Lovense Nora Review (Here’s What You Want To Know)

I’ve made it very clear through my previous sex toy reviews that I’m a big fan of the Lovense brand.

Today, I am sharing my Lovense Nora review with you, yet another trendy sex toy from the ever-expanding Lovense product line.

If you’ve read my Lovense Lush review, you’d know I see Lovense as the standard when it comes to “modern technology” sex toys, and with the Nora, they do not disappoint.

Let’s first take a quick overview of the Lovense Nora before I go into more detail below about this Bluetooth powered rabbit vibrator.

Lovense Nora Review Summary $119 (On Offer From $199)
  • Pleasure Score
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Average Review

Lovense Nora Satisfaction Score

  • Maximum G-Spot Pleasure ✅
  • Clitoris Stimulation ✅
  • 100+ Hours Battery Life ✅
  • Control From Lovense App ✅
  • Waterproof  ✅
  • Body Safe Material ✅
  • Louder Than Average ❌

5 Lovense Nora Key Features & Benefits

lovense nora review

Find & Stimulate G-Spot

Yes, the G-Spot exists.

If you are a pleasure-seeking woman, you already know that it can help you reach an incredibly intense orgasm when this spot is stimulated.

Unfortunately, most vibrators these days don’t have the ability to reach or stimulate the G-Spot.

They are designed mainly for clitoral stimulation only. But – luckily – the Lovense Nora not only finds the elusive and mysterious G-Spot but also is created to maximize pleasure “in that area”.

The great thing is this product is developed with body-safe silicone material. You can use it without any worries and enjoy earth-shattering vaginal orgasms, again and again.

Stimulate Your C-Spot

There is also a well-known C-Spot (the clitoris). This toy has the ability to stimulate your C-Spot and G-Spot, together or independently. This diversity makes it a futuristic weapon for the most intense sexual sensations.

You can use the buttons to control both parts of the toy manually. The vibrating arm is for the clitoris while the turning head is a solution for giving pleasant sensations to G-Spot. You can use both of them together to reach ejaculation quickly.

If you want to rock your C-Spot, use this toy in a closed missionary position. Your legs should give it a tighter squeeze to increase friction against your clitoris.

Connect To Your Smartphone

how to use the lovense app with nora

Thanks to the technology of Bluetooth. It keeps the sex life full of fun, even if the couples don’t have the chance to see each other often.

Lovense Nora connects to your smartphone and closes the distance with your partner.

That’s why they call it the best long distance vibrator for long-distance sex. You can comfortably wear in your undergarments and let your partner play with you erotically from far, far away.

Your hands will be free to explore other intimate areas of your body while your man is controlling the vibrations and listening to your favorite fantasies.

So, play with each other from anywhere in the world and add some fervor to your sexual routine.

Submersible & Waterproof:

Want to enjoy incredible shower sex?

Fortunately, the Lovense Nora is submersible and waterproof also. You don’t have to worry about the short-circuiting. It is particularly water-friendly and can be used in the shower, tub, or pool to add extra excitement. This key feature makes it easy to clean too.

360 Degree Rotation:

360o rotation is an exciting way of arriving on cloud 9.

It massages your vaginal walls well and satisfies your feeling utterly. You will find this feature in some other vibrators, but most of them flex and roll while rotating. It has a softer material and has more movement, but it stays firms inside you.

This is like a whole extra dimension and pleasure that can make you moan like a lioness, especially when it is twisting inside you, and your feelings are fully intensified.

lovense nora rotating head

2 Small Nora Drawbacks Worth Noting

It Can Be A Bit Loud

While it’s nothing major, some customers have complained that Nora can be quite loud.

You can use it in a private space, but enjoying its vibrations in public places will surely attract lots of weird glances. Of course, this was not mean for “public use” either.

If you want a sex toy that you can wear while out and about, be sure to look into the Lovense Lush 2.0.

A Bit Too Bulky

lovense nora specs

If you are young (read: tight), this can be an issue for you as this toy can be a bit bulkier than you like or prefer.

Therefore, we believe it is more suitable for women who have had a few experiences with sex toys already.

In case you are wondering, the Lovense Nora weighs around 2.2 pounds.

How To Use The Lovense Nora (For Maximum Pleasure)

Even if you have the best vibrator, a better orgasm can’t be guaranteed if you don’t first learn how to use it.

For many women, using a vibrator-like Lovense Nora should be the easiest thing ever, but sometimes they face a hard time figuring out how to use it, especially if it is their first time.

For that reason, we have revealed some key steps that will assist you in knowing this vibrator better. You will understand what this love machine is designed to do.

Your First Experience With Nora:

If you’re new to using sex toys and don’t have much experience using sex toys to pleasure yourself, don’t judge Lovense Nora on the first try.

Think of it (and all other sex toys, for that matter) as a tool. The more you use it, the better you understand its features and how you can use it to please yourself & yes, it has everything you need to make you explode with orgasmic pleasure.

Play Around With The Settings:

Find your exact level of pleasure through its settings. Before using the smart features of testing its settings, use the physical buttons which are on the toy.

These buttons can be used for low vibration, mid vibration, and high vibration. The head of this toy can also be rotated in different settings to stimulate your spot, so play around with that too.

Get A Few Great Lubricants:

Lube is your friend. It makes things – especially sex toys – easier and more comfortable for you.

This prime product mainly awakens those women’s body that feels dry during lovemaking, and the discomfort causes them to lose interest in bed.

But using it with lubricants for the first time can give you great results. You will feel aroused at once and enjoy the awesome sex by yourself or with your partner.

NB: Here are my recommended lubes for dildos and vibrators.

How Does The Lovense Nora “Perform”?

lovense nora review featured image

On the whole, the delicate silicone of Lovense Nora performs and feels incredible!

Various mixes of intensity levels, manual & automatic usage, and diverse ranks of vibration makes it an ideal toy for explosive orgasms for all kinds of women. If you are a man and wish to give your exclusive lady a life-changing experience, consider buying it as a gift as I am sure your woman will appreciate it.

You will become a hero overnight and become a man who can assist her in realizing her full orgasmic potential.

What Nora Customers Are Saying

what amazon customers are saying about Lovense Nora

When we canvass the views of customers, we realize the most important feature for them is the ‘Application’.

Connecting with the partner and controlling their pleasure through a smartphone or tablet is the most exciting thing.

As we said already, there are a few complaints about the Nora being noisy, but there isn’t a single complaint regarding the elevation of sexual pleasure. Almost all of them are relishing sexual satisfaction with their partner inside and outside the bedroom.

What Is In The Box (Shipping Information)

The Lovense Nora package contains:

  • a delicate pink vibrator
  • a USB charging cord – and
  • a Bluetooth dongle.

You will find the instruction manual too. It has everything you need to understand how this toy works. You will discover important information like the usage, intimate smartphone controls, maintenance, strength of vibrations, etc..

While I would most certainly recommend buying your Nora from the official Lovense website;

If you reside in the USA, you can get it through Amazon, and you can expect to receive it within 5-6 business days. If you are in a hurry, you can also opt for two-days or 1-day shipping.

Lovense Nora unpacking

How Much Does Lovense Nora Cost?

You don’t need to spend your entire paycheck to buy this excellent Lovense Nora vibrator. At the time of writing, the Nora costs $119 (down from $199).

We know there are many “cheap” vibrators in the market, but most of them don’t have the features that Lovense Nora provides.

Moreover, many cheap sex toys are not body-safe. Your health will be at risk as, usually, the material isn’t good or the battery explodes.

Lovense, on the other hand, is a well-known name in the industry. Its products are super-safe and designed to create sparks and sexual explosions in the bedroom.

Where To Buy The Lovense Nora

how to buy nora from lovense

The best place to buy the Lovense Nora would be from the official Lovense website.

You can receive it within a couple of days, and their customer support service is top-notch.

If you’d like, you can also find it on Amazon, but given the few complaints I have heard regarding Amazon staff packing the wrong orders and customer-support being damn-near non-existent, it’s best to stick with Lovense.

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