How To Become a Natural At Flirting With Men

Have you ever heard of the term “Wild Woman” or “Natural Woman”?

These women are apparently magnets for men and will probably have an inbox full of wedding proposals. I got intrigued by this phenomenon and decided to do some research myself.

By research, I obviously mean reading up on the topic and trying out for myself. And I happened to have a few more guys in my phone, so it was easy to get myself hooked up and get this phenomenon tested!

how to flirt with men while dating

Wild Woman

So, according to the different articles I read up on…

A Wild Woman or a Natural Woman is a girl that uses her intuition, her femininity, and true emotions to get to a man.

She doesn’t ever talk about plans she has for her man, boring future perspectives, terrible work meetings and other stuff that men are not interested in, especially in the beginning, during the flirting phase.

This wild woman is a touch of fresh air and pulls men in like no other woman can. And then she also doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about it. This all feels natural to her, which is something a guy falls even harder for.

Because as you can read on most Tinder profiles, men are not into drama at all! So a woman who is just enjoyable to be with is something a man truly desires.

An Exciting Date

So I decided to invite this guy Brendan to a club to have some drinks. He has been stalking me for so long to get together, so he was the perfect victim. He said YES instantly and we met up on a Saturday night.

It was a shame he wasn’t really my type, but he grew on me and he was obviously great testing material.

When it comes to physical contact on first dates the Natural Woman apparently doesn’t overindulge, but she touches swiftly, in a natural way.

A man can get the creeps when a woman is all over him; it will come across as very needy. And as you know from my other blog “what men want to hear”, don’t ever let a man think you are needy of him!

Me, being a passionate and sensual Taurus, I easily move close to a man, make as much eye contact as possible, and have now learned to make occasional physical contact and touch swiftly.

It seemed to be working. After a few drinks, we really hit it off, and we ended up in Paradise. I don’t have to tell you, girls, where that place exactly is.

how to flirt with men

Many More Dates…

I also figured that to get that “Wild woman” sense, you should keep all your options open, and you should date as much as possible.

This way you don’t focus too much on this really nice guy as you know there are others out there for you. This will really tab in your femininity and it will make you irresistible…

So girls, keep your options open and your Tinder profile active.

Another benefit of dating often is that you really get the hang of it at one stage. I am no longer nervous for a date. I will sit at the bar, casually, will have a drink, and will wait for the guy to show up.

Nowadays, I approach dating as if it’s going out with myself. I don’t expect too much from my date, and if I end up alone that night, at the bar or in the Uber Taxi, I will not be worried at all.

Wow, I have changed so much, especially looking back at my first date where I was literally sick for hours before he arrived. And I was being all funny in the first moment that he arrived… oh my God.

He must have thought I was an absolute wacko. To be honest, it didn’t work out… so yes, we must all go through our first date, I guess.

Also, dating more men will give you the experience and the so much-needed knowledge. Perhaps you want to try something with your looks, or you simply want to try a certain location. But most importantly, you want to figure out what type of men you like.

A funny guy, a typical Alpha male, a touchy guy, a gentleman… and yes, please add tall, handsome, and dark to the mix.

This will all contribute to a better sense of self-knowledge and confidence in the end… one of the most irresistible things a woman can display; 100% confidence!

Show Your Feelings

And then of course one of the most important trades of a Wild Woman; emotions.

And obviously not the needy ones, the desperate ones, the ones that make us cling on to a man. But just our female emotions… easier said than done, right?

It is proven that a woman that is in touch with her emotions and is not afraid of expressing them, is such a turn-on for men.

So during my dates, I always try to stay and be my happy self. I love life, I love myself and I am grateful for everything in my life.

That automatically opens up lots of positive things to talk about. My glass is never half empty, I look at life from the bright side and I am happy to share my life experiences with someone. It makes the date so much more interesting.

I never get into the boring or depressing details of my life. I think that just brings a natural flair to me and to the evening.

Wild Woman or Natural Woman, however, you want to call it. I think being confident with yourself will make you very natural. Put all the work and effort in that first and trust me, you will then become a magnet for man instantly!

You can also read my blog about 100% girl power if you would like my help with that! Good luck, girls.


This article was created for by Hannah Love.

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