My Fleshlight Pink Lady Review (Is It Really Worth The Hype?)

Welcome to yet another review in the series of reviews I am doing covering Fleshlight’s diverse product line.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at Fleshlight’s Pink Lady, one of the most popular and easily recognizable “pocket pussy” out there.

If you’re looking for a new masturbator, this may be the toy for you but before you go and get it, be sure to read this review carefully.

Here’s what I will be covering:

  • What makes the Fleshlight Pink Lady so popular (it’s many features & benefits)
  • One small drawback which I think you need to know about
  • How to use the Classic Pink Lady (without getting too graphic)
  • How it performs (my satisfaction rating can be found below)
  • What Fleshlight customers are saying – and
  • Where to find the Classic Pink Lady at its best price online.

Before we get started, let’s first take a look at the TLDR summary of what you need to know.

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Satisfaction Score $64 (Best Price)

What You Need To Know

  • Top-notch material ✅
  • Adjustable suction ✅
  • Easy to clean ✅
  • Not for the average guy ❌

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The Classic Pink Lady Features & Benefits

get the classic pink lady from fleshlight

✔️ Top-Notch Material

The material of the Classic Pink Lady is packed with thrilling sensations. It is extremely pliable and keeps you 100% comfortable. However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any resistance.

Your penis will feel the resistance when touched, and the overall sensation will make your mind revolve around the sexual orbits.

Even after months of use, due to the SuperSkin material, its sleeve will still feel very soft and pleasant. But bear in mind the inner sleeve has a porous nature. It requires cleaning and drying on a constant basis after each use. You have to maintain it well to use it for years.

✔️ Adjust The Suction

Just like the other models of Fleshlight, you can adjust its suction too with an adjustable end cap.  It is straightforward to regulate the amount of suction according to your desire and need.

Though it feels like a vagina, and its main purpose is to give the feet of it but to give their customers more control over this sex toy, the professional Fleshlight manufacturers introduced this feature, so that you can enjoy a variety of intense sensations.

While dealing with the cap, remember one simple rule; the tighter the cap the more suction you’ll get.

If it is your first time with the toy and you are unable to insert yourself in, you perhaps have to loosen the cap a little to enjoy a lighter suction first.

✔️ Easy To Clean

There are many ways to clean it up.

You can rinse it with warm water and let it dry before returning it to the case. But, to keep it in good shape and germ-free, use Fleshwash Cleaner.

It is an antibacterial toy cleaner that fights bacteria and keeps your toy in great, healthy condition. Before using this cleaner, it is better to wash the sleeves with warm water to kill the germs.

Next, use the Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Spray and allow the sleeve to air dry after. It dries quickly and ready to be used again within a few minutes.

Please, make sure you are applying a generous amount of Fleshwash to the inside and outside of the sleeves. This is the only way to keep it germ-free.

One Notable Drawback of The Classic Pink Lady

fleshlight classic pink lady review

✖️ Not For Average Girth

For men who have a penis with an average girth, this device won’t satisfy them on a full scale.

They won’t feel as much as they would with other Fleshlight products, such as Stamina Training Unit (STU). You need to have an above-average girth to enjoy the sensations.

How To Use Classic Pink Lady

classic pink lady sex toy review

You will use it like any other male masturbator. It doesn’t require any technical or special knowledge and you don’t have to worry about batteries, cables, or anything else.

There are only three things you need to remember before using this product.

Use lube:

Use a good splash of lube. Don’t try to use it without lube as it won’t give you the pleasures you need. Without lube, it would indeed make you uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind, with this kind of product, it is better to use too much lube than too little.

Always use water-based lubes:

Water-based lubes are formulated from water-retaining plant polymers. Their main aim is to moisturize the vagina (or the sex toy) to keep the sex comfortable.

Their elements rehydrate the delicate tissue of the vagina and they evaporate faster than any other type. In other words, it is easy to rinse and clean it.

Clean it always after each use:

You can run water through both ends to remove the lube. For thorough cleaning, it is also possible to turn its sleeve inside out. This will keep this premium male sex toy safe and allow it to give you sexual pleasure for years.

How Does The Classic Pink Lady Perform?

After using it for the first time, you will definitely applaud its smooth texture and feel. You can slip inside it at ease without any issue. Its sleeves further spread apart if you are extra thick. You will always feel like you are entering a tight, real vagina.

It is ten inches in length in total. So, it is perfect for almost all men except ones with mammoth stallions.

The wave of tightness in these kinds of toys can be acceptable, but if they don’t provide the length you need or if you can’t slip yourself in fully, it gives you a terrible experience. Luckily, you don’t have to be worried about the length at all.

If you’d take good care of it, we guarantee it will become your personal slut for years. Its interior is packed with peaks, valleys, & ridges that always take you on a memorable ride.

What Fleshlight Customers Are Saying:

fleshlight pink lady customer reviews

Customers are overall happy and highly recommend this product again and again. According to them, this product always gives them the best orgasms.

They use it multiple times a day. The inner texture of it feels like a real vagina that increases their sexual feelings even more.

The only drawback we find in the comments is it is not for the guys who are less sensitive. As we have mentioned, it gives the feeling of the vagina. If you are less sensitive, you perhaps need a different male masturbator for more stimulation.

Other than that, the overall feel of the Classic Pink Lady is excellent.

How Much Does The Classic Pink Lady Cost?

At the time of writing, this sex toy will cost you $64, but is it worth the purchase?

Yes, it is. But it is a great product for those who have a wider penis than average.

As I said already, men with average girth won’t experience great pleasure. Furthermore, for sensitive penises too, who deal with premature ejaculation, it can be a blessing also.

This is because you won’t feel the resistance a lot that can make you ejaculate quickly. They can enjoy the sessions slowly and feel the pleasures for longer sessions.

What Is In The Box?

It comes in a discreet black case that contains Classic Pink Lady, Instruction Manual, and the Lube.

Please, remember, some sellers sell the lube separately; therefore, you have to confirm that first before investing your money on it.

Besides, the instruction manual shows all the directions regarding how to use this product and how to clean it too. For example, the manufacturers recommend removing the sleeves from the case and rinsing it with running warm water for five minutes.

You must follow the instructions carefully in order to prevent any issues.

Where To Buy Fleshlight Sex Toys?

The best place to buy this product is Fleshlight’s official website.

You will be directly in contact with the actual sellers and ask any question regarding the product, from shipping to its features.

Furthermore, the great thing is you will also know you are investing in a genuine Fleshlight product, which is new and from the original seller.