The 10 Best Lubes For Anal Sex Toys

If you have read at least one article that discusses anal play, you’ve probably heard that before even thinking of trying it out, you have to have plenty of lube at hand.

This is for a good reason.

While your vagina naturally self-lubricates, your anus doesn’t, which means you need to pro-actively get a good lube prepared before diving into any anal play. Without lube, butt stuff can be painful and even lead to bleeding due to anal tears in the sensitive anal canal tissue.

Now, before running off on your merry way to buy lube, you have to understand that not every lube is created the same.

There are generally three types of lubes: water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based, and each has its benefits and drawbacks, which I explain in this article.

But in short, water-based is the easiest to find, and it’s safe to use with all condoms and sex toys, while silicone and oil-based lubes can sometimes cause degradation of some materials.

Therefore, to keep you and your sex toys safe, I have rounded up the ten best lubes for anal sex toys that you can use without worrying about damaging their material.

  • Intimate Earth – Melt Warming Lubricant
  • Intimate Earth – Soothe Anal Lubricant
  • Sliquid – Soul Moisturizing Lubricant
  • Intimate Earth – Bliss All-Natural Anal Relaxing Glide
  • Intimate Earth – MOJO Warming Libido Glide with Horny Goat Weed
  • Uberlube – Luxury Silicone Lubricant
  • System JO – Premium Silicone Lubricant
  • Intimate Earth — Adventure Woman’s Anal Relaxing Serum
  • The Butters Lube – 3-Pack Sampler

lube for anal sex toys

Intimate Earth – Melt Warming Lubricant – $15

Intimate Earth – Melt Warming Lubricant

The Melt Warming Lubricant is a premium, paraben-free formula that warms up to your skin and works to relax the muscles and the tissue for less friction and a more pleasurable anal experience.

Unlike other warming lubes that usually contain menthol, Melt actually warms the skin through Cinnamomum Zeylanicum bark extract, an extract obtained from the dried bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon and plant-derived glycerin.

Melt blends naturally with a woman’s own fluids, can be used for anal play, is latex condom safe, and is safe to ingest. Melt is DEA-free, naturally derived, and pure vegan.

Intimate Earth – Soothe Anal Lubricant – $15

Soothe Anal Lubricant

Intimate Earth’s Soothe Anal Lubricant is an anal lubricant that contains guava bark as its main ingredient due to its natural anti-bacterial properties.

The lube has a very thick consistency that offers maximum lubrication for comfort and enjoyment. Even though Soothe is a water-based lubricant, it is specifically formulated for anal play, meaning it will stay lubricating your skin without drying out quickly.

Besides that, its water base allows it to be washed off easily without leaving stains on the sheets or furniture.

DEA-free and pure vegan, Soothe is also made with certified organic extracts and is latex condom friendly and safe to ingest.

Sliquid – Soul Moisturizing Lubricant – $12

Soul Moisturizing Lubricant

Sliquid’s Soul Moisturizing Lubricant really takes “going green” to the next level while maintaining the highest of intimate standards.

Their products are free of parabens, glycerin, gluten, and are 100% vegan-friendly, no matter the base.

The Sliquid Soul Moisturizing Lubricant is the safest and sexiest way to ensure every sensual moment is pleasurable and green.

Intimate Earth – Bliss All-Natural Anal Relaxing Glide – $16

Bliss All-Natural Anal Relaxing Glide

Bliss Anal Relaxing Glide is an all-natural, water-based lubricant by Intimate Earth.

The main ingredient in this lubricant is clove oil which relaxes the sphincter muscles surrounding the anus rather than numbing the nerves like some lidocaine-based products. This will ensure a safe and pleasurable anal play, whether you are enjoying yourself solo or with a partner.

Bliss Glide also contains soothing aloe, perfuming lemongrass, plus ginkgo biloba, and antioxidant-packed goji berries.

It comes in a flip-top bottle for convenient application and although intended for anal play, it’s a water-based formula for easy cleaning and washing off.

Intimate Earth – MOJO Warming Libido Glide with Horny Goat Weed – $16

MOJO Warming Libido Glide with Horny Goat Weed

MOJO Warming Libido Glide is a water-based lubricant that comes in a convenient flip-top bottle for easy use and reapplication.

The main active ingredient in this lube is horny goat weed, a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its relaxing and aphrodisiac properties.

Alongside the super-herb, MOJO Warming Libido Glide also contains a cinnamon and ginger root extract blended with plant-derived glycerin to heighten your mood and intensify your playtime.

Once applied to the skin, Mojo Warming Glide delivers a warming, tingling sensation as you move, and it blends with ease to become the same consistency as your natural fluids.

Lastly, this vegan, organic lube is safe with all condom and sex toy materials.

Uberlube – Luxury Silicone Lubricant – $20

Luxury Silicone Lubricant

Uberlube’s Luxury Lubricant is a really good silicone-based lube that is ideal for anal sex. It is not water-soluble, so you can have plenty of fun time while in the bath or shower, and it is also safe to be used with latex or non-latex condoms.

It comes in a very fancy bottle, and while it’s a bit out there with the price, you are getting a pretty opulent and well-made silicone lube.

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System JO – Premium Silicone Lubricant – $20

The System JO – Premium Silicone Lubricant

System JO’s Premium Silicone Lubricant is a fantastic lubricant that has a silky smooth glide and isn’t annoyingly sticky or tacky.

It’s paraben, glycerin, and glycol-free, so it is very suitable for those who have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

It’s also a great option for intimate situations in the shower or bath since it’s silicone-based, waterproof, and long-lasting.

This also makes it an excellent option for anal play because it lasts longer than water-based lubricants, and you won’t have to use a lot to achieve the desired glide.

System JO also has an impressive line of flavored lubes, which are great for oral sex and are worth checking out.

Intimate Earth — Adventure Woman’s Anal Relaxing Serum – $21

Adventure Woman’s Anal Relaxing Serum

Unlike other lidocaine-based anal sprays, lubes, or menthol creams that can numb the sphincter and lead to tearing, Adventure by Intimate Earth is a herbal spray that causes no anesthetic effects only pure pleasure.

Once applied to the skin, Adventure will gently help the anal sphincter relax, and therefore penetration becomes more comfortable while the sensation is still felt.

Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray has a unique formula that contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass.

Adventure also starts working quickly and is easy to apply. The relaxing spray is also latex and condom friendly.

The Butters Lube – 3-Pack Sampler $25

3-Pack Sampler

The Butters Lube 3-Pack Sampler is a kit of three butter lubes of different flavors, including shea butter, cocoa butter, and palm grease.

All the lubes have a butter consistency that turns into oil once rubbed on the skin. The products contain few natural ingredients and are free from parabens, potential allergens, and pH-altering ingredients.

The Butters are perfect for vaginal play, but their thick and greasy consistency definitely makes them a better anal option. Besides that, they can also be used as moisturizers and can be left on the skin for a longer time.

TOCA – TOTO & QULO – $48


TOCA’s two lubes, TOTO and QULO, are CBD lubes specially made for vulvar and anal use, respectively, though according to the website, either can be used interchangeably.

The QULO lube is designed to open, dilate, and tone the tissue, reducing unwanted friction and allowing for bright and tingly sensations and lots of potential for anal exploration and play.

The TOTO lube for vaginal sex is designed to help reduce any inflammation or pain that can result from various conditions such as vaginismus and to really allow maximum engorgement of the tissues and healthy blood flow.

Lastly, in addition to being a sexual lubricant, TOTO and QULO can both be used as a massage oil for the body or as a face oil.