WeVibe Touch Review: Is This The Best Clitoral Vibrator?

We-Vibe is a company that has been around the corner for quite some time, however, since we typically like to give some of the smaller companies a chance to impress us with their inventions, we never actually realized the cool stuff this manufacturer has been up to.

So here we are with another review of their toys and this time it’s about one of our favorite categories too – a clitoral vibrator.

Continue reading if you want to learn everything about how to get your rocks off with this pretty and luxurious sex toy.

This is our We-Vibe Touch review, so let’s dive right in.

WeVibe Touch Review (TLDR Summary) $99
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Is The WeVibe Touch The Ultimate Clitoral Toy?

  • 8 different vibration settings
  • 100% waterproof
  • Two hours on a single charge
  • High-quality (body-safe silicone)
  • Perfectly sleek design

What Is We-Vibe?

So, We-Vibe is a brand of sex toys manufactured by Standard Innovation, a company founded by a Canadian couple in 2003, and today, it is one of Canada’s largest producers of adult toys.

Now, we’ve been aware of this manufacturer for quite some time, since their products are so popular they just keep popping up everywhere you turn.

However, we sometimes choose to talk about something that is not so popular or seen so frequently and can be said that it’s new, unique, and innovative in its own way.

This is how we quickly changed our minds, when a few of We-Vibe’s toys, in particular, caught our attention, therefore, we knew we had to give our thoughts on some of these.

We-Vibe gained massive popularity back in 2009 after it was recognized as having the best-selling toy at Venus Awards in Berlin, Germany, and from then, went on to sell over 4 million toys by 2015.

Additionally, they have received a bunch of awards since their original launch back in 2008, including the best couples sex toy at a prestigious event on sexual health in Los Angeles.

Now, what we really like about We-Vibe is that they are committed to setting new industry standards for ergonomic design and high-performance adult toys, while still remaining eco-friendly and always body-safe.

WeVibe Touch Features

wevibe touch reviews

The We-Vibe Touch is a really cute clitoral stimulator that we’ve been intrigued by and had our eye on it for a hot minute now. It is small and intended to slowly build sensation while wrapping comfortably into place due to its curvaceous and well-sculpted contours.

Perfectly sleek design.

The We-Vibe “Touch” has a simple and sleek design that will make targeting your favorite external pleasure centers a breeze. It is perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand and it has a decently curved top that makes it easy to hold the toy.

It allows you to get pinpoint stimulation from the squishy tip, broad stimulation across any of the sides or back, or it can also surround your clitoris with the indent on the bottom.

But, no matter how you place it, the toy is designed so that the rumbly vibrations travel throughout it without losing their power.

Body-safe material.

After reviewing so many sex toys on this website, at this point, we wouldn’t even bother with something that isn’t body-safe. Now, like pretty much every toy that’s made its way to our website, We-Vibe’s “Touch” is also made of silicone and it has that silky-smooth feeling we love.

Apparently, Touch wasn’t always like this. It used to be made from glossy silicone that, unfortunately, is material that has the potential to attract a lot of dust and lint as well as that annoying drag against the skin.

So, we are relieved that We-Vibe decided to ditch that one and upgrade from their old mistakes.

Therefore, Touch will not pull along your skin and cause that slightly uncomfortable sensation nor will it catch an excessive amount of dust and lint to the point where you really cannot keep it clean.

In addition to all that, Touch is also waterproof, thus super easy to clean as all you have to do is wash it with a bit of warm water and/or soap.

wevibe touch review

Easy charging.

Touch also comes with a little storage bag along with a USB charger and an instruction manual.

Because Touch is rechargeable, there is no need for you to worry about the cost of batteries as well as making sure you always have spare ones at home (imagine the tragedy of preparing for a solo session on a Sunday and you find out you don’t have batteries to enjoy your vibe.)

Touch requires a 90-minute charge and in return, it gives you around 2 hours of continuous play, which isn’t bad at all when you take into consideration how small this thing really is.

Additionally, Touch has a little light on the charge port that starts blinking as an indication that your toy’s battery needs to be recharged soon.

Different vibrating functions.

vibration settings of wevibe

The We-Vibe Touch can be easily switched on via a button that lies on the bottom of the toy and cycle through a total of 8 different speeds and patterns.

Touch is designed to deliver deep, rumbly vibrations that are mostly concentrated on the very tip of its squishy, triangular head. But what does rumbly really mean?

If you typically get numb from extended clitoral vibrations, it is probably because your vibrator is giving off buzzy and surface vibrations.

Touch, on the other hand, delivers rumbly vibrations which means that they seem to come from deep within the toy, therefore, you can say goodbye to easy numbing and say hello to pleasurable and deeply satisfying playtimes.


How To Use “Touch” By We-Vibe?

Like you typically use a clitoral vibrator. However, a word of caution is to switch your new vibe on and try it on your hand while using the buttons to play around a bit and see what you’re in for.

Taking it out of the package and placing it against one of the most sensitive areas of your body such as the clitoris while not knowing the true strength of the vibrations can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable and you might end up not liking the product due to that first experience.

Additionally, you can enjoy Touch by positioning the tapered end facing downwards and use the button to set it to the lowest vibration before slowly increasing after experimenting and getting used to each pattern.

purple sex toy by wevibe

Where To Buy “Touch” By We-Vibe?

There’s plenty of online shops where you can purchase We-Vibe’s Touch.

The most adequate place to buy it from is definitely We-Vibe’s official websitefor $99.

However, there are various other online sex stores that sell it, including:

Notable “Touch” Alternatives?

And here are a few other clitoral stimulators that are personal favorites of ours and can also be a decent alternative for We-Vibe’s Touch:

Lovehoney – Button Buzzer Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator – $74,99

A super discreet toy that fits in the palm of your hand, the Button Buzzer Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator has an ultra-powerful motor that offers 6 satisfying patterns of vibration and 3 levels of intensity.

It’s tapered tip lets you direct your vibes right where you need them most and the waterproof design allows you to take this bad boy anywhere you want with you.

The Button Buzzer requires a full charge of 90 minutes and in return, it offers up to 2 hours of continuous play.

Tenga Iroha – Yuki Soft Rechargeable Vibrator – $76

Tenga’s Yuki is a soft, pillowy comfort in a vibrator form designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and glide gently across your skin.

The rounded shape is specifically designed to gently caress your most sensitive area with the 4 discreet vibration functions arranged in 3 steady speeds and 1 pulsation pattern.

Yuki is a rechargeable vibrator that offers 90 minutes of run time on full power, and its waterproof design also means that you can take it anywhere with you.

Dame Products – Pom – $95

Dame’s POM is a vibrator that sits comfortably in your hand and bends at your will to deliver broad or targeted stimulation.

Its soft, flexible body features a powerful motor within that offers 5 patterns of vibration and the option to choose your own intensity or use one of the 5 speeds available.

It is made out of medical-grade silicone and it is easily rechargeable via the magnetic USB that comes with it. Additionally, POM has a waterproof design, meaning it gets the job done anywhere you go, including underwater.

Besides the luxurious plum color, POM also comes in soft jade.

Zalo – Hero Clitoral Massager – $99

Specially designed to indulge and titillate the sensitive are of the clitoris, the Zalo Hero Clitoral Massages uses Zalo’s proprietary PulseWave technology to achieve a swing width of up to 30mm and a swing frequency of up to 75 times per second, evoking unique sensations designed to imitate a delightful session of oral sex.

Its luxurious, compact shape and the powerful motor delivers superior ergonomics and functionality for a seamless experience bringing you clitoral pleasure, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Made out of premium body-safe silicone, Zalo’s Hero has 4 pre-set pulse wave modes and 4 pre-set vibration modes, and it requires a one-hour quick charge while offering up to 2 hours of play in return.

Additionally, besides the beautiful and luxurious jewel green color, it also comes in dark purple and wine red.

Zalo – Versailles Series Jeanne – $119,99

Zalo’s Jeanne from their Versailles Series is a vibrator fit for royalty. Its silky silicone body also boasts 24K embossed gold detailing, hence the pricey tag.

Janne’s elegant shape is designed to fit in the palm of your hand as it features a gentle curve for satisfying clitoral pressure.

Jeanne has preprogrammed 5 steady vibration modes and 8 different patterns, however, Zalo’s phone app allows you to create personalized vibration modes and access music and “flirt” modes.

Jeanne is also USB rechargeable along with being fully waterproof and submersible.

Final Words.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our We-Vibe Touch review as well as finding out more about how to use this intelligent little device that can make you orgasm in virtually no time.

If you have something to say about your experience with the company or this particular product, don’t hesitate to hit that comment section!