Sex Life in Your 40s: How Sex Toys Can Bring Back Passion In Bed

Psychologists and sex therapist Shannon Chavez said that both men and women deal with hormone changes, especially in their 40s.

It can also cause changes in sexual arousal, desire, and general physical comfort during sexual activity.

This is the reason why many folks during their 40s lost hope to have a great sex life.

But if, after the major 4-0 has come and gone and you want to keep things fresh in the sheets, doing so might be simpler than you expect.

These expert tips are about keeping stuff spicy and having a great sex life with the help of the best masturbator and other sex toys.

Read how these sex toys can bring back your passion in bed.

sex toys in your 40s

What Are Sex Toys?

Sex toys also called sexual toys or “marital aids,” are objects that people use during sex or masturbation to get more fun.

Additionally, if you have a sexual disorder or medical condition, sex toys can help through its medical benefits. As such, the usage of sex toys is due to various reasons.

Using sex toys is perfectly natural, but it’s also completely normal not to—it’s a matter of personal choice. There is nothing dangerous in it, as long as you responsibly use sex toys.

However, if anyone with a Sexually Transmitted Disease uses a sex toy, the body fluids on the item can spread the infection to the next person who uses it. Sharing sex toys with other individuals can spread STDs.

So, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid STDs if you’re using a sex toy with a partner.

Now that you have some basic information on what sex toys are used for let’s find out how these toys can give a better sex life, especially in your 40s.

Overcome Inhibitions

sex toys for older couples

As you become an adult, sex is no longer a priority for some.

You tend to give more time for career growth, taking care of your children, and more but not sex. You develop inhibitions that can hinder you from speaking about your sexual desires.

You become so shy to satisfy your body with sexual needs.

However, if you have sex toys at hand, it makes more manageable to overcome inhibitions. Despite your busy schedules, you can still give yourself the sexual pleasure that you need.

They are always available to be used without asking for in return.

As a result, you become more active in sex with or without a bed partner. Eventually, there will be no hesitations or anything that can hinder you from having sex or from satisfying yourself.

It Can Boost the Excitement

Most of the reasons you have missed the pleasure of enjoying sex are that there is nothing else to look forward to. Sex is strenuous to do during this age, and you no longer have the same stamina as before.

A lot of your time will be taken up by trying new sex roles. With the aid of sex toys, though, this is still possible.

There are several different sex toys available on the market today that deliver robust and fresh features that you can enjoy alone or with a bed partner.

You will also enjoy the thrill of having a blowjob with the aid of sex toys without telling your partner to do it for you.

As it provides different intensity and speed, it is easy to navigate, time-saving, enjoyable, and exciting.

Masturbation is easy to access for women nowadays, plus certain sex toys can already touch your G-spot. These are just some of the stuff that can make you feel excited about using a sex toy.

If you are trying to integrate sex toys as your partner into your bedroom antics, you will find you are much more excited about what will happen, and there will be a lot more thrill.

Not to mention, this will build electricity between you, which will give rise to intensified passion.

how sex toys help relationships

Can Increase Arousal

It is almost difficult to have arousal, this is the big challenge with being 40 and older. This is also why older couples no longer have intimacy in their relationship. However, you and your partner will help to stimulate each other further by using sex toys.

It also offers you the chance to experience a much greater sex experience.

It would also be a great benefit to use products to help you or your partner aroused quickly.

Some say it is shameful, but if you don’t have a wonderful sex life anymore, it’s probably more embarrassing and lonely.

It Can Add Some Fun to Your 40s

Our view of sex changes, especially as we get older. Sex becomes a chore rather than something fun and exciting.

Thanks to the new technology that makes the existence of sex toys possible.

You will inject some much-needed enjoyment into your love life by incorporating adult toys into the proceedings.

In terms of strengthening and changing your sex life, this can have a significant impact.

Sex Toys Can Give You a Much Better Satisfaction

When it comes to sex, each partner needs to feel satisfied, and the use of adult toys will make this even more straightforward. Sex will also become dull and mundane over time, mainly through a couple is in love.

You will make sex a much better experience for both of you by incorporating adult toys into the mix since it would be more exciting.

With the wide range of toys you choose, it becomes much smoother and more realistic to raise happiness levels for each spouse.

However, before introducing these toys in your bedroom make sure to talk about them with your partner.

You might think that it is unnecessary but it can hurt your partner’s feelings. When you get older, you may become more conscious about things like this.

So it is important to consider talking about it and make sure that both of you agreed to use it.

There’s nothing to worry about, and your intention is only to add some fun to your sex life.

More About Sex Toys That You Should Know

Now that you understand how sex toys can change your life while you are in your 40s.

You need some digging to do so you get to know more about these toys. When you intend to add sex toys to your life, one thing you need to remember is to guarantee that you chose the best models for you and your partner.

The toys you select would be based on a variety of things, and it is wise to do some homework before you make your decision, considering the wide selection of toy choices available.

Furthermore, you need to note that you can not only use the toys, as you will like ones that also include your partner.

You shouldn’t be nervous about chatting to your girlfriend about sex toys-after all.

You’ll most likely use them together. So, take your time to think about what both you and your wife want to do using these toys before diving back in and making purchases.

This will make picking the best ones to really spice up your sex life simpler for you.

Where Can You Buy Sex Toys?

After reading all these interesting facts about how you can improve your sex life using these toys, you might be so eager to buy them right now.

At retail stores, commonly called porn shops, sex stores, or adult stores, you can purchase sex toys.

A limited variety of more popular sex toys, including vibrators, are sold by individual hospitals, convenience shops, or major department stores. Also, many sex shops and sex toy brands have websites where online items can be purchased.

They usually mail them in plain packaging for privacy.

Remember that it’s better to shop from reputable retailers or blogs with extensive details on their goods to make sure your sex toy is the brand and content you believe it is.

Lastly, many sex shops are specially targeted for those customers, including women or the LGBTQ community. Feminist and some LGBTQ-centered sex shops also provide a wide range of items for customers of both gender roles and sexual orientations.

As such, they provide women, and LGBTQ people with a more relaxed, affirming, and educated experience.

how sex toys can improve your sex life


As they say, “life begins at 40”, it really is.

Don’t let your age define your sex life.

There are a lot of new things to enjoy in bed without a partner. Good thing that sex toys are readily available nowadays, so make use of it.

Never be afraid of learning how to use them, especially after reading this article.

You must understand now that sex toys can improve your sex life in so many ways. So go ahead and get yours and enjoy using them tonight.