Lovense Edge Prostate Massager Review

Today, we’re looking at yet another Lovense sex-toy and this time it’s their new multifunctional prostate massager!

In this Lovense Edge review, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts about it, including:

  • The main key benefits of the Lovense Edge
  • A few drawbacks that you should know about before you buy
  • How to use the Lovense Edge
  • What customers are saying
  • What’s in the box (+ shipping information) +
  • A few more tidbits which I think you should know about.

Ready to see if the Lovense Edge prostate massager can live up to its hype?

Should you get one for yourself?

Let’s first take a look at the summary review before we go into details.

Lovense Edge Satisfaction Score $119 (Current Best Price)

Lovense Edge Review Summary

  • Adjustable Design ✅
  • Perfect “Softness” ✅
  • Reasonable Power Levels ✅
  • Dual Vibrator Feature ✅
  • Charging Port Without Cover ❌
  • Slightly Expensive ❌

The Lovense Edge Key Features & Benefits

lovense edge review

Convenient Design

Due to its convenient and user-friendly design, the Lovense Edge will surely become one of your personal favourite toys. The key addition in this prostate massager is the handle.

Your hands won’t get sore over long sessions & it helps you to manoeuvre it in any direction you want. This is something you won’t get in another prostate massager as usually, it is hard to move them once they are inside you.

The Lovense Edge neck also has been optimized to stay in place. It doesn’t matter you are enjoying this toy alone or with your partner during sex, it won’t change its position.

That’s why it is a perfect product for beginners too. They don’t have to struggle with the insertion (when used properly) and it can be widened and tightened to suit every unique body shape.

Amazing To Wear Out “In Public”

Lovense Edge can be wirelessly controlled, which makes it a pretty good toy for public play.

However, it should be controlled by your lady for real fun.

using the lovense edge in public

If she operates it right, you can have a feel of getting rimmed by a robot with the tongue.

But before relishing this toy publicly, it is better to test it first at home. Since it is a slightly larger clone of other prostate massagers. It also has a premium motor for vibration.

That’s why it is better to have some decent anal experience under your belt.

Without any experience, it can make you jump with rhythmic pleasure and glean all the attention and confusing stares in public.

The Soft Feel

It is a tad larger in size compared to most other prostate massagers in the market, but it has a soft feel which overlaps something a bit harder.

This makes it super comfy, as you don’t feel the pain while taking it inside you.

The total length of this product is 3.13 inches, with 1.41 inches diameter with the external arm being at 4.49 inches long.

You can’t have the product of this dimension if it is not soft. A product of this kind without a soft feel can (and will) easily damage your anal tissues.

Reasonable Power Levels

lovense edge vibrations

Many prostate massagers are ‘too powerful’ for some.

For a beginner, it becomes tough to feel the pleasure in the first few sessions, as even the lowest settings pack a very powerful punch.

On the other hand, Lovense Edge has reasonable power levels.

The lowest settings are bearable even for the first time users. There is a total of three power levels which you can choose according to your sensitivity and desire.

If you are an experienced person and have tried prostate massagers before, you can opt for the highest settings. Lovense Edge’s highest settings are deep and like thunder.

Dual Vibrator Feature

adjustable prostate massager

It is almost impossible to find the dual vibrator feature in this kind of product.

It comes with two main vibrators, prostate and perineum.

Both of them can be more effective because of the optimized neck and adjustable head. They make sure both vibrators hit the right spot for most men and stay in place during sex.

The best thing is you can control both vibrators separately. Users have utter control over both of them and the entire range of power levels.

They can direct them in 360o sitting range and standing range, without any trouble.

For that reason, it is great for anal sex.

Lovense Edge Drawbacks To Know About

Drawback 01: Charging Port Without Cover

I know this is a minor drawback but it can irritate some people.

If you use lube for anal play (which you should) you can easily get lube on the charging port, as it doesn’t have any cover on it.

You have to clean the charging port again and again if you are going to make regular use of it.

In our opinion, don’t charge the Edge immediately after using it. It is good to clean it first, which is necessary and in a way good for health too.

Drawback 02: A Bit More Expensive Than Typical prostate Massagers

Yes, I have to admit; when it comes to prostate massagers; it does come with a high price tag.

It costs $119. This is moderately expensive when we compare it with other standard prostate massagers in the market.

How To Use The Lovense Edge

Never enjoyed the thrill of prostate play? No problem.

Follow these below steps for maximum enjoyment:

  1. Take a shower and cleanse the area around your rectum.
  2. Your fingernails must be trimmed.
  3. Position yourself comfortably; you can either raise your leg or bent over with upper body. You can have the support of a table or couch too.
  4. Apply the lubricant on the toy; this will make the insertion easy.
  5. You can also apply lube on your finger and gently slide it into the rectum.
  6. Now insert the toy with light pressure and what effect it has on your body.
  7. Find the area that gives you a light tingle or buzz; it is your sweet spot.
  8. Now, play with the vibrations.
  9. If your muscles get tired, take a break. It is not good to use it forcefully.
  10. Keep on playing with the power setting until you find what works best for you.

Please, remember, it is a bit easy to change its position once it is inserted inside you, but it is better to select the right adjustment before turning on the vibrations.

How Does The Lovense Edge Perform?

With all the options out there, we know it is tough to choose the right prostate massager but if you’d like to get one of the best ones available; get the Lovense Edge as it will definitely hit your spots.

Plus, unlimited combinations of vibration patterns make you feel more and intensify your feelings. In fact, if you are using it for the very first time, you will need to hold onto something for balance.

You will enjoy the great ride… We promise!

What Lovense Customers Are Saying?

For most customers, it takes a little while to insert it for the first time because it is a bit larger than usual prostate massagers.

However, once you insert it inside successfully and find the right spot, you don’t need to count on the vibrations. You can enjoy it without even turning on the vibrations or playing with its different patterns.

Other than that, there are some minor complaints too. For instance, for some people, it is too loud for public play. It is better to relish its vibrations privately with your partner.

What Is In The Box?

This product comes in a discreet box.

There is no tag or labeling that can reveal its image or true purpose. People who want to keep their purchase private, they are in luck.

It contains the prostate massaging shaft (the main product), charging cable, and instruction manual.

If you love using lubes on toys, you have to buy them on your own. Lovense doesn’t provide any kind of lube or cleaning material with its toys.

NB: In order to activate the ‘Protection Plan‘, it is important to register Lovense Edge on the official Lovense website. It is easy to do that if you are buying directly through Lovense. Just contact their customer support team and they will register your product on their own, and also explain how to acquire the limited 1-year warranty.

How Much Does The Lovense Edge Cost?

As we have mentioned before, it costs $119.

Yes, it is somewhat expensive but the breadth of features you receive is up to the mark and matchless. Even the top-notch and most expensive prostate massagers in the market can’t easily challenge its comprehensive features.

So, if you have cash, don’t hesitate: Buy it immediately.

This fantastic prostate toy comes with Bluetooth and Smartphone integration too. It is safe to say that it is the Ferrari among other prostate massage models.

We agree, there are perhaps other alternative models at lower price points, but their designs are basic and they are nothing compared to Lovense Edge.

Best Place To Buy Lovense Products?

The best option you have is the official Lovense website, not only for the product but for the warranty and ‘Product Protection Plan’ too.

Their customer service is very responsive and also explains and resolves the issues professionally.

You can contact them directly also for understanding smartphone integration, which is immensely necessary for long distance control.

Lovense Edge Review: Final Words

Thank you very much for stopping by.

I really hope this Lovense Edge review has answered any or all questions you may have had.

If I missed something, be sure to let me know in the comment section above. I look forward to hearing from you.

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