How To Make Money On OnlyFans

Making money by selling explicit content online has never been easier than it is today.

With so many platforms supporting and welcoming adult content, you can just take the nudes you are otherwise sending for free, upload them on some of these, sit back, and watch those precious dollars pile up in your bank account.

OnlyFans is one of the platforms that has been steadily growing in popularity ever since it was first launched back in 2016, however, it skyrocketed in popularity a year later when famous reality TV stars started posting their explicit content on the platform, urging their followers to subscribe to their updates.

As of November 2019, OnlyFans reported they have over 8 million users, therefore, it is safe to say that people are making some serious buck here.

So, in today’s article, we will teach you all you have to know about how to make money on OnlyFans by selling your creative adult content. Make sure to stick around.

But as always, first things first:

What Is OnlyFans?

NB: OnlyFans just announced they will ban explicit content from their website. To see why and a few (10) OnlyFans alternatives, check out the linked article.

OnlyFans is a social media platform, not unlike Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. However, this special snowflake of a website has a catch: Users must pay a subscription fee in order to view the profiles they choose to follow on the site.

This is nothing new and it can be compared to following a private account on Instagram where the user must permit you to follow them or Facebook where the user must accept your friend request in order for you to be able to see what they are posting.

However, OnlyFans explicitly states in their FAQs section that “The media contained within your posts is fully hidden until the point of purchase at which point the subscriber can view all of your content”.

Sooo, why are people doing this instead of just following someone on Instagram, for free?

What Is OnlyFans Used For?

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It’s worth noting that OnlyFans is still a general site used by fitness bloggers, wellness gurus, and nutritionists that share their online space with porn stars and other adult content creators.

OnlyFans operates a subscription business model that is similar to another wildly popular network: Patreon. However, OnlyFans is a social network platform that allows camgirls, porn stars, and other adult models to sell premium subscriptions and make money from their content.

Unlike Patreon, which recently prohibited the sale of pornographic material or sexual services, Instagram, which technically only allows “nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures”, and Facebook, which only permits nudity in art or “as a form of protest to raise awareness about a cause”, OnlyFans allows users to post whatever they want, including revealing or entirely nude pictures or videos of themselves.

The subscription fee, then, helps to establish a sense of privacy and control for users of the risqué platform and the subscriber has to keep paying a monthly rate which is set by the creator in order to keep viewing the content without any interruption.

Therefore, OnlyFans is used as a great way for adult stars and content creators to earn some extra income while helping their subscribers get their rocks off by viewing content that is genuine and much more intimate than simply watching dummy porn online.

How To Start An OnlyFans Account (As A Seller)

Starting an OnlyFans account as a seller is free, fast, and simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Create an account.

Once you go on the OnlyFans website, you will be given an option to signup through Twitter or Email.

If you already have an established Twitter following, this might be a better option for you because it will be easier to promote yourself as well as invite your fans to experience your exclusive content on your OnlyFans channel.

However, if the above isn’t the case, you can always signup by using your email address. We strongly recommend that you create a new email address you will be using for the OnlyFans platform. Avoid using work emails, for your own safety and security.

Once you are done, you will quickly receive an email by OnlyFans where they will ask you to confirm your email address before proceeding.

This is rarely the case, however, if you don’t receive anything within 5-10 minutes, make sure to check your spam folder.

Update your profile.

Once confirmed, you are ready to move on to updating your profile. Here, you can place your profile photo as well as cover photo.

Additionally, you can use keywords that will help your future subscribers find your profile as well as share all the information you want them to see on your profile.

You can also share your location (if you wish), create an Amazon wishlist, or connect your Spotify library.

Add a bank account.

While updating your profile, you will notice the part where it says “Subscription Price / ($ Per Month)” an in order to set this up, you will need to click the link that says “add a bank account”.

From there, you will need to list your country of residence (which you will not be able to change later, so be mindful of that) as well as a confirmation that you are over 18 years old.

Now, the site is taking you to a form you have to fill in with your personal details as well as attach proof of an ID photo as a confirmation that you are of legal age to be present on the platform.

Additionally, at the bottom, you need to select if you will be posting explicit content before sending your application for approval. Rest assured, this information will not be shared online, and ticking the explicit content box will not affect you or your profile in any way.

It simply means your profile won’t be popping up as a suggestion for a user that created their account to follow makeup or fitness tips, for example.

Set your subscription rate.

Once approved, you will now be able to set your subscription rate. This is entirely in your hands and to put you in complete control, you decide how much to charge your fans for a subscription.

However, instead of asking for an unreasonable amount of money from your fans, set a rate that you think is fair, reasonable, and affordable for your audience.

It’s always better to have 150 subscribers at $6,99 than 50 subscribers at $9,99, so make sure your rate attracts more subscribers instead of deterring them away from your profile simply because they can’t afford the subscription fee.

Making a good judgment based on the quality of content they will receive on your OnlyFans platform is likely to bring you more subscribers in the future, therefore, being realistic and not overpricing will definitely be more lucrative for you on the long run.

How Do OnlyFans Subscriptions Work?

For a content creator, OnlyFans works a lot like some other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, however, the content you are posting is hidden and can only be seen after a fan subscribes to you for the price that you set.

Additionally, apart from earning money by providing your fans with exclusive access to your private content, you can also earn money by communicating with your fans directly via the direct messages interface (PPM – pay per message).

For a fan to be able to subscribe to any user, send tips, or unlock paid messages without making a credit card transaction every time, they can add funds to their wallet.

Their wallet balance will be used by default as long as it is sufficient for the attempted purchase or auto-renew of a monthly subscription.

So as a fan, you need to make sure your account has a valid credit card. You can then click the “Follow” button on any profile you wish to subscribe to.

Hitting the “Follow” button will instantly unlock the content in that profile including all previous posts and all future posts during the subscription period.

How To Promote Your Only Fans Account?

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The most effective way to promote your OnlyFans account is through your social media profile, blogs, websites, and obviously – your content.

Let’s take a look at the following:

Promoting your content on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest and most adult-friendly social media platforms out there. Here, you can tease about a new project you will be posting on OnlyFans and invite your followers to see more by subscribing to your OnlyFans channel.

Let’s say you’ve done a new photoshoot or created a new video, Twitter is definitely the place to publish sneak peeks and teasers in order to get more of your followers to sign up and see the entire collection.

Promoting your content on Instagram.

Instagram is a place where you want to thread a bit more carefully when it comes to promoting your adult content.

There have been a plethora of users that had their accounts banned for silly reasons, therefore, if you plan on posting sneak peeks or teasers that suggest sexually explicit content, you will probably want to make sure these respect Instagram’s policies.

This means that you have to censor content that contains nudity, however, posting a sexy sneak peek is definitely allowed and will probably serve the purpose of letting your fans know about your upcoming content on OnlyFans.

How Much Money Can You Make On OnlyFans?

how much money can you make on onlyfans

Content creators can earn anywhere between $149 and $749 per month for at least 1000 followers from their social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, this is based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing. Also, these figures do not include income from tips and direct messaging, therefore, let’s simplify these numbers a bit.

The minimum monthly rate content creators can earn is approximately $5, however, there is no upper limit to this figure, meaning you are entirely in charge of asking whatever price you want from the viewer to let them get access to your exclusive content.

On the other hand, OnlyFans also have their own referral program, meaning if you refer any other content creators to join the platform, you get to earn 5% of their lifetime income.

This simply means that whatever the referred content creator earns through their subscription, you will make 5% off that income.

5 Advantages Of Using OnlyFans To Sell Your Adult Content

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Here are several highlighted advantages of using OnlyFans to sell your adult content:

No restrictions on your content.

Whatever you want to publish, you can do it on OnlyFans. They have no restrictions on the nature of content uploaded on your profile. You could be posting anything from makeup tutorials, gym exercises, straight-up porn, and nobody will tell you what not to do.

If someone doesn’t enjoy your content, they can simply unsubscribe, however, OnlyFans will not interfere with the type of content you want to post on your profile.

You are your own boss.

You are in charge of everything. You have the ability to set your own subscription rates without any interference from OnlyFans. So, from the type of content you produce to setting your subscription rates, everything is entirely up to you.

No unwanted viewers on your profile.

You won’t have to deal with people that can see the content you work hard to create for free. Only the viewers who have subscribed to your page and are ready to pay for your effort will be able to see your sexy photos and videos.

You can block certain IPs and regions from seeing your profile.

If you don’t want to be seen by someone you can easily adjust this in the Security Settings page found on your profile. Here, you can select ranges of IP addresses and countries or regions that will not be able to view your profile page.

DMCA takedown policy.

Piracy is everywhere on the Internet and it is a general nuisance every one of us has dealt with at some point.

However, OnlyFans has a DMCA takedown policy that allows you to report any use of your content that wasn’t authorized by you as the copyright owner, your agent, or the law.

OnlyFans FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about OnlyFans:

Can You Be Anonymous On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans allows you to stay anonymous, meaning other users can only see the information that is displayed on your public profile. Profile name, username, an avatar with cover pictures, and fans count (optional) will be visible for profile visitors.

However, in order to view your content, a subscriber has to pay the monthly fee determined entirely by you.

Is There An OnlyFans App?

One hurdle about OnlyFans is that there is no iPhone app. The platform as it exists now likely runs against Apple’s restrictions on “overtly sexual or pornographic material”, therefore we cannot see this happening in the near future.

Additionally, even if Apple did allow an OnlyFans app, the fees (which is a whopping 30%) would certainly be a problem as OnlyFans would then have to pass along those expenses to the content creators, which is a total bummer.

On the bright side, Android users can keep an eye on the Google Play Store as the OnlyFans app will be released there as soon as they finish redeveloping it.

Does OnlyFans Cost Money To Join?

Starting an OnlyFans account is completely free of charge, however, OnlyFans is one of the highest paying platforms where you can post your adult content, therefore, content creators here receive 80% of the profit for subscriptions, tips, and paid messages.

The remaining 20% covers payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services OnlyFans provides you with.

How Long Does OnlyFans Take To Pay?

Your earnings become available for withdrawal from the current balance on a 7-day basis, however, withdrawal requests and bank payouts are processed within 5-10 days after they are requested.

Therefore, you may have to wait up to 10 days to receive your money, depending on the country you’re residing in.

Can You Make Money Without Showing Your Face?

YES, you can. Here are 9 ways you can make money on OnlyFans with a no-face account.

Can Men Make Money On OnlyFans?

There’s no doubt that earning money on OnlyFans as a man is possible.

However, it’s known that male creators on OnlyFans earn less money due to the disadvantage that comes with a lack of demand.

How Does OnlyFans Pay Out?

Currently, OnlyFans pays content creators:

  • via one of their payout processors – or
  • via direct bank wire (bank wire).

3 Other Ways To Make Money Online (Besides OnlyFans)

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Making money online is easier than it has even been. Therefore, if you are interested in making money with sexual content online, take a look at three simple ways to monetize your naughty thoughts.

Start A Sex Blog.

If you’d rather keep your face hidden from the public, but have a keen interest and talent for writing, starting a sex blog might be the best option for you.

It’s simple and easier than you are probably thinking, so head to our detailed article that explains how to make money as a sex blogger.

Sell Nudes Online.

Another alternative for keeping your face hidden but earning money from random internet strangers is to start selling your nudes online.

Selling nudes is a lucrative business and you can make a decent side income for yourself by doing this, therefore, make sure to check out our detailed article that guides you through the process of selling nudes online and making a living out of it.

Become A Cam Girl.

It’s no secret that camgirls dominate the internet and this career can easily put your boring 9-5 office job to shame. It’s fun, fast, easy, and lucrative, therefore, learn how to do it step-by-step by clicking here.

Final Words

We’ve said it before and we will say it million times over: Making money online has never been easier than it is today.

In this article, we focused on giving you detailed and in-depth information on how to make money on OnlyFans, an online platform that supports, welcomes, and encourages adult content creators to express themselves through a safe online space and monetize their fan base with their exclusive content.

Let us know in the comments down below what do you think about the new way of making money online!

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