How To Become A Sex Toy Tester (& Get Free Sex Toys)

These days, both men and women don’t mind indulging in the benefits these hard-working tools have to offer.

Many people claim that experimenting with different sex toys helped them explore their sexuality and realize what they like or dislike in bed.

Others say sex toys played a significant role in improving their sex life, which consequently led to improving their romantic relationships and marriages.

However, apart from the sexual benefits, collecting and testing sex toys can also bring monetary benefits to anyone who wants to give this kind of job a fair shot.

And since the alluring title is what made you click on my article, I am going to teach you how to become a sex toy tester, get paid for it, and receive free sex toys for your pleasure.

What Is A Sex Toy Tester?

Sex toy testers test sex toys for companies, often ones that are in the final stages of development before hitting the shelves.

However, it is not uncommon for a company to offer products that are not performing well with numbers, and they think that a review might help boost sales.

On the other hand, manufacturers use the tester’s feedback in order to make adjustments for the toy. And in return, the tester gets a free sex toy, a nice commission, and many orgasms.

Who Can Become A Sex Toy Tester?

how to become a sex toy tester

For the record, the job of a sex toy tester isn’t just testing out the products. It also consists of writing reviews for websites and blogs or sharing photos and videos from the product on your social media accounts.

However, it is not as simple as trying it once and writing several sentences about the product.

Your readers certainly want to read all about the details of the products they like and consider buying for themselves. They also want to know details about how the product performs, and that’s why they read your blog.

So here are a few tips on how to successfully manage a sex blog:

Educate Yourself.

There is a lot to know when it comes to sex toys and if you are going to commit yourself to writing reviews, you need to do your research and be well-informed before you analyze a toy.

Here are some key points you have to know:


Today’s market is flooded with different sex toys and they are all unique and innovative in their own way. However, while some materials are body-safe, others can be potentially toxic and dangerous to be used repeatedly.

Besides that, you need to pay attention to how the material feels and be thorough in your explanation. Some sex toys cost hundreds of dollars, so people always turn to reviews for help before spending their hard-earned money on a luxurious pleasure toy.

Human Anatomy.

While you might be thinking “What does human anatomy have to do with testing sex toys?”, this is exactly the one thing that can make or break the experience.

While doing your testing, analyzing, and writing, you need to let your readers know whether that particular toy is made to complement the human body while being safe at the same time.

This isn’t meant to gross people out. We are all different and pointing out how the toy works in relation to your body is a useful thing to know for someone that is thinking of purchasing that exact same toy.


Knowing the difference between a white brand, a name brand, and a distributor that sells both is essential.

Don’t assume that a company owns you just because they are sending you free sex toys to test and review. It is entirely up to you whether you want to write a positive or a negative review.

Many companies appreciate the honest feedback as this helps them make the necessary adjustments and improve their sex toys to satisfy their customer’s needs.

Cleaning Your Sex Toys.

As a sex toy tester and reviewer, you always need to point out the best cleaning practices for the sex toy you are currently testing. Perhaps there might be difficult nooks and crannies that could be missed and have body fluid and bacteria buildup if not cleaned properly.

As previously mentioned, some luxury brands produce sex toys that cost hundreds of dollars, so allowing it to become toxic and potentially dangerous to use after spending all that money is a no-no. 

You have to be detailed in explaining how to thoroughly clean the sex toy in order for it to last a long time.

Be Detailed.

Whether you are a sex toy tester or reviewer, the more information you pass on, the more improvements can be made on the toy.

This means that everything you point out in your reviews matters to both the manufacturer and your readers. And here are some things to remember:


Everyone wants to know whether the sex toy they’ve decided to order online gets delivered in discreet packaging, so skimping that out might potentially raise some questions.

Nobody wants their postman or neighbor knowing they have decided to treat themselves with a brand new luxury pleasure toy.

Design and Appearance.

You have to be exceptionally detailed while describing the design, appearance, and how the toy feels in your hands. Mention every curve and ridge and your readers will thank you for that.

Functions and Options.

The second most exciting part is what the sex toy has to offer. Be specific while describing the vibration strength and patterns, as well as how loud the toy is.

Bringing home a toy that is so loud and can be heard through the walls is a mood wrecker for everyone.


Yup, this is important too. And you are probably thinking that this can be found on the instruction manual, however, we all know that nobody ever reads those.

People want to see an honest review of how long the toy performs before it needs to be charged as well as how long will it take to be fully charged and ready for another play session.

Your readers will also appreciate it if you share details on how to charge their sex toys.


Yes, you might have a fancy storage box where you keep your pleasure gadgets, however, it is important to know that some sex toys (think silicone) just don’t mix.

Due to the complex molecular compounds, silicone sex toys tend to melt if they touch for an extended period of time. As a sex toy tester and reviewer, your job is to inform your readers on how to safely store their sex toys.

Be Objective.

There is a massive difference between not liking a toy just because it doesn’t align with your preferences versus not liking a toy because the material is garbage.

If you are someone who prefers deep, strong, rumbly vibrations, but the toy you are testing is light and buzzy, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a bad toy. 

However, if the vibrator barely works and dies after the first use, then you can safely say that it’s a bad toy.

Point Out The Flaws, But Be Respective.

A tester or reviewer also needs to be able to balance the negative and the positive. While a toy can work great for you, there might be something about it someone else may not appreciate.

On the other hand, a particular sex toy might not do it for you, however, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so keeping an open mind is always a good idea.

What Do You Need To Become A Sex Toy Tester?

Being a sex toy tester and reviewer definitely isn’t a career that’s going to suit everyone.

While it might sound easy and attractive, it turns out that it is a lot of hard work at the end of the day.

However, it is definitely a fun job or a hobby to have. So here’s what you need to become a sex toy tester:

Mindset & Motivation.

Writing lengthy and detailed reviews about sex toys is not an easy task.

There might be multiple occasions where you will find yourself not in the mood to test sex toys and you may not feel like experiencing sexual pleasure.

However, once you become a reputable sex toy reviewer, it’s up to you to finish your job and push yourself through this highly competitive market.

If done right, a sex toy reviewer can make up to $50,000 by working full-time.

So, how’s that for motivation?

On the other hand, as a sex toy reviewer, you can help raise orgasmic awareness for women.

Many women have difficulties experiencing an orgasm during intercourse, however, helping them understand that using sex toys is a positive step in female sexual liberation can make you responsible for many orgasms.

Become A Sex-Blogger.

The first step is to start an adult/sex-toy blog and start writing highly informative content.

Quality content will drive quality traffic to your blog or website, so you can create articles containing affiliate links to generate income.

(You can see some of the best sex toy affiliate programs here

Many sex toy manufacturers and retailers will send bloggers free sex toys in exchange for their unbiased reviews.

Most sex toy review programs require you to already have your own blog to be considered.

However, if you are just starting a blog and you don’t have enough traffic for a company to send you free sex toys for review, you can consider publishing reviews directly on some retailers’ websites, like Lovehoney.

This will give you a little practice, get some of your writing online, and possibly help you gather like-minded followers.

Make no mistake – testing sex toys is a niche job. Make sure that your adult blog has every piece of valuable content that’s associated with sex toys.

Start A YouTube Channel.

Masturbation Sessions Through Video Calls

While starting a YouTube channel is completely your choice and by all means not mandatory to succeed as a sex toy reviewer, if you think you can do better with talking than writing, this might be the best option for you.

Talking about sex and sex toys is very well in line with YouTube’s terms and conditions, so there’s no need for you to worry that your account will be taken down.

So here’s a piece of advice on reviewing sex toys on your YouTube channel;

Include video pop-ups to mention the merits and the disadvantages of the sex toy you’ve been testing. Cover the important stuff regarding packaging, design, function, and cleaning.

If you have a good number of subscribers, you can use monetization channels such as YouTube affiliate marketing, YouTube ads, etc… and earn high commissions.

Approach Sex Toy Companies.

There is a great chance that companies are more likely to approach you if your reputation skyrockets.

However, this industry is highly competitive, therefore it’s always a good idea to approach sex toy companies rather than wasting your time waiting to be approached by them.

Many online sex toy stores offer forms where you can apply to become a sex toy tester for their products.

On the other hand, every online store has a “Contact Us” section where you can find their email address and shoot them an email if you take interest in testing and reviewing their products.

Including your portfolio of articles, reviews, and videos in the application form can land you a job faster and easier. You can also provide a piece of brief information on the types of products you would be willing to review.

And if you are sensitive to a particular category or type of sex toys for whatever reasons, make sure to include your concerns and avoid awkward situations.

Companies used to rely on their respective employees to test their sex toys and write reviews. However, this trend has changed due to the fact that biases can hijack product reviews.

Take a look at the following websites that send you sex toys to test and review. 

Sex Toy Tester Jobs (6 Websites That Will Send You Sex Toys)

how to become a sex toy tester

Here are 6 websites that will send you free sex toys in exchange for your unbiased review:


Lovehoney is the largest sex toy retailer in the world that regularly sends sex toys, lubricants, and other products in exchange for an honest review by the tester.

When reviewing on Lovehoney, your goal is to provide information that can’t already be found on the product page.

Your review has to include your opinion on the features, performance, and price of the product as this will help customers make educated decisions about what will work for them.

Lovehoney also has an affiliate program where they offer a 20% commission on every valid sale made on their website through your referrals.

Fond Love

Fond Love is a small company that sells dildos, massage wands, and masturbators. They offer a sex toy testing program where they ask for an honest review and valuable feedback from the tester in exchange for free sex toys.

The link above will take you directly to the application form you need to fill with your details and preferences.


Bondara is a UK based website that offers a job as a sex toy tester. They will require you to have an active sex life, a good level of personal fitness, and a passion for wearable tech.

You can click the link that will take you to their website so you can shoot them an email if this sounds appealing to you

Love Woo

LoveWoo is another UK based website that offers to give away certain products in exchange for an honest review from the tester.

They have a rich catalog of sex toy products, so if there is a particular something that you’re interested in, you can go on their website and shoot them an email.


LELO is a Swedish sex toy manufacturer that’s been providing the world with uniquely designed and luxury sex toys since 2003.

They are the big fish on the market so working with them comes with several benefits, however, they do require you to have good traffic on your website or social media following.

They also offer an affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% commissions on all sales sent to their website through your referrals.

Lust Arts

If you are someone who is fascinated by magic and fantasy creatures, you are most likely to be attracted by this small, US-based company.

Lust Arts are dedicated to creating quality adult toys designed with a passion for detail, craftsmanship, and safety. Their handmade adult themes range from fantasy and sci-fi to horror and literature, helping you safely explore every realm of your imagination.

So if you have always dreamed of getting fucked by a mermaid-like dildo, now’s your chance to give it a shot.

Additionally, they offer an affiliate program where affiliates can earn up to 15% commission on all sales sent to their website through your referrals.