Lovense Max 2 Review: The Sleekest Masturbator For Men

The Max was one of the first toys designed by the sex toy innovator Lovense, a Hong Kong-based company that took the world by storm with its high-tech sex toys and pioneered the future of cybersex.

Max was designed as a prototype made of young technology, and its mission was to connect long-distance partners and help maintain intimacy from afar.

But because it was a prototype, the toy wasn’t widely available on the consumer market at first until the second generation came out in 2019.

The second-generation or Max 2 became the first male masturbator controlled via a smartphone app, and it has been an absolute essential in the drawer of every sex toy-loving man ever since.

At the time of this review, the original Max is still being sold on the Lovense website at a clearance sale price of $49, but this review will be focused on Max 2 and its features.

What is Lovense Max 2?

Lovense Max 2 Review

The Lovense Max 2 is a sleek-looking sex toy for men that holds a ton of sexual power and performance inside a slim white cylinder.

At first glance, Max 2 looks like a reusable water bottle to most. But what’s inside is infinitely better.

Over the years, the Lovense manufacturers have been fine-tuning and tweaking their product to ensure that with their latest version, the Max 2, you’re getting only the best in male sex toys.

Let’s take a deeper look into the specifics of Max 2.

6 Key Features & Benefits of The Lovense Max 2

Here are a few key features that stand out about the Lovense Max 2:

Strong vibrations

Max gives strong, rumbly vibrations that penetrate the texture of the thick sleeve and can be felt throughout the entire case.

You can control the vibrations via the buttons on the device, and you can choose between the 3 constant speeds and 4 additional patterns.

360-degree contractions

Max 2 also gives deep, strong contractions that grab your penis and don’t let go, thanks to the airbag technology.

This technology is designed to expand and contract, creating tightness to simulate vaginal contractions.

To adjust how intense a suction you want to experience, you can use the adjustable vent at the end of the device, and you can choose between the 3 available levels of contractions that are low, medium, and high.

Each time you cycle through the contractions, the internal airbag will get tighter and tighter. There is also a quick-release valve at the base if things start to get a little too intense.

High-quality skin-like sleeve

The Lovense Max 2 has had careful attention devoted to the sleeve.

The sleeve is made out of TPE material that is 100% hypoallergenic and has an extremely soft, pliable, and stretchy feel.

It is an extremely popular material for creating realistic molds that can closely mimic human genitalia, which is why it’s often used to produce modern, ultra-realistic sex dolls.

Max 2 feels very soft from the inside, similar to that of other high-end male masturbators such as the Onyx and Titan by Kiiroo as well as the Autoblow.

Max 2 comes with a clear sleeve containing many bumps and nodules to increase stimulation, but if that’s not your thing, you can purchase a flesh-colored vagina sleeve separately on the Lovense website.

App-controlled stimulation

Like all Lovense sex toys, Max 2 can also be controlled via the Lovense App in several different ways.

First, you can control it through the Remote option and manually adjust the tempo you like, but you can also choose from the unlimited vibration patterns that can be downloaded through the app.

Next, you can also let your partner adjust the tempo if you want to make things even more interesting for both of you. Not to forget to mention, your partner could be across the world, and they will still be able to control your pleasure via the app.

Lastly, Max 2 can also be activated by sound and can be used while listening to the songs you have saved on your device or by linking to your Spotify. The vibrations will be in sync with the music you choose.

Syncs with Lovense’s Nora

lovense nora review featured image

Max 2 and Lovense’s rabbit vibrator Nora were originally created as a pair for long-distance couples, and they can be used together to simulate long-distance sex.

Max 2 and Nora can be synced via the Lovense Remote App and can vibe together, at the same time, through the vibrations or patterns you and your partner choose manually.

Syncs with a VR porn game

Lovense VR game

Mirror Life is a video game created by Lovense that allows you to erotically interact with other characters, watch the erotic goings-on in the third person, or enjoy a VR setting with a free-floating “fly cam” view that allows you to see everything through your character’s eyes.

In the game, you can check out the female characters getting their pole dancing on, or you can put them through a good range of sexual positions that consist of many of the basics as well as a few exotic gymnastics throw-ins to keep things interesting.

At the same time, you can have Mirror Life communicate with your Max 2 through your PC or a separate Bluetooth USB adapter that you can purchase on the Lovense website for $12.

Once you have everything sorted, turn on your Max 2, open the application (or your Bluetooth settings), and keep an eye out for it.

Then, after finding and selecting it, you’ll be all set, and you can fully enjoy some VR stimulation while Max 2 is doing its thing.

What’s In The Box + Shipping Information

Lovense Max 2 shipping

Max 2 comes in a large Lovense box that’s famous for its sleek and elegant design. Inside the box, you will find:

  • Max 2.
  • Magnetic charger.
  • User manual.
  • Quick setup guide.

Max 2 also comes with a one-year warranty that ensures you can get the product replaced completely free of charge if there are any defects.

Lastly, Lovense is an international brand that offers free shipping to every country in the world. The shipping is also quick and discreet.

How To Use Max 2

Here are a few useful tips that will help you get the most out of Max 2:

Always use a lube

This is a must when using a masturbating sleeve as; otherwise, the experience will definitely be uncomfortable and painful.

You must apply a generous amount of lube inside the sleeve, your penis, and the entry hole of the Max 2 before insertion.

Always opt for a water-based lube instead of a silicone-based as to not cause any potential degradation of the material.

Manually adjust the suction

To adjust the suction of the Max 2, use the adjustable air vent that you will find on the underside of the toy. If the pressure turns out to be uncomfortably high for you, use the quick air release to balance it out.

Avoid using the high pressure for a very long time as this could potentially lead to numbness and even bruising.

Control Max 2 through the app

Your options, although good, are limited when controlling the Max 2 manually as you can only choose between three vibration intensities, four patterns, and three contraction levels.

However, when using it through the Lovense Remote app, you will have access to unlimited patterns that will certainly add a great variety to your masturbation sessions.

Lovense Max 2 Review: Final Summary/Rating

Max 2 is a high-quality male masturbator that you can control and adjust manually with the tap of your smartphone.

It offers great value, feels amazing, has many options, can be used in a variety of different ways, and you and your partner can both enjoy the thrill of pleasure control.

It also has a great price of $199, but Lovense runs frequent sales on their website, and you will certainly be able to find Max 2 for as little as $99, which is quite a steal for what the toy does.

I definitely recommend trying out Max 2 if you haven’t already!

Lovense Max 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most frequently asked questions about Lovense’s Max 2:

How To Connect Lovense Max 2 To The Lovense App

As soon as you install the Lovense Remote App on your device, you can click the “link” icon in the top right corner and then the plus that you will see in the middle of the screen to search for other devices (toys).

When your device is found, the toy’s name (Max 2) will appear on the screen, and you can tap the toggle icon to select the toy you want to play with.

Once you do that, you can click the “Done” button in the top right corner, and your device will immediately appear on the screen.

You are now ready to play with your toy.

On the other hand, if you and your partner are long-distance, you can use the control-sharing option so that both of you may have some fun.

You can connect your partner on the Lovense App by either clicking to add them or by accepting their request.

Once your partner is added to your list, they will remain in your saved connections so that you can conveniently reconnect with them whenever you’d like.

You will notice a green check next to their name when they are online.

You can also interact with each other by sending chat messages, recording a voice message, sending photos, sending a vibe pattern, creating and saving your own patterns, starting a voice or video call, etc.

Here’s a step-by-step manual on how to connect any Lovense device to the Lovense app with pictures.

How To Clean The Lovense Max 2 Toy

To properly clean Max 2, you need to remove the sleeve from the case and rinse it out with warm water. Since the sleeve is quite tight, you will need to really get in there with your fingers, as there are also quite a few spots for fluids to cling to.

Avoid using a bottle brush or a regular brush as these can be quite harsh to the very soft TPE and can potentially tear or damage the material.

The sleeve is also open-ended, so bear in mind that you will also need to rinse out the inside of the case.

In the directions, you will see that you can run water through the internal casing; you just need to make sure the air valve is closed first.

Once everything is rinsed and dried, you can powder the sleeve to restore its silky texture before popping it back inside.

Lovense Max 2 Battery Info (How Long It Lasts/ How Long To Charge, Etc)

Like all Lovense toys, Max 2 is USB-rechargeable.

It will give you a fairly long playtime of up to 3.5 continuous hours on a single (105-minute) charge.

Max 2, despite being launched earlier than most new Lovense sex toys, also has an updated magnetic charging method.

The two magnetic charging dots can be found on the bottom of the cylinder.