25 Curved Dildos To Level Up Your Sex Toy Collection

Dildos are simple and straightforward sex toys with one goal: to get you off.

However, while some people can be pretty satisfied with a simple dildo, others need something more. Not all bodies are the same, so not everyone is going to enjoy the same thing, and some people may need a dildo that’s designed in a certain way to help with this goal.

Enter curved dildos into the scene. Designed with a curved shaft, these dildos make it easier to target your most sensitive internal spots for maximum stimulation where it really matters.

Curved dildos can delight both vagina owners and penis owners by stimulating either the G-spot — a sensitive area that presses against the internal clitoral network or the prostate (a.k.a P-spot).

And because even curved dildos come in a great range of shapes, sizes, and of course, materials, I’ve made it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for, no matter if you are a complete beginner or are looking to level up your dildo game.

So, without further ado, here’s my selection of the 25 best curved dildos for all shapes, sizes, and needs.

best curved dildos

SI Novelties – Curved Up Caramel Tan Dildo – $24

SI Novelties – Curved Up Caramel Tan Dildo

Harness-compatible and made of phthalate-free PVC material, the Curved Up Caramel Tan Dildo is fantastic for solo or couples’ play.

The soft, curvy dildo offers 5.5 inches of insertable length and 1.55 inches of circumference, featuring an authentic design, veiny bumps, and a rather large tip.

However, due to its soft and delicate material, the Curved Up Dildo is only compatible with water-based lubricants and latex-free condoms.

Forto – F19 Curved Prostate Plug – $25

Forto – F19 Curved Prostate Plug

The F19 Curved Prostate Plug is an excellent toy for lovers of prostate stimulation, as it works as both a massaging dildo and a leave-in plug.

Made out of silky smooth silicone and featuring a curved head, this bulky dildo offers around 6 inches of insertable length, so that it might be a better option for those experienced in anal play.

If you are a beginner and still want to try this toy out, use it with a lubricant that’s best for anal sex toys, and take your time with it to find the perfect spot.

Blush Novelties –Papito Latin Brown Dildo – $27

Blush Novelties –Papito Latin Brown Dildo

Papito is a Latin stud with a generously curved design, perfect for G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

Featuring intense veiny ridges and even more realistic testicles, the PVC sex toy offers nearly 6 inches of insertable pleasure and a powerful suction cup that allows it to stick on smooth surfaces or be attached to a harness for spicy couples’ play.

Lovehoney – Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo – $27

Lovehoney – Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo

Firm, girthy, and veiny, yet suitable for beginners, the Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo is a 6-inch dildo that’s excellent for anyone looking for pleasure on a budget.

This PVC-made dildo offers simple style, lasting quality, and toe-curling satisfaction, featuring a realistic design alongside a suction cup base for hands-free fun.

Blush Novelties – The Soldier Boy Dildo – $30

Blush Novelties – The Soldier Boy Dildo

The Soldier Boy Dildo by Blush Novelties is a big boy that aims to massage your G-spot and bring you to an explosive orgasm.

Curved, veiny, and always ready to go, Soldier Boy is phthalate and latex free and boasts a little over 7 inches of insertable length.

Additionally, the strong suction cup at its bottom will stick firmly to a smooth surface and support you on your hands-free adventure.

Blush Novelties –Neo Elite Dual Density Dildo – $32

Blush Novelties –Neo Elite Dual Density Dildo

The Neo Elite Dual Density is an excellent and affordable dildo that comes in two vibrant colors and aims to give that lifelike feel.

Featuring Blush SensaFeel dual-density silicone plus FlexiShaft technology, the Neo Elite is a soft, curvy, and flexible dildo but still sturdy enough for vigorous use.

It offers around 7 inches of insertable length, so it’s ideal for those who want larger dildos for their solo or couples’ play. The strong suction is compatible with a harness, and the 100% platinum silicone exterior offers a lifelike skin texture with a satin-smooth finish.

Gläs– Curved Glass Beaded Dildo – $34

Gläs– Curved Glass Beaded Dildo

Artistically crafted and made from hypoallergenic, shatter-proof borosilicate glass, the Gläs Curved Beaded Dildo is an elegant sex toy that can serve both as a pleasure tool and an ornament on a shelf.

Designed to deliver the sensation of graduated-sized beads rubbing against your walls and traveling to your sensitive spots, the dildo can contribute to exciting vaginal or anal play.

Offering modest 3.75 inches of insertable length, the toy is an excellent option for beginners and advanced users alike and mostly for those who want their toys to be pretty and efficient.

Gläs – Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo – $34

Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo

Another refined creation by Gläs is their Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo, specifically designed to hit the most sensitive inside a woman and deliver instant pleasure.

Deliciously curved at the tip and with the addition of five protruding dots specifically made to massage your inner walls, this fracture-resistant dildo is a pure pleasure to experience and look at.

Made from borosilicate glass and excellent for temperature play, the Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo offers nearly 6 inches of insertable pleasure for versatile and elegant play.

Blush Novelties – Hero Curved Lover Dong – $34

Blush Novelties – Hero Curved Lover Dong

The Hero Curved Lover Dong is an aesthetically pleasing dildo with a realistically curved design, a delicious and suckable tip, and ultra-realistic veins that pop out of its shaft to massage your inner walls.

Flexible yet strong and sturdy, this harness-compatible dildo is made out of body-safe PVC and offers 5.5 inches of insertable length, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want a realistic dildo on a budget.

Blush Novelties – Afro-American Whopper – $37

Blush Novelties – Afro-American Whopper

Similarly to the Hero Curved Lover Dong, the Afro-American Whopper is an ultra-realistic and aesthetically pleasing dildo with a delightful, veiny design, a beautiful tip, and 8 long inches of pleasure.

Made from soft yet flexible and sturdy PVC, the Whopper is guaranteed to send you into bliss, regardless of how you decide to use it.

Harness-compatible with a strong suction at the bottom, the Whopper will be a fine addition to the collection of any beginner on advanced sex toy user with a particular taste.

Lovehoney – Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo – $40

Lovehoney – Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

Another excellent choice for bead lovers is Lovehoney’s Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo. Made from shatter-proof borosilicate glass, the curved dildo will give you an intense sensation during insertion and thrusting while its super smooth hand-blown body ensures maximum comfort.

Perfect for temperature play and a fantastic choice for those that put aesthetics first, the Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo will give you 7 inches of insertable and unforgettable pleasure.

However, a minor drawback of this otherwise beautiful creation is the lack of a safety base, so you must be mindful about leaving a few beads out of your body when using it.

Lovehoney – Lifelike Lover Multicoloured Dildo – $40

Lovehoney – Lifelike Lover Multicoloured Dildo

The Lifelike Lover Multicolored Dildo is a beautiful realistic dildo with a marbled design that features a delectably veiny shaft, a realistic round tip, and a curve that will tickle you in all the right spots.

Made from sturdy, body-safe silicone and boasting 6.5 inches of insertable length, the harness-compatible dildo will be your ride-or-die when in need of an orgasm.

Split Peaches – Rivetor – $43-89

Split Peaches – Rivetor

Inspired by the design of an industrial steam boilerplate, Rivetor is a curved dildo that features unique rivets to provide even the pickiest texture lover with a satisfying stimulation and finish.

Made from sturdy yet flexible silicone that makes it hard to the touch yet easily adjustable to your curves, Rivetor comes equipped with a harness-compatible base and is available in two different sizes and three different colors.

Blush Novelties – Avant “Chasing Sunsets” Dildo – $47

Blush Novelties – Avant "Chasing Sunsets" Dildo

Stunningly crafted, the Avant “Chasing Sunsets” Dildo is a beautiful sex toy made from platinum silicone that gives its vibrant colors a unique glitter effect.

Deliciously curved to stimulate your most sensitive spots, Avant is suitable for both vaginal and anal play and is harness-compatible, making it an excellent option for couples.

Additionally, the strong suction helps this stunning dildo stick to smooth surfaces for hands-free play, and the 6 inches of insertable length are more than guaranteed to satisfy every need.

Evolved – Real Supple Silicone Dildo – $50

Evolved – Real Supple Silicone Dildo

Soft, plush, and squishy on the outside, the Real Supple Silicone Dildo is a beautiful creation by Evolved that packs size, flexibility, and the ability to please, all at an affordable price.

Excellent for those who prefer softer dildos made from body-safe silicone and those for whom size matters, this monster cock is definitely one that delivers.

The strong, harness-compatible suction cup is also created in a way that won’t even take a millimeter away from the dildo’s size so that you can fully enjoy your 8 inches of insertable pleasure.

Squeezable, durable, and quite forgiving, the Real Supple Silicone Dildo is easy to clean, fully waterproof, and compatible with water-based lubricants.

Shots –Realrock Curved Dildo – $50

Shots –Realrock Curved Dildo

Made from ultra-soft TPE, the Realrock Curved Dildo features a realistic feel that provides flexibility and comfort to satisfy you in any position you can imagine.

With almost 8 inches of insertable pleasure, this aggressively textured dildo is designed with a pronounced head, bulging veins, and hanging balls to give you the feeling of a real-life partner working hard to hit all the right spots.

The 3.75-inch wide suction cup base makes the Realrock Curved Dildo perfect for solo or harness play that allows for the inclusion of a partner and double the fun.

However, although TPE is unmatched when it comes to providing a realistic experience, it’s also a material that’s highly porous. Therefore, while this dildo will be one that will deliver a punch of pleasure, it’s best to use it with a condom and a water-based lube to avoid degradation and bacterial overgrowth.

Pipedream – Icicles No. 69 Glass Dildo – $50

Pipedream – Icicles No. 69 Glass Dildo

Made out of pink, borosilicate glass, the beautiful swirling shape of the Icicles 69 Dildo tempts you to look at its glossy feeler and leaves you admiring its pronounced nodules.

Crafted for the ultimate G-spot pleasure, this firm glass toy offers a broad, rounded head for maximum impact, while its other end serves as a safe and easy-to-hold handle.

The delicious bumps all down the body of the dildo only intensify the sensation and contribute to the entire experience.

Made of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, Icicles toys are hand-blown and durable. Excellent for temperature play, and with decent 6.5 inches of insertable length, the 69 Dildo is a stunning creation to admire and play with.

Doc Johnson – The D Ragin Ultraskyn Dildo – $60

Doc Johnson – The D Ragin Ultraskyn Dildo

The D Ragin Ultraskyn Dildo by Doc Johnson is yet another excellent choice for texture lovers who don’t want to spend much money on a good-quality sex toy.

Designed with a realistic contoured head, heavily textured veins, and a prominent curve that aims to hit the G-spot and P-spot, the Ultraskyn Dildo has an aesthetically pleasing display besides the pleasure it provides.

Made from silky-smooth, platinum silicone, the dildo offers 10 inches of insertable length and has a small suction cup at the bottom that doesn’t take away inches but still makes it suitable for harness or hands-free play.

SquarePegToys – Mel – $62

SquarePegToys – Mel

Meticulously handcrafted with a cast of a real penis, Mel is an ultra-realistic sex toy made from sturdy and durable silicone and designed to resemble the real thing in both texture and smoothness.

With a tapered tip, sideways curve, and bulging veins, Mel is a girthy toy that packs 6 inches of circumference at its widest point and 9 inches of total length, out of which 7 are insertable.

With that said, Mel is definitely not a beginner’s toy, as this beauty will need some time to get used to. Harness-compatible and excellent for hands-free play due to the strong suction cup at the bottom, Mel is ideal for those looking for big toys to satisfy their cravings.

Pipedream – Double Delight Strap On Dildo – $70

Pipedream – Double Delight Strap On Dildo

Made out of soft plastic that ensures the dildo can be bent easily, the Double Delight Strap-On Dildo is one of the best choices of curved dildos for couples’ play.

It comes with an attached harness that allows you to secure it around your waist for some hands-free fun and has a total length of 15 inches, with 6 inches insertable from each side.

Deliciously textured, the Double Delight will provide you and your partner with exciting play options and premium pleasure.

SquarePegToys – Dirk Harness SuperSoft Silicone Dildo – $69-79

SquarePegToys – Dirk Harness SuperSoft Silicone Dildo

Dirk Harness by SquarePegToys is an uncut dildo molded from a real-life model.

The toy is unique in its own right and comes in two poses.

The first option is called “Actual Size” and features a retracted foreskin with its head bent forward and a little under 5 inches of insertable length. The second option is called “1X Size,” which is hooded and standing up straight, featuring around 6 inches of insertable length.

Both Dirks are curved, short, and stout, perfect for all sorts of play, including anal, as they will gently stretch your hole without going too deep or causing discomfort.

Both Dirks are made from US-sourced platinum silicone and are incredibly soft, flexible, and squishy.

They also feature a strong suction cup base that allows the toy to adhere to any smooth surface or be compatible with a harness.

SquarePegToys – Baby Head – $89

SquarePegToys – Baby Head

Baby Head is an expansive dildo with a curved and smooth shaft and a solid base, making it harness-compatible for a couple’s play.

Made of SquarePegToys’ signature SuperSoft silicone, the Baby Head Dildo is a rather squishy and flexible toy instead of dense and sturdy.

While this provides comfort during intense play, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you prefer denser toys.

Additionally, Baby Head is a rather large dildo that packs 8 inches of the total length as well as 8.5 inches circumference at its widest point. This big boy is not a beginner’s toy, so only opt for it if you are an experienced user or enjoy kinkier ways of getting off, such as fisting.

Fun Factory – Share Lite Lightweight Double Dildo – $119

Fun Factory – Share Lite Lightweight Double Dildo

The Share Lite Lightweight Double Dildo is a great couples dildo made out of a lightweight core, making it perfect for beginners or those who don’t think they can handle intense kegel exercise without doing some exercise first.

The dildo features a curved bulb with a 1.75 inches diameter that sticks into the wearer’s vagina, providing fullness and G-spot stimulation as they thrust.

On the other end is a 6.5 inches long, curved, insertable shaft for penetrating another person—either vaginally or anally.

Ergonomically designed to fit different body types, the Share Lite’s streamlined design is finished with high-quality platinum silicone, making this creation feel silky smooth and a great companion in the bedroom, shower, bath, or anywhere else you can imagine.

SquarePegToys – Leo – $122

SquarePegToys – Leo

Serving superior realism and handcrafted from premium platinum silicone, the SquarePegToys Leo Harness SuperSoft Bronze Silicone Dildo is a big boy with a lot to offer.

First of all, and as some of the previously mentioned SquarePegToys on this list, Leo is cast from a live model for the ultimate lifelike texture and detail.

Perfect for those who want girth, length, and fullness, Leo comes in three different sizes and packs from 6 to 8 inches of circumference, respectively.

Excellent for extreme plays like fisting, be it solo or with a partner, this version of Leo includes a SquarePegHole™, which is a cavity where you can insert a Vac-U-Lock-style attachment to keep it more stable inside compatible harnesses.

Uberrime – Night King Fantasy Dildo, Fire & Ice Colors – $135

Uberrime – Night King Fantasy Dildo, Fire & Ice Colors

Inspired by the icy Night King from Game of Thrones, the Uberrime Night King Dildo looks absolutely gorgeous, featuring a stunning blend of flaming yellow to a red mix of colors on the upper shaft transitioning into a beautiful bright blue for the lower half.

Made from silky smooth silicone with a very pronounced coronal ridge, the dildo will undoubtedly leave an impression on those looking for the perfect texture, girth, length, and of course, fantasy.

Offering 8 inches of insertable length held by a harness-compatible base, you can enjoy the Night King dildo on your own or with a partner.