Lovense Ferri Review: The App-Controlled Panty Vibrator

In this article, I am going to share some delightful news for women who love clit stimulation.

I am talking about the latest panty vibrator by Lovense named Ferri that promises to bring you exceptional pleasure wherever you are and whenever you need it.

So let’s start my Lovense Ferri review by explaining what the product is about:

What is Lovense Ferri?

lovense ferri review

Ferri is Lovense’s only clit-focused sex toy that’s perfect for public play.

It’s an app-controlled panty vibrator that magnetically secures itself to any pair of underwear. It gives strong clitoral vibrators and has quickly become a favorite amongst public play enthusiasts.

You can say that Ferri has been long anticipated, especially by loyal Lovense customers who are very much into the excitement that comes from playing in public but need clit stimulation to orgasm.

Ferri is comfortable, secure, has excellent connection quality with the app, and can bring you to an explosive orgasm within minutes.

Let’s take a look at what makes Ferri so special:

The Key Features (Benefits) of The Lovense Ferri

lovense ferri best features

Here are the few key features and benefits that stand out about the Lovense Ferri:

Powerful vibrations

Ferri has a powerful motor built-in the raised, beluga-like head that provides strong and intense vibrations concentrated on the clitoris.

However, although the vibrations are strongest in the head area of the toy, they can also be felt throughout its entire body down to its tail.

To compare it with other very popular toys from Lovense, Ferri has somewhat milder vibrations than Lush 2, Lush 3, and Nora, which is reasonable given that these three are G-spot vibrators and that area needs stronger stimulation.

The clit, on the other hand, is an extremely sensitive area that can easily get bruised if you use extremely strong vibrations for a longer time.

There is a point when it stops being pleasurable, and it becomes uncomfortable, which is something I am sure many women can agree on.

This is why I personally prefer something gentler and has milder vibes for clitoral pleasure, such as Ferri.

Ferri also has buzzy vibrations, which are a bit louder than other high-end wearable vibrators such as We-Vibe Moxie.

Which is why I would recommend you use Ferri for public play if you are in a noisy place such as a busy restaurant, rather than somewhere quiet.

And lastly, Ferri has two different vibration patterns that are accessible in different ways.

The first set can be cycled through by just tapping once on the toy’s single on/off button, and it consists of seven different vibration strengths and patterns.

Some of these include a low, mid-power, and high-power constant buzz, quick and strong pulsing, wave sensations, and a sort of wiggle from low to high power repeating continually.

The second set is accessible via the Lovense App, and it consists of four pre-set patterns, including Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake.

But besides that, you also have an infinite amount of patterns that you can create and save on the app for later use, as well as available downloads from what other Lovense App users have created and shared.


lovense ferri compatibility

Like all Lovense sex toys, Ferri can also be controlled via the Lovense App.

The app is very easy to use, and although it has many features, you will surely be able to figure them all out in no time.

I love the layout and how simple it is to use because it’s designed to give you options but not to the point where it will get you confused and overwhelmed.

Nobody wants to be playing with their phone the whole night, trying to get the settings just right or figuring out how to reconnect the toy, and Lovense definitely took that into consideration when creating their app.

Anyhow, you can play with Ferri by using the Lovense Remote App in several different ways.

First, you can obviously control it through the Remote option and adjust the tempo that you like.

Next, you can also give up control and let your partner adjust the tempo if you want to make things even more interesting for both of you.

And not to forget to mention, your partner could also be across the world, and they will still be able to control your pleasure via the app.

Besides that, Ferri can also be activated by sound and can be used while listening to the songs you have saved on your device or by linking to your Spotify.

It will react and vibrate to the beats of the music and will make you actually feel the beats, which is quite interesting.

Next, you also have the Sound feature, which is great for an outdoor atmosphere such as any place where there’s music and varying sounds around you.

Your app will pick up the sound around you and will activate Ferri. The first thing that comes to my mind is how exceptionally thrilling this feature could be if you are in a club, for example.

Waterproof design

Similar to other Lovense sex toys, Ferri’s silicone is rated IPX7 for waterproofness.

IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and measures how well a device is protected from both solid objects and liquids. IPX7 rating means that the product can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes at a time.

Therefore, you can soak it in your bathtub or shower with it without worry.

lovense ferri dimensions

However, bear in mind that Ferri should only be exposed to clear water, so try to keep it away from the seas, oceans, pools, or hot tubs because salt and chlorine (and other chemicals used for cleaning purposes) can be a little too aggressive towards both the silicone and the plastic parts of the toy and could potentially compromise both materials.

The only drawback this may have for some people is that Ferri won’t stay in place on its own, and it needs the magnet to stay put unless you hold it in place with your hand.

The magnet can obviously only be attached through a piece of cloth, so you may want to prepare your bikini or enter the water with your undies.

I personally am not a fan of this because I don’t want to wear my underwear in the shower but to each their own.

What’s In The Box + Shipping Information

Ferri comes in the signature Lovense box that’s sleek and simple and contains:

  • Two magnets
  • Quick setup guide
  • Instruction manual
  • A beautiful and silky storage bag that won’t shed lint all over the toy
  • Magnetic charger

lovense ferri shipping box

Like all Lovense toys, Ferri comes with a one-year warranty that ensures you can get the product replaced completely free of charge if there are any defects.

Lastly, Lovense is an international brand that offers free shipping to every country in the world. The shipping is also relatively quick and completely discreet.

What Ferri Customers Are Saying

Ferri is Lovense’s new release; therefore, there are very few reviews to go from; however, the few available online are positive.

Women love Ferri because it’s convenient, gentle, discreet, and it gets the job done.

Besides that, Lovense is quite famous for its immaculate and innovative designs, convenient and fun-to-use app, and overall high product quality.

So although the reviews on Ferri are still very limited, I am definitely foreseeing many more people will love this product in the future.

Lovense Ferri Review: Final Summary/Rating

Ferri is an app-controlled panty vibrator that magnetically secures itself to any pair of underwear and gives strong clitoral vibrators.

I would give Ferri an overall rating of 5/5 because it’s a cute little vibe that will surely put a smile on your face.

I suppose the price ($119) may turn some people off, but luckily, Lovense are also known for running frequent sales on their official website, and you are likely to find Ferri for $99 instead.

Lovense Ferri: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most frequently asked questions regarding the Lovense Ferri:

How To Connect Lovense Ferri To The Lovense App

As soon as you install the Lovense Remote App on your device, you can click the “link” icon in the top right corner and then the plus that you will see in the middle of the screen to search for other devices (toys).

When your device is found, the toy’s name (Ferri) will appear on the screen, and you can tap the toggle icon to select the toy you want to play with.

Once you do that, you can click the “Done” button in the top right corner, and your device will immediately appear on the screen.

You are now ready to play with your toy.

On the other hand, if you and your partner are long-distance, you can use the control-sharing option so that both of you may have some fun.

You can connect your partner on the Lovense App by either clicking to add them or by accepting their request.

Once your partner is added to your list, they will remain in your saved connections so that you can conveniently reconnect with them whenever you’d like.

You will notice a green check next to their name when they are online. You can also interact with each other by sending chat messages, recording a voice message, sending photos, sending a vibe pattern, starting a voice or video call, etc.

Here’s a step-by-step manual on how to connect any Lovense device to the Lovense app with pictures.

How To Clean The Lovense Ferri Toy

Since Ferri is a waterproof toy, it’s fairly easy to clean.

After using it, all you have to do is rinse it with warm water and a little bit of antibacterial solution or a standard sex toy cleaner of your choice.

After cleaning it, you should leave it to air-dry for a little bit and try to place it on tile, wood, or any other surface that isn’t a towel.

Towels tend to shed lint, and since Ferri is partly made out of silicone, it’s very easy for the lint to stick to the material.

Lovense Ferri Battery Info (How Long It Lasts/ How Long To Charge, Etc)

Like all Lovense toys, Ferri is USB-rechargeable, and a single 90-minute charge can give you up to three and a half hours of continuous play.

However, if you take much less than that per usual, Ferri can last you for a very long time between charges.