iStripper Review: Hot Girls Delivered Daily

How would you like to wake up to a new girl every day on your desk-top? In the virtual world, you can!

Today, I want to share with you my iStripper review which yes; will deliver a hot new girl to your desktop with a personalized show just for you.

Sounds interesting? Here’s everything I will be covering in this review.

  • What iStripper is
  • How does it work
  • Why I think it’s such a great website
  • Is iStripper safe to install?
  • What do you need to install it – and also;
  • A few more things I think you should know about.

istripper review

iStripper Review: Girls Delivered Daily FREE
  • Girls Available
  • Graphic Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Entertainment Value

iStripper Review: TLDR Summary

  • Get your own virtual stripper on your desktop
  • Works with both Mac & PC
  • Safe (malware-free) software
  • Free (with premium options)

What Is iStripper?

istripper review

iStripper is a simple little tool that you can install your desktop and/or laptop and every morning, it gives you a new stripper at the bottom of your screen.

It’s a very simple, yet entertaining tool and if you don’t mind being entertained by a new girl every morning, then I am sure you’ll simply love this ingenious tool.

How Does It Work?

hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

All you need to get started with iStripper is simple to install it, and then “download” a few girls into the tools (I share with you some of my favorites down below).

How To Install iStripper?

It’s a very simple and straightforward installation process:

Once you have it set up, you then need to pick out the girls you want, and there’s a wide variety of girls in a variety of different scenarios (hot secretary, stripper, loving girlfriend, lesbians, slutty teen, etc).

How To Remove (Uninstall) iStripper?

Super simple:

  • From a PC, click on Start/Programs/iStripper/Uninstall and you’re done.
  • From a MAC, you can uninstall it from the Applications folder. Once uninstalled, we leave no trace on your computer!

How Much Does iStripper Cost?

You’ll be happy to know that downloading the iStripper software, is 100% free.

With every installation, you will get an unlimited non-nude preview of each girl/model and if you’d like to own it “outright” forever, you simply have to buy credits and then spend them on the girls you’d like to see.

  • $4.99 for 25 credits
  • $49.99 for 500 credits

If you’re interested, you can see a preview of this here:

The Hottest iStripper Models

Ok now that you know what iStripper is, let me share with you some of my favourite models:

Darcie Dolce:

darcie dolce

Stella Cox:

stella cox

Luna Corazon:

luna corazone

Foxxi Black:

Foxxi Black

See All Models

top models on istripper

Things You Should Know (FAQs)

Do you want to get iStripper – hold your horses; here are a few things you should know (frequently-asked-questions) about iStripper:

Is iStripper Safe For Work?

No, it’s not – do not install this on a computer you use at work or for work.

It’s best to keep this just for your home entertainment, you do not want to be giving a presentation and Foxxi Black pops out of nowhere giving everybody a full strip show at 9 am in the morning.

Is iStripper Anonymus?

Yes – you do not need to have any “real names” on file and you can use a fake email to set it up (I suggest you look into

However; there’s nothing that could (or would) trace this back to you.

Does It Come With Any Spyware/Malware:

No – even though many say that the software contains “spyware”, it doesn’t.

In fact; it has been proven to be 100% clean software and it’s easy to install and uninstall leaving no trace of the software ever being there once it has been removed.

My Recommended Erotic Art Website

StasyQ models
Read my StasyQ review – you won’t regret it, trust me!

One other thing I want to share with you in this review is what I consider to be one of the best adult entertainment websites I’ve ever come across.

iStripper is great for its “novelty value”, but StasyQ (a beautiful erotic art website making porn sexy again) is one of the best adult-shows you will ever get.

If you’re looking for to-quality adult entertainment (shot in HD with the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in your life), then go check out my StasyQ review.

iStripper Review: Final Words

istripper final review

Thank you very much for reading my iStripper review.

This has been a quick one today as there’s not much one can say about iStripper:

  • I love this tool (it’s highly entertaining)
  • It’s free to use (for the most part)
  • It’s safe to install and very discreet and;
  • There are hundreds of girls you can enjoy a private show from.

CLICK HERE to download iStripper.