What to Expect When Doing Video Chats As An Adult Content Creator

It is a safe place, for sure, to stay behind the text chat forever!

Nobody sees you, you don’t have to dirty talk or even show your face… But I must honestly tell you that I got the hang of it…Video chatting! I actually enjoy it more than text chatting at the moment.

First of all because it makes more money, but second of all it is just a huge turn-on for me!

Isn’t it amazing to see a guy come in front of you, on your screen? Well, I think it is.

So, after starting off with text chatting first, trying some words, some phrases, see what guys like, I decided to open up for video calls. I needed a few days, or maybe even weeks to get to that point.

And of course, it was scary at first!

Who will video call me, what do they expect of me and do they like my voice and equipment?

But in the end, it is just your average horny guy looking for some boobs to look at, two hard nipples to get a hard-on and a pussy to jerk off on.

The next few tips will help you get ready for video calling, because of course, it is all about preparation!

What to Expect When Doing Video Chats As An Adult Content Creator

Get A Dedicated Space

First of all, make sure you have a proper place to do the Video Chat from.

For me, it is definitely my bedroom. I close the door, make sure the bed is nice and tidy, and always pray that my dirty old neighbor just doesn’t walk past my windows and hears me. Luckily all went well so far.

Make sure there is little noise and you don’t get disturbed. Also, make sure there is not a lot of things lying around that will distract the viewer from you. So clean up space and make it simple.

Your sheets should be clean and preferably one color. I always turn on the bed light next to me for an amazing spotlight on my face and boobs. It definitely brings out the best in me.

Clothes and Makeup

Then we can talk for hours and hours about clothes but we don’t have to go in too much detail here. Most of your viewers want you naked! I sometimes start off naked, because I get notified by the system that there is a customer that wants to video chat.

So I have a bit of time to get me out of my clothes. Sometimes I start with my bra and panties on and I will take them off slowly on camera… a great ice breaker for your chat!

Besides the not-so-many-clothes-you-will-be-wearing make sure you look your perfect self. Your hair is done nicely and your makeup is impeccable. I had to get used to doing full-on makeup in the morning, especially when I don’t feel like having makeup on.

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But I want to be ready for a possible video call, so I make it work!

One of the great advantages of doing video chats or even sex work, in general, is the fact that I must keep my body in shape.

I do a proper morning exercise of about an hour and make sure I eat healthy as well.

When you want to be a professional sex worker you also need to explore yourself, doing a bit of fieldwork, meeting people, so I make sure that I feel confident in my skin and can still fit in my tight skirt I bought years ago.

And I don’t have to explain to you that if a customer wants to see your pussy on screen, you make sure it is nicely trimmed and taken care of. ?

Type of Customers

To be honest, you will find the majority of the customers naked in their bed, jerking off.

That is when they allow you to see them and they have activated their camera. But yes, they want you to watch, or even better help them get to their ultimate climax.

For them to get there they want to see a naked body, some boobs, nipples, and a pussy here and there.

Some will give you some instructions and I think it is important for you to find out how far you want to go here.

You can politely decline if you don’t want to follow all the instructions given. Simply reply with “sorry, that is not my thing”.

Most of the customers truly respect that!

Then you will find your occasional casual talker.

I once spoke to a guy from New York who just wanted to watch me and my naked body while he talked about work, his hobbies, and his family. We spoke for almost an hour! He is my absolute favorite customer, you can imagine.

I also stumble across a few voyeuristic customers. They are not too interested in my body but just want to show theirs in front of the camera.

Of course, you will sweet talk about his stunning cock, his tight ass and handsome face and make his day!

I enjoy these types of customers as they are in general friendly, slightly submissive, and fun to talk to.

And last but not least you stumble across the workers, I would call them. They sit in their truck or in their office and need a quick fix.

They mostly call during lunch break and they just need the sight of your naked body, your fingers on your clit and that will give them enough to get through the afternoon at work!

I love them for being so bold!

My Most Important Tip…

Very important if you want to try this at home: enjoy it yourself!

You can only make a man very horny or even cum when you are also in the mood yourself.

I am sure I don’t have to tell you how to arouse yourself, so make sure you do.

It keeps the video chat fun, genuine but most of all satisfying for yourself as well!

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