Lovense Osci Review: The Sexy G-Spot Focused Sex Toy

Welcome to my Lovense Osci review, which will be one of the final Lovense products I review (you can see my previous Lovense reviews here).

If you’re new here, you may not know that I am a huge Lovense fan and today; I bring forth one of their best creations and most technologically advanced sex toys I’ve ever seen;

The Lovense Osci:

  • What is the Osci?
  • how does it compare to other sex toys?
  • What key features (and benefits) does it have over others?
  • Is the Lovense Osci something you would want in your “sex toy drawer”?

I sure think so, and today: I am going to be giving you why I think so in my Lovense Osci review.

But first – before we get into the details, let’s check in with the Lovense Osci pleasure score and mini-review!

The Lovense Osci Satisfaction Score $119 (Current Price)

Lovense Osci Review Summary

  • G-Spot Focused Sex Toy ✅
  • Body-Safe Material ✅
  • Discreet & Quiet ✅
  • Connectivity Issues Reported ❌

The Lovense Osci Key Features & Benefits

lovense osci review

The Curved Sex Toy

Lovense Company claims it is the first curved sex toy, especially the g-spot stimulator, that hands you what you have been craving for – a thrilling g-spot orgasm.

In reality, there are some other vibrators and sex toys that have a curved shape but it is truly difficult to have a ‘S’ shaped sex toy like Lovense Osci which can pleasure you to the fullest.

Its curve reaches g-spot straightaway and touches other sensitive parts of the vagina too.

The craziest thing about this design is it doesn’t exactly vibrate.

It oscillates instead. Oscillation movement is actually a periodic motion that moves side to side like the swing of the pendulum against your g-spot. This movement is like manual stimulation that enhances sexual pleasure instantly.

lovense osci vibrations

Body Safe Material

Lovense Osci is made from the material that is not harmful to the body.

Even your body fluid doesn’t affect it and you can clean it rather comfortably.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant. There isn’t an issue when it comes to cleaning. The motors and manual buttons stay safe. Its other inner components also keep on working efficiently.

In most other toys, we have seen that after continuous use it is common to see the buildup of dust and germs, which becomes quite harmful for the body.

Fortunately, you won’t deal with the buildup with Osci after years of use too. All you need is to wash it properly after each use with warm water and soap.

Discreet & Quiet

It is one of those g-spot stimulators that can be used for public fun.

It is quiet, small, and discreet. You can have an exciting and rushing adventure in the park, restaurant, and in a business meeting as well. No one will be able to tell what’s between your legs and how exciting and enthusiastic you are feeling.

Even when you walk, it keeps on hitting the right spot. It doesn’t change its position.

You enjoy intimate solo pleasure.

However, bear in mind, if you’d try to use it for a long session in public, the in-n-out sensation can bring you to the climax smoothly and give you mind-numbing orgasm.


One Notable Drawback Of The Lovense Osci

Connectivity Issues

If you are planning to let your partner control Lovense Osci through its app, you might face some connectivity issues. It is not that great for long distance relationships. However, for short-distance control, it is hard to beat its effectiveness.

You won’t lose connection due to exceptional Bluetooth connection.

One more thing that one should keep in mind is this toy doesn’t solely depend on the internet or Bluetooth connection. Unlike most other g-spot stimulators, it relies on the in-n-out motion too.

The shape alone can assist you in giving sensation, even if the vibration patterns aren’t on. Its curve hit and rub your g-spot effectively.

How To Use The Lovense Osci:

The pleasure Lovense Osci provides is heavenly and ingenious.

But if you don’t use it correctly, it won’t give your body the pleasure it requires. So, follow these below ways if you want it to stimulate more nerves for more pleasure.

Step #1 – Apply The Lube:

It allows safe insertion of the toy and also makes the sex pleasurable.

The main aim is to reduce the friction between the Osci and the vaginal walls because if you are mentally turned on, it doesn’t mean you are ready for vaginal penetration too.

For that reason, use lube, particularly water-based lubes. They are often compatible with almost all sex toy materials. Plus, the great benefit of having them is they wash out fairly easily. You don’t have to struggle in the cleaning process.

Step #2 – 45 Degree Angle:

Osci isn’t like a wand or other toys that are used to stimulate g-spot. It is curved in shape, therefore, it is better not to insert it inside you straightaway.

Use the 45-degree angle while inserting it inside to touch the right spot of your g-spot. If you would use an incorrect angle or use it like a wand, it won’t work.

Furthermore, the 45-degree angle gives you another benefit also. You can control the levels of vibrations manually rather comfortably, as the buttons face right towards you.

Step #3 – In-n-Out Motion:

Insert only when the Osci is turned off. Some inexperienced women try to take it inside while the vibration is on.

This is not allowed. Since, first, it won’t be easy to take it inside and find the g-spot, second, the vibrations can hurt the inner walls of your vagina and give you pain, especially if it’s not wet.

That’s why, apply the lube, use in-n-out motion a few times to find the g-spot and turn it on once it’s connected with the g-spot. This is the only way to enjoy the perfect amount of pulsation.

How Does The Lovense Osci Perform?

the best gspot vibrator for women

Lovense is truly solidifying its position in the sex toy market with Osci.

It is one of the most innovative toys in the market that offers a unique pulsating sensation and a delicious teasing warm up.

After canvassing all the features of this product carefully, we are quite sure a lot of women who have never truly reported vaginal orgasm through penetration alone can finally check off the vaginal orgasm box after buying this product.

It will rock their world.

We can’t overstate how exceptional the in-and-out motion of this toy is. Just the motion alone without vibration touches the sensitive parts of your vagina and turns you on at once.

Some women try to stimulate their g-spot on the highest settings. This isn’t the correct way as going too intense too quickly can turn you off or at the very least make you uncomfortable. Start at the lowest setting with in-and-out motion.

That’s how it feels like magic.

What Lovense Customers Are Saying?


This is a hard question to answer.

Many customers state that it is very effective if you are already worked up and close to the orgasm. It intensifies your feelings at that moment on a great scale.

But if you are thinking to turn a cold body into warm one instantly for unlimited supplies of vaginal orgasms, it won’t work that great. It is a stimulator but it will take time. You can’t expect it to work like a magic and blow your socks off in a few minutes.

The best option you have is to arouse yourself first and treat yourself like a queen in bed. Its pulsation works immensely well on already aroused g-spot. Besides, keep on playing with the same speed, which turns you on and suits you the most.

Because, for most customer, the highest speed goes too fast and kills the thrilling sensation which they enjoy.

What Is In The Box?

Don’t worry.

Your neighbours aren’t going to see what you are getting. Lovense sends this toy in a discreet standard brown box. It is hard to perceive what is inside it.

When you open the Lovense Osci package, it looks different, and it feels different.

Just the first look makes you want to use it immediately.

Since it is very smooth to hold, but at the same time, it gives a perfect grip while you are in an act. It doesn’t slip out of your hands. Plus, you will find the control buttons on top of the toy. In a way, you can change the settings of it while it is in motion.

Apart from the Osci vibrator, you will find one charging cable and a user manual. The user manual has everything you need to understand how it works.

How Much Does The Lovense Osci Cost?

how much does the lovense osci cost

Today, we have an abundance of sex toys. In fact, many popular g-spot stimulators have been released in the past decade. It is immensely tough for a new woman and an experienced woman as well to pick the best toy for her needs.

Lovense Osci differentiates itself from the pack.

If you are paying $119 for it, it will definitely deliver its stimulation.

We know many other toys are delivering the same stimulation, however, the thing that makes it special is it works well in the dildo department too.

It doesn’t just vibrate, it can be moved in and out. It is shaped in the ‘S’ curve, therefore you would like to use it as a dildo, even if the motors aren’t turned on.

Where To Buy Lovense Osci?

Buy this product from the Lovense official website in order to keep your purchase discreet.

They accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal. In most cases, there won’t be any additional fee if you are from the United States, European Union, Canada, and Australia.

However, if you are living in some region, especially in the Middle East, your local customs fees or taxes may apply. It entirely depends on how strict your country of residence is.

In the United States, European Union, Canada, and Australia, the company makes sure its customers pay as little tax as possible if there are any. That’s why they ship the toy via a local warehouse.

If you still have questions regarding shipment, privacy, warranty, returns, or refunds, you can directly contact their customer support team.

Lovense Osci Review: Final Words

Thank you very much for reading all the way through.

I really hope this Lovense Osci review that I have prepared for you here has helped answer any and all questions you may have had about Lovense.

If something has been left out, or you have further questions which have gone unsatisfied, be sure to leave me a comment down below.