulsating, etc. Or perhaps try using a curved sex toy designed to stimulate the G-spot.

Most Popular Sex Toys (For Her)

Tenera 2

An app-controlled clitoral suction stimulator.


A vibrating and thrusting G-spot egg vibrator.


A dual-ended vibrating strapless strap-on.