10 Advantages of Owning A Sex Doll

Having a sex doll may help you overcome anxiety, depression, and sexual frustration, and therefore, help you live a happier, satisfying, and more fulfilling life.

Besides being an excellent steam-relief for those days when you feel horny, and a simple wank doesn’t seem to help, here are ten advantages of owning a sex doll:

advantages of owning a sex doll

Modern Sex Dolls Feel Like The Real Thing

Modern sex dolls are made from high-quality materials such as medical-grade silicone and TPE.

These materials are safe for human skin and don’t tend to trigger allergic reactions, irritations, and rashes, unlike some other materials such as latex and rubber.

Besides that, both silicone and TPE are pleasure-friendly, and they are unlikely to cause any uncomfortable sensations such as pinching, pulling, or scratching.

Both materials are smooth and help enhance sexual pleasure, and dolls made from silicone or TPE will feel better, smoother, softer, squishier, and closest to the real thing.

To further enhance your pleasure, you should also consider using a water-based warming lube when having sex with a sex doll.

realistic sex dolls

Sex Dolls Will Give You Safe Sex

More than 1 million sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) are acquired every day.

Even in a “slow” year such as 2020, when we spent the majority of our time quarantined inside our homes, WHO estimated 374 million new infections with one of four STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis.

So, considering these statistics, it’s at least safe to say that it is very risky to have a one-night stand with someone you don’t know very well.

And knowing them also isn’t a guarantee to anything because they could still be carrying something and keep it a secret as we don’t usually tend to go around telling people that we have a sexually transmitted disease.

Anyways, that brings us to masturbation, which is realistically the safest sex option for singles. And the best form of masturbation is… drum roll… masturbation with a realistic sex doll.

When you put the two together, you realize that sex dolls can offer you safe sex every single time you’re with them.

There is no need for you to wear a condom or take other precautions. As long as no one else has had sex with your doll, then you have nothing to worry about.

You can have sex with your doll without a condom a few times per day (if you can) and remain completely safe and healthy and frankly not embarrassed by having to show up to your doctor with an issue such as an STI.

But aside from avoiding STDs, sex dolls offer men another major advantage. There is absolutely no chance of a sex doll ever getting pregnant and burdening you with child support payments for the next 18 years.

Sex dolls are artificial, so you can have sex with them an endless number of times, and they will never get pregnant. The peace of mind alone is worth it.

A Sex Doll Can Save You Time And Money

Sex dolls are the best masturbating aid money can possibly buy, and these modern and ultra-realistic sex goddesses will give you an experience that (some men swear) is better than the real thing.

However, they are also a pricey investment that can last you for a long time with adequate maintenance and good care.

But when you think about how much money you need to spend on dates, restaurants, hotels, holidays, drinks, clothes, etc., in order to have a relationship that might not even last a year, sex dolls do save you money, in the long run.

Additionally, there is the time lost when you’re putting effort in an attempt to get laid, but this might not always result in success, and there is nothing more discouraging than wasting your time on someone who doesn’t take you seriously.

sex dolls look like the real thing

Sex Dolls Can Help With Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a crippling condition that manifests itself in various ways. However, it is mostly known to be related to group gatherings where a person suffering from social anxiety will have difficulties coping.

Social anxiety can have a negative effect on nearly all aspects of a person’s life, including their love life.

If you suffer from social anxiety, you can probably relate to having anxiety or even full-blown panic attacks whenever you see someone you like but you just can’t bring yourself to approach them.

This can become even more severe if the person you like tries to approach you, with the thought process usually being something that has to do with inferiority or thinking that the person in question is out of your league.

While this is definitely a deeper issue you need to work on overcoming, it surely doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of experiencing physical pleasure, simply because you can’t speak to women.

Having a sex doll will not only help you achieve great orgasms and maintain a healthy sex life but will also give you the closest feeling to a real person, which will likely help you become more confident in your bedroom skills, and perhaps even pick up real women thanks to that.

A Sex Doll Can Save You From Awkward Dates

Yes, a sex doll can save you from many awkward dates you usually have to endure when attempting to get laid.

But as I already mentioned above, this doesn’t always work out, and if you are someone who’s shy and somewhat inexperienced with women, it is very much possible to place yourself in an uncomfortable and awkward position.

It certainly doesn’t help that women these days tend to have ridiculously high expectations from men, and while it’s always a good idea to take care of yourself the best that you can, the fact is that you won’t be everyone’s type.

So while it might not always be the woman’s fault, these things certainly happen and it sucks when they do.

Therefore, you can easily avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable and awkward situation by seeking a one-night stand if you have a sex doll waiting for you at home.

Sex Dolls Can Help You Deal With Sexual Frustration

Sexual frustration is arguably responsible for many vices and while it is one of the main factors to tear down relationships and marriages on a daily basis, it is also incredibly tough on singles who are already crippled by anxiety or simply haven’t found the one yet.

The absence of sexual pleasure can easily turn into sexual frustration that has the potential to make your everyday life difficult and miserable.

Sexual frustration often leads to even more anxiety as well as anger, stress, being unable to sleep, and eventually not being able to function properly.

And the worst thing about it is that a simple jerk-off session doesn’t always cut it because sometimes you need something that will provide a little more substance than what your hand can.

So, do yourself a favor and grab a sex doll that will help you deal with sexual frustration in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Having your sexual needs met is very important, and sexual fulfillment includes many health benefits, one of the biggest ones being the prevention of a heart attack due to stress amplified by sexual frustration.

pros and cons of owning a sex doll

Sex Dolls Help With Loneliness

If you are passing through a dry spell for one or another reason, that also doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of having one of the most basic human needs met on a daily basis.

A person can feel lonely for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, no matter how much we want to date someone or simply go out and bring someone back home with us, this isn’t possible.

Therefore, having a sex doll to give you what you need when you feel lonely and needy is more than a good idea.

A sex doll can keep you entertained, let you use her in any way that you want, fulfill your most basic human needs, and never disappoint in doing so.

How is this not the best remedy for loneliness?

You Can Also Practice Pick-Up Lines on a Sex Doll

If you are shy to talk to women, but you also feel like practicing pick-up lines while staring in the mirror is a waste of time, your sex doll might be another option you want to consider trying.

You don’t have to force this as it usually doesn’t come naturally in the beginning, however, you can start by whispering a few things in her ear while you’re in bed, and see where your imagination takes you.

It won’t be long before you start developing a conversation with your sex doll until eventually, you are ready to start practicing pick-up lines, flirting with her, and prepare yourself for later implementing these on that cute neighbor you’ve been crushing on.

You Can Practice Your Bedroom Skills on a Sex Doll

Practicing your stamina and your skills can be much easier when it’s done with a sex doll that’s incapable of judging you or everything that you do.

Nobody was born a perfect lover that can please any woman he’s ever been with at any given time. Every man has started somewhere. And that beginning was likely a little awkward.

So, starting with a sex doll has its perks because you can take your time with her and not pressure yourself with the thought of having to please her.

The only things you need to do is to focus on yourself and what feels good to you alongside perfecting your skills, trying out different things that you like, and ultimately – your pleasure.

Having a Sex Doll is a Lot of Fun

Having a sex doll can be a lot of fun if you are willing to dedicate some more time and effort into making the most out of your relationship.

Just because it’s called a sex doll and her primary “duty” is to sexually please you, that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with her outside of the bedroom.

For one, you can customize your doll for a more personalized experience and choose everything down to the smallest detail, including eye color, skin color, cup size, areolas, nails, orifices, etc.

Remember, this girl is yours and your only, and you definitely deserve to have the most personalized and the best experience ever.

Besides this, you can also buy her outfits, wigs, makeup, and learn how to change her up a little bit whenever you feel like.

You can also dress her up and take professional photos of her in various positions. There’s just so much that you can do to have the time of your life, even though your sex doll isn’t a real girl.